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An extreme personalized experience with higher learning, every teacher cares about every student, and will take the personal time to assist them with assuring their future success.
I am a recent transfer student to Penn State Altoona, however my experience so far has been great. The academic advisors are extremely helpful in setting you up for success at this university, and most of the professors are great.
The Altoona campus is quiet, convenient, and beautiful. I came to this college after struggling at a larger university and I have grown so much. The opportunities you get to interact with and learn from your professors made my college experience amazing.
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I love the class sizes at Altoona and feel like students get a better gen ed experience there then they would at University Park. When you get to a higher level in your major you get the chance to know your professors well, and the classes become more enjoyable as you also know your fellow majors. I would like to see more programming on the weekends, and I would like to see more quiet type of activities instead of blaring music at every event.
Penn State Altoona is a great stepping stone for every student. Everyone here is friendly and the teachers are very passionate about their topics. There are numerous resources to help you succeed and to help you prepare for life after college. The campus is beautiful and there is lots to do. Your experience here is what you make of it. If I could, I'd do my time at PSU Altoona all over again.
I chose Penn State University for a few different reasons. When I toured the Altoona campus, it gave a sense of a small, nicely set up campus, which has a good student-teacher ratio. This is exactly what I was looking for considering I focus more on my academics than anything else. Penn State is also a school widely known for their tradition and sense of family, including everyone especially in their trademark, "WE ARE, PENN STATE". Another reason to study at this institution is because after graduation, the alumni will play a big part. Penn State is known to have the largest alumni association in the country, which will help immensely while applying to professional schools and looking for jobs in the future.
Penn state Altoona has a nice campus but is still a small campus, if you like to walk on campus and see all the time the same people it’s the right college for you !! The food at port sky is average, always the same and the education is average too, schedule early to have good teacher !!
Going to Penn State is amazing, no matter what branch campus you are at or even if you are at Main, you get a Penn State degree and that is an amazing thing! As a business major I am downtown and I just love how the buildings are it makes it very easy for me to go to all my classes and see my professors in the same building.
Penn State Altoona is like a home away from home. The class sizes are small, and each professor knows their students. They offer amazing help to those who ask.
The overall experience of Penn State Altoona is what you make of it. Putting yourself out there is the best thing you could do! I did not hold back on what I am interested in and joined the Society of Women Engineers, when none of my friends were interested. I met even more people through the organization. I like going to watch all the sporting events and everyone is always very engaged!
Penn State Altoona is great due to the close proximity to State College. It is the largest branch campus and it offers a lot of the same opportunities which are available at University Park. The atmosphere on campus is not as overwhelming as University Park and the people here are more personal. I would like to see improvements and updates in some of the facilities since this is the oldest branch campus and some of the facilities are very dated.
Penn State Altoona, is a great place to start your future. It’s good to start your classes here and transfer to University Park your junior year.
I love Penn State Altoona! It offers such great opportunities for everyone who goes there. The campus is beautiful and small which is nice for walking from class to class.
Penn State Altoona is a great place for a young adult to get ahead in life. Within my experience, the small town is nice and calm. The campus is lively, open, and welcoming. The staff here are nice, but could improve. Our Math department is the toughest department here. If you are a person looking to major in math and learn the ins and the out of the subject without escape, then Altoona is the place for you. Overall, This small campus is growing and it has become a nice place to reside.
I love this campus. It's small, but full of life. Events are being held multiple times a week for students to socialize with each other. The classes and professors are amazing, and they really bring the material to life. It's much more than just a school with homework and tests; there's activities, friends, food, and acceptance all throughout the campus.
I really enjoy the smaller campus feel and feeling like you can talk to anyone on campus whether that be a professor or another student. The campus has activities to get everyone involved in something. I do not have a car with me but I have everything I need on campus. Being at the Altoona campus I am close enough to attend events on main campus. The football games are so much fun and it's amazing how the students come together to cheer on their school. So far my college experience has been amazing.
Penn State Altoona is a small and beautiful campus that has the enthusiasm reminiscent of University Park. I love how you are able to know your classmates and professors better due to smaller class sizes. I think the student parking permit process needs to be improved upon. It would be more helpful if passes could be mailed to you after you apply for a permit instead of having to wait and then pick it up in person.
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I studied at Penn State Altoona for two years and it was a great experience. It was nice transition from a small highschool. The campus is small so it was easy to make friends.
Overall great experience, beautiful campus and friendly staff. The professors are helpful and easy to get along with. The area was very nice but hard to get to places if you don't have a car especially in the cold winters.
The only thing that bothered me was that the town was very small. But overall I loved the campus , the people are friendly & helpful! I love it because you can focus on your work!
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