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What I like about Penn State Berks is that it's a campus that welcomes every student and does whatever possible for that student to feel welcome. The professors are amazing and always help you in any way they can.
What I like about Penn State Berks is its location. Penn State Berks is located in an area of Reading, Pennsylvania that's very quiet and that's a good thing. Quietness means that you'll have better focus on your assignments. Furthermore, there are very few things I would like to see change. Penn State Berks is fine the way it is.
Penn state Berks has great class sizes because of the intimate student to teacher ratio. This makes it easier to build connections with your classmates and professors, and making you feel your voice heard in class. Berks also offers a lot help if you are struggling with any classes. They have a room dedicated to tutoring for all sorts of classes. This all makes learning and growing on your education easier.
Socially, the campus offers a lot of game nights, movie nights, and performances to keep you entertained outside of your studies. The campus will even have carnival-like events a few times a year.
The campus is very small, along with the population. This can cause you feeling like you aren't living a typical college experience because of the calmness and vacancy of people. This also could be because the majority of the students commute.
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I have been a student at Penn State Berks for 4 years now. For me, my experience was quite different than the original "college experience." I am a commuter, therefore I am only on campus for events and class. I chose to be in multiple clubs and events to make sure that I was involved. Which brings me to what I like most about Penn State Berks, the involvement. They try very hard to keep all students involved, whether you are a commuter or an on-campus student. The campus goes above and beyond in their efforts. Something I would like to see change would have to be the commuters access to the campus. The parking spaces are very limited. For example, if you aren't arriving to campus before 9 AM, you will have a very difficult time finding any parking. Penn State is an awesome school and I am very fortunate to be apart of it.
My experience at PSU Berks was very pleasant. Great campus, awesome faculty, and many activities on and off campus!
Penn State Berks is a very diverse campus. Very small and the classes have no more than 60 students each. A lot of career and internship opportunities.
I’ve only been at Berks one semester, and I wish I had been there my first two years of college. The campus is beautiful and well kept. The teachers are so involved and helpful when needed. I spent a lot of time in the library, using some of the many amazing resources they offer to students.
I love this campus, and the professors at the school are very committed to each student's success. I feel secure about my academic and professional goals due to attending such a prestiguous university.
I like this campus because the classes are small and it is great because I struggle to be in a large classroom. I also enjoy the professor there because they give you the one on one help when asked. The students at Penn state berks are all nice and kind. There are many clubs for everyone to enjoy at this small campus. while I live on campus it was great. The resident assistants makes it feel good while living there. they organinze many events so you dont have stay coupe in your dorm all day.
It is a small diverse campus. The academic program are generally good. Student support program is the best. There are a lot of activities every day for students. It really makes me feel warm and safe.
Teachers are amazing and will do whatever you need in order for you to succeed. Resources are amazing and it's easy to make friends. Culture is very diverse and it's a great starting campus to go to.
I am not much for athletics, but I am glad the school does not make a big deal over sports besides the football games at Penn State Main. Some teachers are very good and take time to teach students one on one if they have to while some are not so great expecting too much from students. For example, there is a teacher who gives a 5 question test and his class average is usually in the 50. He does not do anything to improve his teachings or grades for students.
I like the small town atmosphere. It is really easy to get to know people especially since most of my classes were with 30 or less people.
Penn State Berks is a great common wealth campus of the Pennsylvania State University, however, it just wasn't the right fit for me in that I changed my major and my major is not offered here. It is a great place to start college at and for those who's full majors are offered here it is absolutely a great place to get an education. There is so much to be involved in on campus and there are lots of great professors and people on campus.
The small campus means that students can build close relationships with faculty and other students. Most of the campus commutes, which means that student life and on campus activities are minimal, but there is a lot of opportunity in the surrounding area.
I enjoy going to Penn State Berks. The thing I like the most about Penn State Berks is how small of a campus it is. Class rooms sizes are small so you have much more interaction with your class mates and professor. Another thing I like about how small the campus is is that its much easier to make friends. Since you see the same people around campus you become much closer to them. Another great thing about this is every builds a strong relationship with their professors. When ever I need help i can just go to their office hours and they are happy to help me with what ever I need. Another thing I like about the campus is its location. I like how it is in the country but close to many stores and other things to do. Overall I have really enjoyed my experience at college.
I am a freshman here at Penn State Berks, when I first got here I wasn't sure if I would like it but now I am here for my second semester I realized that this is a great school. It is small, but it's really nice. They have many clubs and activities to join.
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As my fourth semester at Penn State Berks begins, I have come to realize that the quality of academics and faculty here are second to none. A large majority of my professors have proven to be diligent and well educated in what they teach. Some of my general education courses even try to make their content relevant to the wide majority of business and engineering students that attend the campus. I look forward to expanding my skill sets and knowledge for the next five semesters I have at Penn State Berks.
I am a freshman adult student at Penn State Berks. I absolutely love it so far. It is abundantly clear to me that the staff and professors are ready and willing to help in any way they possibly can. It's a beautiful campus with many social and career opportunities. If I were to find something negative about it so far it would be this: I wish the students were more engaged and involved during the lectures from the speakers. Often times I am the only one answering questions or responding with comments and I feel it is unfair to the speaker.
What I like about Penn State Berks is that the dorms are structured very well. What I would like to see change is the way homecoming is set up. Homecoming here is really different than any other schools.
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