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Penn State Mont Alto is a beautiful college nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. It has a top-notch nursing program and their forestry program is well known through-out colleges. Being a nontraditional student it is very convenient to commute to, it allows me to make it home in time to spending even with my family. The teaching staff is wonderful with being available to each student.
Not bad, they really strive for diversity and inclusion. Almost to a fault of not ensure a great time. Most of the time, too small to succeed.
Great Penn State location that's close to home. I like being able to be a Penn State student while still being able to live at home and save money.
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Love the distance to home. The area is great. The campus size is small. Everyone is so so nice and makes you feel welcome always.
Penn State Mont Alto is a very good school. The faculty and staff are very nice and welcoming, ready to help you take on anything that you're having trouble with. You'll be able to connect with the professors on a higher level then other schools. Mont Alto being as small as it is, it gives you a great opportunity to get to know the campus and make friends. The campus is 75% commuters in case you're a commuter and may need to make a commuter friend to help you get back and forth to school. The campus scenery is amazing, the trees, flowers, birds, etc. There isn't much to do around the premises of the campus if you are without a car, however, faculty and maybe even you will work to help bring fun activities to the campus for free or just a small fee.
I feel the support of the program advisors is excellent. The other degree I received, I feel I had very little help from my advisors will finding internships and I don't feel the program set me up for success after graduation. I feel with my current program I will be ready for the work force, especially after I complete my clinical. What I find amazing is my advisor helps place you at a location to complete your clinical.
All of my classes I have taken thus far I have enjoyed and I feel they all relate to what I will need in the work force. All of my professors have been amazing and they want you to succeed. They are willing to work with you. The class sizes are perfect. I find it a lot easier to learn with the small class sizes.
Scheduling classes are typical for college. With a smaller campus there aren't as many options for class times. Transferring credits here was fairly easy and the advisors look to see if classes can be substituted if they don't immediately transfer.
I haven't used them often, but there is a strong alumni network. Also, there is access to a career network for one year post-graduation.
This major is great! I feel courses will prepare me.
I love this campus! Small classes and caring profs.
Its a great atmosphere, but a lot more work.
Walking. Walking. Walking. Your calf's will pump iron everyday on campus! All of the professors I have had have been amazing! They truly do care about their students! I am so glad I chose Penn State Mont Alto. Cannot wait for the next 3 years!!
Love the Penn State brand, yet in a small, rural atmosphere. Most of the professors are wonderful, but there are always a few not so great ones, but that is anywhere.
When I walk onto the campus at Mont Alto, I see a highly diverse group of individuals. Everyone is accepted at Penn State, and it is easy to see that as soon as you step foot on the grounds. There can't be a description of an average student because every person is unique at Mont Alto.
Starting at Mont Alto instead of going directly to main campus is going to save me a lot of money. I would definitely recommend the 2 and 2 program that Penn State offers if someone really wants to attend Main Campus. The education is definitely worth the money, as you will learn a lot at Penn State.
Penn State students are looked at very highly on when it comes to job applications. Employers know they're getting someone with a good education when they see they have come from Penn State.
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Penn State helps you every step of the way. They guide you through the registration process, and even call and check up if they are missing something from you. The professors are always available if you need them, and the workload isn't too much to handle if you are focused.
The school guides you through your major, and they have given me a list of required classes and when I should take them, even before I stepped on campus.
Everything is readily available to you and easy to find. The campus is small and it is easy to meet new people. The professors are sure to tell you about upcoming campus activities so you don't miss out!
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