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Penn State Erie - The Behrend College Reviews

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I find the school academically challenging in a good way, however, it is not that fun socially. The clubs and social events are not that exciting.
Just starting out but so far it's been a wonderful experience. Looking forword to all my new experiences at Penn State.
This college is excellent if you are interested in joining a small Behrend community. The teachers in the advanced levels really try to help advance the students to their graduation. Some professors even go so far as to help you get internships and scholarships. It is a very small knit community, but excellent academics.
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Nice University in a quiet area. Food gets repetitive and mostly Caucasian and international Asian students. Professors that I’ve had so far are pretty passionate about what they teach.
Behrend college is a great place to attend. The teachers are willing to take time out of their day to help their students excell. The campus may be small but that makes it easier to get to know your classmates. Everyone is friendly and there are plenty of student activists and clubs to join.
Penn State Behrend is a beautiful campus and has a lot of potential. With it being rather small, there is a small amount of diversity. A lot of the men are racist and disrespectful to women which is very frustrating. However, if you find a good group of friends, you will have a great time. Very important to get involved there because there is not a lot to Erie.
Penn State Behrend is a great place to go if you don't like bug schools. The academics at Behrend are better than the majority of other schools in the area. Nothing really goes on on campus but there is always something going on down at Ugates.
Penn State Erie - The Behrend College is a nice little campus located outside Erie, Pa. The staff here are fantastic. Definitely world class. Student-life is pretty good, most people here are really cool individuals. The athletics are amazing. My favorite would have to be anything involving basketball.
I had a very good time getting to know the campus and the area around it. I thought that it was a very good size for its population, maybe could use less hills if that was an option. Overall I can't wait to study their full time starting in the fall of 2018.
Penn State Erie is a small and beautiful campus. The professors here are super personable and really want you to succeed! The diversity on this Penn State campus is insane and it is such a cool environment to complete your education in.
I really like the opportunity to get involved here. There sre hundreds of clubs and you can do research with professors! One thing I would like to see change is a a bridge fir students to walk over the main road, would hate to see someone get in an accident.
Went here for first two years. Really beautiful campus. 10 minutes from peach street which is the us-19 and 5 minutes from buffalo road. Lake Erie is a nice place to have fun after class.
The people there are so nice and will help you in any way possible if you ask for help. The professors for the most part are very understanding and care about what you have to say. The environment makes you feel safe as it is a dry campus and everyone's main goal is to keep everyone safe and feel secure.
I have had a great experience at Behrend. It is so close to so many restaurants and fun things to do. There are also so many great professors and faculty who make you feel like you matter as a student and person.
Penn State Behrend is a college that is great for students that thrive in a small classroom setting. I happen to be one of these students. It really helps me to build relationships with teachers and see familiar faces everyday. However, there are two dining halls on campus. One of which has odd hours with a variety of foods day-to-day. While the other is open pretty much all day but the food gets old quick as they mostly always have the same stuff. Overall, I would say this is a great academic school, but socially is not the best offered. Not really a school you would want to go to if you are looking to have a lot of fun at.
Great intro to their business program, friendly staff, great set up for working on campus, good student encouragement ,opportunities
Penn State Behrend is a excellent school for engineering and business majors. The professors are no bullshitters and get straight to business the first day. There are over 5000 parking spots for comuters and additional parking space for students in dorms. Behrend is a smaller campus so it is easier to find classes and get to each class. The only problem with Behrend is the location. Erie is a small city with no local business' for internships. The weather is very poor with an average 100 inches of snow a season. Lots of salt and plow trucks roaming every street. Penn State Behrend is a beautiful campus with many scholarly opportunities for students to engage in. This school is a full five stars all together.
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Small college like atmosphere. Professors enable you to achieve with a near personalized experience. Various events are available throughout the year in your downtime.
Behrend has a nice campus and very updated buildings for engineering and business. The winters are harsh but survivable.
The campus is beautiful! It's a very large campus that is covered with lots of beautiful trees and other plant wildlife. Sadly an issue is the workout facility. There is a large amount of athletes and general people who attend this campus and the workout facility is just too small to support the volume of people.
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