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Penn State Fayette - Eberly Campus Reviews

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I love the campus and the other students that are on it. Not too many buildings and the teachers are very kind and helpful. Lots of on campus and off campus activities offered at very good prices. Transferred from University of Kentucky and am more pleased with Penn State.
Penn State Fayette is a wonderful place to study. The academics are top notch and the professors really help you along the way.
I love Penn State Fayette. I love how small and intimate it is. I love how nice and genuine all the staff is. Everyone is like family. The campus makes you feel so safe and you are.
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I like the close proximity to my house. The small campus is easy to get get around. The professors are very helpful with the success of the student. I would like to see me on campus housing.
They rush you during tours. They have arrogant professors. Junkie students.
Barely livable housing. Decent food and decent academics. Pretty much every teen mom in the tri-state goes here.
They offer dual inrollment classes that I took while in high school, which helped me cut my work load my first year! Very close to home and great major choices!
I absolutely love Penn State and I love Fayette even more! We are one big family. We accept all types and we grow close together and support each other and have lots of fun doing it. We also learn a lot and have a great academic staff.
I love the campus. Everyone is like one big family. The classes are hard but that is expected. I've made so many connections that will last a lifetime. There are so many resources on campus.
Penn state Fayette is a very small community, but has a lot to offer to the students that attend here. The atmosphere is very welcoming. Which is good for on coming freshman, it helps with the transition from a high school senior to college freshman a lot more comforting.
The workload is manageable and flexible.

Professors and advisors at the school take the time to get to know students and care about their success in the future. They care about the student, rather than just teaching and testing.
Classes are available different days at different times, which makes it easier to fit around ones own schedule.
Professors make sure you understand the material, and do their best to help you succeed.

Class sizes are reasonably sized.
It has been very convenient they try their hardest to schedule classes that will allow you to work or ones that work around other classes. I had taken two college courses in high school and transferring them in was easy and they transferred over as the actual course not as just electives.
Although I am not quite ready to deal with these services yet, the people I have talked to that have used these services are all very pleased
All of my experiences with the courses and professors at Penn State Fayette have been excellent. The courses are all very informative and taught well. The professors are all passionate about what they are teaching and understand how to teach it in a sense that makes sense to us as college students
The academic experience here at Penn State Fayette is the best because the teacher try their hardest to help you understand. Although you do have to put in work outside of the classroom teachers also understand you have other classes and jobs here and they work around your schedule the best they can. They all have open door policies so anytime you need help you can just stop in and they will take as much time as you need and if you need more time you can just come back. The programs are all accredited and leave you with an ample amount of opportunities to help with your future career.
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Here at Penn State Fayette it is nice small and you know mostly everyone by name. It does events to allow to you get the collegiate experience but still keep the small classes and one on one experience. The nursing program allows you to not just go to one hospital, but multiple hospitals, nursing homes and clinics which I believe is unique and allows a person to have a more experienced education.
it is very easy to work around your other things you may have like a job or children. I have not had any personal experience with transferring credits because this has been the only college I have attended.
I do not prefer online courses but their online courses are very easy to navigate. It was easy to find the assignments and get help when it is needed.
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