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Professors had four days to put together online classes. they did an excellent job given the situation.
Pros: Beautiful campus, wonderful professors. My advisor is always there to help. Lots of resources for students. With so many clubs and events even this 24 year old freshman didn't feel out of place.
Cons: upperclassman dorms are about 1 km from the main building and PA winters are cold.
The only online class that I took was in second semester. Actually everyone had to take their class online due to the corona virus. All of my professors were pretty understanding with student's problems, and they were pretty cooperative and helpful. Though it was kind of hard to learn everything online but all my professors tried their best to teach us in their best ability.
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My experience as a freshmen at Penn State Harrisburg was pretty good. professors are very out going and they are very helpful. The students/ class-mates are nice and out-going. What I like about Penn State is that its very diversity.
It is a good school. There are a lot of great activities to explore on campus and the educators offer good opportunities.
I liked the option for virtual tours and being able to see that the school will indeed be a good environment for me. The amount of activities and resources provided for students seems limitless.
Harrisburg has a great community of people here. You could get along with anyone and find so many groups to be a part of, you'll constantly have friends to talk to in between classes. The professors range from incompetent to amazing, check out rate my professor to make sure they don't have an accent you can't understand.
The food is ok. The people are really nice. The professors are really nice and helpful. Just about all the workers here are really helpful, like you can go up to anybody and ask a question and they’ll try to help you out. It’s a little small, but peaceful campus. Nothing much really goes on. There are also all kinds of events going on campus sometimes, like a lunar new year celebration or a south-East Asian food thing. It’s really cool. The food is ok tho. They have like meal plans here and tbh only get the first meal plan because it’s a lot of money to spend.
Don't have much experience with other US college campuses but as an international student i do not find the campus diverse. The students here are mostly commuters who live in cities around campus so it is quite hard to make friends. The city that the campus is, Middletown, is very boring and run down and there is nothing to do. I do not have a car here and i feel like there is nowhere interesting i can go around. There are some Asian students mostly from India, China and Korea in the campus but that is about the diversity. If you are in majors like computer science, like me, there are few professors and the classes get very full so early so good luck getting a seat. Apart from that the small size of the classes is helpful and professors are generally very knowledgeable but would not recommend this campus for an international student. I feel the college life here is non existent and most people are on cliques.
The school has a small issue in communication between class times. If you follow the recommended academic plan you may result in classes that over lap (which it shouldn't).
I'm looking to transfer in the Fall of 2020, but from my visits in the winter i'm really impressed with PSU Harrisburg. The campus looks small but very diverse and everybody seems friendly. I was a former recruit for basketball and a high school standout so im looking to continue hoopin for a college. The academics seem solid. Heard it was hard, but heard the professors are very helpful and connect to your learning needs. Will look more into it but it seems like somewhere that I can transfer to and finish out the rest of my college career.
As a High school senior, finding the correct college or university is hard, but when I visited Penn State Harrisburg, I felt like I was at home (literally!). Of course it is a small campus, but because it is small, the close-nit community feels perfect for a first-year student.
This is a great campus to study at, especially in terms of Engineering. It gives the feel of enjoying a rather big campus, environmentally, without sacrificing a one on one relationship with the professors/instructors.
What I like about Penn State Harrisburg is that there are a lot of resources for students around campus, such as career services, student life services, tutoring help, and many more.
The campus is very inviting and I am enjoying my time here! The gym could be a little bit bigger considering the amount of kids that use it, but it's still nice. MY professors are very understanding and make me feel comfortable in the classroom.
I really enjoy the campus at Penn State Harrisburg. It is always very clean and groomed. Everything is very easy to get to and the campus is very easy to navigate. It is not too big or too small.
Academics- excellent! would be same as main campus
Diversity- tons of asian kids
Athletics- may not be good but I know my school has potential, and I think Track is currently the strongest
Professors- great! it just needs more professors because campus is growing and exceeding 5000 students.
Commuting- not bad but takes 25-35 mins for me. I take toll now to save myself from traffic which happens quite a lot around 7-9am and 3-6pm
Safety- safe as it can be
ROI- very affordable campus
Campus- beautiful but really tiny. should do more landscaping and be more enviromental
Party scene- i dont go but it seems okay
Local- yikes boring town ever......
Campus food- i mean amazing chefs!! but seriously overpriced..i just bring but it really expensive
Student life- great due to you being somebody and not a number, free or very cheap trips, and they do a lot but i hope they add more things because this is why i love PSH.
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Helpful faculty, friendly students, clean campus, beautiful landscaping, and delicious food make Penn State Harrisburg a great place to go to college.
Penn state harrisburg has been a good experience it is not like the main campus I think maybe half or more of the students are commuters and most live in off campus housing right next to the school. On the bright not as many scandals as a result
As an adult student attending Penn State Harrisburg has been challenging and rewarding. Everyone of my professors have been outstanding. Their knowledge, professionalism, and teaching ability has exceeded my expectations. Penn State and its professors give you the tools needed to succeed and attempt to help you to do so. Personal issues have hindered my ability to complete classes last semester. Because of this Penn State took away my student aid. Naturally I am biased for myself, but I do believe my student aid should've been reinstated.
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