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I loved going to Penn State because it's like my second house. I love all the activity. There are a help every where and at anytime too .
I love being at Penn Sate - Hazleton Campus - class size is small - so you get to know your teachers - everyone is so nice and helpful. I met a lot of great friends.
I love that it is a smaller campus because it gives you a chance to have a more one on one relationship with your professors. The faculty is very easy to get along with and they're very helpful. There are tons of clubs to join such as Thon. Its a beautiful campus and a great place to make new friends. One thing I wish would change is I wish they would offer photography courses.
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The campus is small so there's less professors which means students dont have a lot of options for class times. Sometimes you cant take a class you need because it clashes times with another class you need. Most of the time you can get into all the classes you need, or at least most of them.
The quality of the online class honestly depends on the professor. They all use different programs.
The head professors of each department try to hook students up with connections to major companies. We also have career fair so students can submit resumes in the hopes of acquiring an internship
At the Hazleton campus you find professors on both ends of the spectrum. There's the professors that beg you to come to office hours and ones that come in, lecture, and leave. Personally I think a student's success relies solely on themselves. The professors will be there if you approach them but they're not going to approach you
When people hear Penn State, they know the school, they know the magnitude of the programs run there. Employers look highly upon a Penn State degree.
Being the only biomedical engineer on my campus, it's difficult to find someone who fully understands the strenuous work load I have. Most of the engineers have an excessive amount of work. Which I would assume to be the same at any other school
The mathematics on this campus are the most challenging of all the campuses in the university including the main campus. Engineers should consider a different campus unless they have a exceptional understanding of calculus. However, a lot of engineers attend at this campus for their first two years.
I find the Online courses to be useful when you need to take a class but can't fit it into your secluded; but to me nothing replaces the experience you get inside the classroom
Penn State is world renowned for its alumni network. The university also host multiple career fairs every year at the different campuses. I don't foresee having much of a problem finding a job after graduation.
Class sizes are small, and you get a lot of one on one time with the professors. The quality of the courses are second to none, but they require a lot of dedication and time outside the classroom studying. You can't be afraid of hard work if you chose to attend Penn State.
One thing you have to know about Penn State is we have an absolutely amazing alumni network. Penn State graduates help there own out; finding a job after graduation or an internship over the summer isn't difficult when you're a Penn State student. After you graduate form our University not only do you get a degree in your field of study, but you also join an exclusive club of people constantly helping each other out.
There's a lot of studying and work at outside the classroom; but we do a really good job at setting up summer internships and job opportunities after graduation.
If I had to start all over again I'd would still pick Penn State- Hazleton. So far I'm really enjoying my time with this University, I feel like they are really preparing me for the real world. Im eager to go back and finish up what I started
They put learning in the students hands.
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They had a lot of bugs in the system.
The school didn't help much college searching.
Staff was always there to help with school and life.
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