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Penn State Fayette - Eberly Campus Reviews

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Overall My experience at PSUFE has been great. The student affairs engage the students on campus every day, through the many clubs, organizations, programs, and activities. It is a small campus, so when they say the ' Fayette Family, they truly mean it. The only negative aspect is that we are limited on our programs and courses.
Penn state is a good school to get into it’s been my dream to attend to this school ever since middle school. I always had my heart set on being in the information technology program I love working with computers. In high school about my junior and senior year I took a computer class for designing websites and work on video editing.
I am currently a student. I have not had a bad experience with this college campus. I have learned a lot so far. I am in an Associate's Program for Physical Therapy Assistant. I have enjoyed my professors so far, and the student life is comfortable.
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I love Penn State Fayette. The campus really nice and there are tons of faculty that are amazing people that are willing to help you graduate.
I really have enjoyed my time at Penn State the Eberly Campus! They have many clubs and activities, everyone can find something that interests them. All of the staff there is helpful and will do anything to assist you in anything you need. Every professor I have had there was committed to my success. I have no complaints about this campus.
Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus is one of the commonwealths smaller campuses. However, it has some of the best Professors, Academics, and types of Diversity a campus can have.
I've been with Penn State Fayette for 2 years now ( going on the 4th semester). I love it here. It has the perfectly quiet and very safe. I have learned so much and the teachers are great. This is not a party school, which I prefer, since college should be for learning. I read the safety report every semester and they are always straight zeros!! Its a very safe school and you will not have any worries about sending your child here. Getting financial aid here is very easy and after a year I started getting academic scholarships for keeping your GPA 3.0 and up and also Grant's for the school itself. I highly recommend this school.
Being a student here is amazing! The staff are always very helpful and kind! The professors are great! Even though it is the smallest PSU Campus, there is plenty of opportunity for students here at Fayette. I also love the campus size and location.
Overall my experience at Penn State has been great. Great staff and teachers. Also has a great cafeteria.
Penn State Fayette is one of the greatest campuses I've been to. They are all very generous and kind there. The class size is also smaller which is helpful to us as students. Overall, I love this school.
Penn State Fayette is really big on resources and making sure everone has the same opportunities. This campus is very small and very manageable. I love how everyone is so friendly and accepting.
I enjoyed the atmosphere when touring the campus. The staff is super nice and really give you that family vibe. With being a smaller campus, you really get that one on one connection with your professors and having that same connection in my high school it is a nice transition.
Penn State Fayette - Eberly Campus is such a wonderful campus. All of the faculty seem to genuinely care about each and every student. They dedicate time and effort to assure each student are getting the education they are paying for.
I love Penn State Fayette's campus. It is so beautiful and small, just how I like. The fountain is my favorite part.
I am currently a sophomore at Penn State Fayette. I have loved each semester more than the last! The environment here is so kind and accepting, we're like a family. There are so many different clubs to join and participate in. We are a commuter campus, but all of the activities and events offered on and off campus really gives us the whole college experience! The professors and faculty members know you by name and truly care about your personal success. I love Penn State Fayette
My professors are well-educated and provide challenging courses with empowering projects and activities. There is also a huge lab to work on all projects and so much to do. They keep us students busy!
I absolutely love Penn State Fayette. I had transferred there last fall and am very pleased with it. It has helped me grow into the person I want to be. I am in Nursing right now and had just got accepted into the program. The general courses I had taken so far were excellent. The Professors are very helpful and take the time to help you with your academics.
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I enjoyed the atmosphere with the other students and professors. I love how it is local and close to my home. I liked the wide variety of classes and majors to choose from. Everyone was so kind and friendly and always willing to help out when needed. It is a very friendly and open campus. Although the buildings are located in one general area, the walk across campus is very stressful when needing to get to a class in a hurry, especially when the weather is bad. Other than the long stressful walks between classes, Penn State Fayette is a wonderful, friendly and joyous campus and college to attend.
I love the campus and the other students that are on it. Not too many buildings and the teachers are very kind and helpful. Lots of on campus and off campus activities offered at very good prices. Transferred from University of Kentucky and am more pleased with Penn State.
Penn State Fayette is a wonderful place to study. The academics are top notch and the professors really help you along the way.
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