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Penn State Altoona Reviews

821 reviews
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It's not bad but I think if it had more dorms/living quarters on-campus for students it could save up a lot of money.
Penn State Altoona is very small but ti has many opportunities for student to be their best and to be involved! Their apartment buildings are beautiful and the new athletic building is looking good!
I enjoy this campus and encourage as many people as possible to attend and complete college. Penn State is a great college and offers many opportunities. This campus has many resources for students in terms of jobs, internships, and networking.
I really like Penn State. It is a great school and everyone is so friendly. Penn state has an amazing atmosphere. I wouldn't want to attend any other school.
When I applied to Penn State University, I really had my heart set on going to Penn State Main Campus. I got accepted into Penn State, Altoona, and I was a little disappointed at first. After going to Altoona for 1.5 years, I can say that I love it! The small campus makes it really easy to get around. My class sizes are pretty small, and I am able to get to know my professors and other class mates a lot easier. I was able to get Penn State football tickets, and I would drive up to all of the home football game with my friends. It was the best of both worlds. I got to enjoy large campus life by going to home football games, yet I got to enjoy the benefits of being on a small campus. Since my dream is to go to Penn State, Main, I am still going to transfer to Penn State Main Campus for my last two years, however, I am very impressed with Penn State, Altoona, and I would recommend it to anyone.
I like the eclectic variety of classes that they offer. I also enjoy the fact that I can stay close to home to save up money but still take classes directed towards my major to prepare for my transfer to Penn State Main.
The thing I appreciate at Penn State Altoona is the community environment. Everyone acts like a family and the campus is beautiful. There's a club for anything you can think of. The resources are also a good benefit, and class sizes are small which makes it easier to learn.
Altoona is a great campus for someone from a smaller high school. The campus isn't that big so it is easy to get around. However having to take classes at the downtown is time consuming due to having to take a twenty minute bus ride.
I love the people and somewhat the campus. The town sucks and is so so boring. Do not come here if you want city life.
Most of this college is very nice. It is a beautiful campus. Most of the teachers are very nice. Some are not so much. I guess you will have that anywhere you go. You cannot just look up your current GPA (which is extremely difficult when you need to maintain a certain GPA), and some teachers don't even bother updating the grade book. It is a small enough campus that even though some parties go on (hey, it's college), there is never enough to be distracted from. You never hear of anyone getting hurt. The main buildings are close by, you are mainly in walking distance from class to class, although some classes are further downtown. The food here is not bad, either. Overall, it is a very nice school.
Penn State Altoona is a beautiful campus. Everything is walking distance, the professors are great and the social life is amazing!
This campus is perfect if you are looking for a small, but diverse place to get an education. Friendly peers and cooperative professors!
I never feel in danger on campus. There are campus blue lights that alert the police if we feel threatened. Also, to get into the residence halls, you have to have an ID and live in that building or be escorted by someone who lives there.
The dorms are decent. There's not much to brag about with any college dorm. Oak and Maple are pretty small and Spruce isn't much better. Cedar is pretty decent though
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
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Greek life is very popular at PSA, but it does not put a barrier between the students
Being a Penn State school, we are more focused on the sports at University Park. However, we also have several sports that are well attended at the Altoona campus.
If I had the opportunity to choose a school over again, I would still pick PSA. You get the Penn State feeling without being stuck in a place with 40,000+ people in one area. The school spirit is the best there is.
Living on campus is great because I'm close to everything... classes, dining and soon, a brand new gym.
  • College Freshman
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing
Playing an NCAA sport is a dream come true! My coach is absolutely wonderful and gives all students every opportunity to play.
My school is giving me the fantastic opportunity to play an NCAA sport, participate in the Honors College and be a science major. How incredible is that?
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