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The atmosphere is idea for learning anew. The diversity of the faculty ensures that anyone will not only receive a degree from Penn State Great Valley but also from the professors almata as well. Working and studying with the cohorts in a team environment provides you with on-the-job training. These attributes along with the class materials will enable anyone to succeed in their daily life.
I love this school! So far I've had a great experience and cannot wait to continue.
good school, just have to be committed to it and find friend to study with from the class
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It is a nice place, students have to be flexible because of mid course changes from director and teachers, and staff working on new system which means things get messed up.
There are phones all over campus in case of an emergency and there is health service on campus
From what I have seen from the dorm rooms, I do not think they are the nicest rooms that I have seen at the colleges I have visited but that is also not the reason that I chose the school I wanted to attend in the fall. They are very clean but kind of small.
This year I have gone to many football games with my older brother and I find the school spirit Penn State has to offer amazing! I can not wait to attend these games along with be involved in different clubs next year.
I am currently only a high school senior and will be starting Penn State in the Fall but everything I have heard about Penn State, the educational opportunities and the job offers after graduation are amazing. I have visited Penn State many time with my brother who is graduating this year and I can not wait to get involved in everything that Penn State has to offer.
Great Overall – Great instructors, location, availability of courses.
Not Applicable on This Campus – Athletics are advertised, but they are at main campus.
Professional Students – The students are professional, friendly, and intelligent.
I barely received any aid from this school. Currently im in debt 20k+ because of Penn State Greater Allegheny.
Security Assesment – The security here at Penn State Greater Allegheny is average. We have campus police but there aren't any special measures taken in order to assure the safety of students.
Social Life Assesment – In all honesty, i hate it here. My school is located in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. There's never anything to do. What makes things worst is Pittsburgh's location geographically. Your ears are bound to pop anywhere you travel, within a five mile radius. Also the weather here is unstable, to say the least.
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