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I like the friendly community of Penn State including the professors not just the students. I also like all the different opportunities that are available there and the extracurricular activities that are student led.
The professors and staff are always there to help and often times, know students on a first name basis. The campus is large enough to expand your interests yet small enough to not be lost in the crowd. However, the students don't seem very open to new people. They are friendly, but always keep their heads down unless they already know you. Overall, great school to attend.
People in Behrend College are friendly and willing to help others. There are a lot of international students in Behrend College. I have met people from China, Taiwan, Italy, France, Malaysia, India, Philippines, etc. Most of the professors I met in Behrend College are kind and responsible.
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Behrend is a beautiful campus: it has acres of land and most of that is woods, a creek/gorge,and scenery. (We even win awards for arbory). Although we get about 1000 students each year, most classes are small. A typically class only has about 30 students so it makes the learning more one-on-one especially since teachers will work to remember everyone's name (it's nice when you took a teachers class last year,but when they see you in the hallway they make sure to call out and say hello!). The party scene is not huge at Behrend, although there is always something going on. The school itself does a great job of hosting fun (always FREE) events for it's students during the weekends. Behrend (being the biggest Penn State branch campus) is a small campus that still gives you enough big campus feel. Plus: when you graduate you're still getting your degree from Penn State (a very looked after school).
I love the community. It is so diverse with a variety of people from all different kinds of places. You can easily fit in and find people who have the same interests. There are so many extracurriculars that people can participate in. The professors are really nice and work hard to provide for their students.
The campus is absolutely beautiful! The staff are friendly and easy to talk to and work with! The campus life is very nice with many clubs to join. I would definitely recommend a tour to anyone who is even remotely interested!
If you are looking to go to Penn State but don't want to deal with a huge school, Penn State Behrend is perfect. It's big enough so that you don't run into the same people everywhere but small enough so that you aren't just another face in the crowd.
Penn State Behrend has provided a comfortable atmosphere for me on my search for colleges. The staff have been extremely helpful and pleasant when aiding me or providing answers to my millions of questions upon application to the school. Not only that but the school itself has a beautiful and safe campus thus leading me to highly recommend this school :)
I'm currently only a freshman here at Behrend, but I loved every minute of it. The small campus atmosphere adds so much to your college experience. Small classes allows you to get to know your professors and fellow peers. Getting involved is relatively easy and there's a great variety of interests on campus. I'm a member of the Swim Team and being involved in a division 3 athletics program is amazing. Everyone is there because they want to be and I've never seen such a hard working group of people.
Penn State Behrend is a nice campus with smaller classrooms and great professors. You will get to recognize a lot of students around campus. Dorms are nice and everyone is friendly.
What I love about Penn State is the beautiful campus it's on, especially during fall and winter, it's very beautiful. I also like the size of the campus along with the number of people that attend. The class sizes are also very nice, which lets you get some time with the professor. The overall atmosphere of the school is also great. I'm glad I picked Behrend!
I loved the campus size, the friendly professors, and the overall atmosphere in snowy Erie. The facilities are very well maintained and comfortable dorms. I also loved the Black School of Business, the facility is fantastic for an Engineering major like I will be! If I could suggest anything to improve upon, I would say to improve the variety of food served on campus.
Best kept secret in the Penn State community. The education is incredible, professors are engaged, clubs for everyone, activities, and the campus is beautiful. The Wintergreen Gorge is next to the campus which makes hiking fun. Students are friendly and outgoing and willing to help anyone. You can find parties, but most are here to learn. The class size is smaller which makes it easier to get to know your professor, the classwork is challenging in most majors. Engineering, Nursing, Business majors are popular. PSU has the largest alumni network making it easy to find a job after graduating. The only cons would be not enough apartments close to campus, no town with stores, restaurants within walking distance, and the wind and snow everyday for 4 months makes it rough to walk to class.
I couldn't be happier with my choice to go to Penn State Behrend. The quality of education and is more than I could have ever asked for and the professors are wonderful to work with.
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College is a beautiful place full of talented individuals. The professors know each student by name and face, making no one feel like an ant. The advisers are all helpful, as I have visited many and they have helped me guide a path to my career.
For changes, I wish there would be more parking. I have trouble parking often, even though I pay hundreds of hard earned money to park. We need more lots because traffic jams are a problem and it should not take so long to leave Behrend in a car.
Penn State Behrend feels very much like high school. With rather small class sizes, the professors are able to learn your names (if they are interested in doing so,) and make the atmosphere feel more personal and familiar. The students are exceptionally social and willing to help newer students. There are many clubs available to students, and on-campus activities nearly every day. The only problem with the campus is that it rests neatly on a large hill, which makes it an exercise to go from class to class, but it definitely helps fight the freshman 15.
I really fell in love with the nature and comfy environment. Here you never going to get bored. Lots of opportunities and activities. Sometimes it's hard to keep up but there's a lot of good workers always ready to help.
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I have really enjoyed my time at Penn State Behrend. I think that it is the perfect school for me and I am still very happy that I decided to go there. I think that the campus is beautiful and the buildings are up to date and fresh. It is also nice that it doesn't take very long to get to your classes. However it sometimes can be a trek because of the hills. All of the teachers that I have had seem very interested in the topic they are teaching and make it easy to get in contact with them. However, there are some things that could change. For example, more things to do on campus like sporting events and more places to eat/hangout.
I enjoy this school very much. It's easy to get around and enjoy Lake Erie, and the weather is pleasant (assuming you love snow).
The student center is great with setting up interviews and helping students to find jobs and internships. There is a large majority of students who get internships while still in school and continue with them after graduation developing their careers.
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