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Penn State College of Medicine Reviews

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I have little to no complaints. I have been thoroughly impressed with the College of Medicine since I started my classes here. Being able to experience clinical at Hershey Medical has been a great privilege.
Hershey is an extremely safe place to live. Great area to start/raise a family.
Being a medical school, career prospects are excellent. This school matches well in a variety of residencies. Work hard and you'll be fine.
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At the main campus, sports play an important role. At the college of medicine, they aren't as important. However, there are still a lot of groups that like to get together and have fun.
I love Penn State Hershey! Great, safe location with plenty to do nearby.
You're not far from the state capital, and Hershey has lots of alternative activities.
It's a hospital, with better than average hospital food.
Unless you want to drive 20 minutes or deal with tourists there aren't too many options nearby, but what is there isn't bad. Service is pretty fast as well.
Love It – You get all seasons here, and generally it doesn't get too hot or snow too much. There's a great balance. Spring and fall also hang around a little longer so the temperatures aren't too bad.
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