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Professors and staff are very friendly and class sizes are very good so I can experience one on one with my professors. Work load is manageable. Many chances to go to different events on campus each week and food is always provided at most of the events. Changes I would make would be to have a little better wifi because it is sometimes hard to connect depending on where you are.
Penn State Brandywine is an intimate campus with a few students but amazing faculty. Due to the small size it is very easy for a student to get a one on one meeting with professors to clear up doubts or to ask advice, something that I often did. Every facility is well thought of and provided. Moreover the diversity at this campus is vast which is a refreshing experience for an international student. The courses are very interesting and the teachers make it even more so. There are regular field trips which amount to an amazing, very American experience to people who are new to this country. I would definitely urge future students who have chosen Penn State today least spend a year here!
Not very popular. No one really pays attention to extra curricular activities on campus
The campus environment did not feel like a college environment.
Being at campus makes you feel like your in a safeguard.
On campus and there to help!
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  • 10 months ago
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Not much is talked about Greek life at our school.
Students come and go so it makes it hard for people to know about the sporting events. But not everyone pays attention to athletics. Others focus on their needs.
Penn State Brandywine University makes you feel like family.
Every person on campus is treated equally no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation.
There are regular patrols by campus police every hour or so. The walkways are open and brightly lit for people with late classes. The atmosphere is very safe and friendly, and the patrolmen on campus are approachable and kind.
Each team, no matter what sport, is like a family. The coaches and players have fun with their sport. The support for teams is overwhelming. School spirt is the greatest aspect of Penn State.
The faculty and student body are very welcoming and helpful in every aspect. The professors are encouraging and helpful when needed. The diverse activities are fun and inviting.
I like Penn State Brandywine because the class size is medium, and is not a large number of student in the classroom.
Academically, this school meets the needs of most, but only because it is so closely affiliated with the Penn State system. This is basically a very small step up from community college. The teachers are passionate and caring and there are many resources and travel oppurtunites however that you won't find at community college. But, like I said, the only reason this is possible is because of the University Park Campus and the Penn State network as a whole. Social life is entirely non-existent. Nobody talks to each other because nobody wants to be here. It is really quite depressing. I'm a very social person and am here because my mom would not pay for tuition to a school that I would live at for fears of me not succeeding academically. At first I thought I'd be fine and make some friends but this is The. Worst. College. Experience. Ever! Zero parties, terrible class times, horrible food, and you're surrounded entirely by trashy people. There are a few normal kids (typically freshman in a similar situation as me) but beyond that it is mostly introverts, war veterans, or people rambling on about going to main campus. I hate this place with a burning passion and the only reason I am doing well here is because of my desire to transfer ASAP. Penn State is an amazing university as whole, this is just a boring campus. If you can't get into Penn State - University Park, either pick a major that will get you there after one year like Athletic Training, or go to Altoona. If you're a social person and you're friends are all off at other schools I can guarantee you will hate this place. This is the worst year of my life and I fear it'a really beginning to hold me back. All I can think about is how I should be of having fun, making new friends, and surrounded by oppurtunity. But here I am, I just hope it's not for much longer. F this place :)
The professor at Penn state (Brandywine) make the campus unique. Most of the professor were past students at Penn state.The professors understand the feeling of being a student, and how it can be overwhelming. They were once seated at the seat the students are now seating. Therefore, I would choose Penn State (Brandywine) again.
Its a small campus, so there isn't much school spirit.
I wish the school was bigger and I wish we had better sports but overall its nice.
I chose to go to this campus in the hopes that it would be easier to learn the material for the Smeal college of business, but I was not expecting on a small campus (smaller than my high school) that the professors would be so stuck up and unhelpful.
Unless you have not been accepted to any other schools or you're facing financial problems I would definitely suggest a different school to you. The overall assessment of the school is very poor for both academic and social wise.
  • College Freshman
  • Jan 19 2015
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