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Pen State Brandywine is a small campus with around 1,500 students, which gives the feeling of a tight-knit community. However, it is supplied with the resources that most larger colleges do, so every student is accounted for.
I have been going to penn state for awhile now and it has been a very great experience. I love the atmosphere and my professors are so amazing and really deeply care about how well you are doing in the classes.
It's a good school. Some of the teachers aren't very understanding and the financial aid office could help better.
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PS Brandywine is a great commuter campus. The only thing I dislike is their course selection. Most classes are only scheduled for one time rather than a range of times throughout the day.
If you love a small and close school this is it. Everyone is so close and friendly, and you will not get lost!
Penn state Brandywine is so far a good school is you want to do the 2 and 2 program that penn state offerst and then transfer to majn campus. It saves you about 15 to 20 k a year including the room. If you don't like 200 to 500 size classrooms then Brandywine is great option. But it can get boring, otherwise it is a good place if you want to just actually go to college
I love the PSU community. There is a lot of support available. We now have dorms, so the campus feels a lot better.
I like that penn state brandywine is a open campus and it is very diverse. I like that the professors are one on one wit the students also, the opportunities that are giving out are great.
Professors and staff are very friendly and class sizes are very good so I can experience one on one with my professors. Work load is manageable. Many chances to go to different events on campus each week and food is always provided at most of the events. Changes I would make would be to have a little better wifi because it is sometimes hard to connect depending on where you are.
Penn State Brandywine is an intimate campus with a few students but amazing faculty. Due to the small size it is very easy for a student to get a one on one meeting with professors to clear up doubts or to ask advice, something that I often did. Every facility is well thought of and provided. Moreover the diversity at this campus is vast which is a refreshing experience for an international student. The courses are very interesting and the teachers make it even more so. There are regular field trips which amount to an amazing, very American experience to people who are new to this country. I would definitely urge future students who have chosen Penn State today least spend a year here!
Not very popular. No one really pays attention to extra curricular activities on campus
The campus environment did not feel like a college environment.
Being at campus makes you feel like your in a safeguard.
On campus and there to help!
Not much is talked about Greek life at our school.
Students come and go so it makes it hard for people to know about the sporting events. But not everyone pays attention to athletics. Others focus on their needs.
Penn State Brandywine University makes you feel like family.
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Every person on campus is treated equally no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation.
There are regular patrols by campus police every hour or so. The walkways are open and brightly lit for people with late classes. The atmosphere is very safe and friendly, and the patrolmen on campus are approachable and kind.
Each team, no matter what sport, is like a family. The coaches and players have fun with their sport. The support for teams is overwhelming. School spirt is the greatest aspect of Penn State.
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