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Penn State Abington is the most diverse campus compared to the other PSU campuses! I essentially get to meet everyone from around the globe. I moved from California to attend Penn State Abington. The Pennsylvania State University value that college is what you make it and this is your journey! There are a variety of clubs to get involved with and there is always something going on on campus. Students have many opportunities to get involved and make friends. The academics are great! I am a Biology major and the Science department has helped me thrive and strengthen my passion for studies! I love the campus because my classes are not huge and I get to have the opportunity to get to know my professors on a one on one basis. Penn State Abington has an amazing staff, student body, and academics! Students who are motivated, passionate, and hard working, would be great assets to the campus!!!
Penn State Abington deserves so much more than just a B. It has a giant number of breathtaking facts. It has a historically classical campus, atmosphere of a brilliant academic excellence, professors are really thinking for their students, every cent you pay worths more than any other branch campus of Penn State. The weaker side of this branch campus of PSU is its athletics and campus food. But essentially, this is absolutely the most exquisite branch campus with full of opportunities and proximity to Philadelphia. WE ARE!!!
Penn State Abington is a very small campus in comparison to University Park. The student body is very diverse, so its easy to find other students you can fit in with. However, student engagement has declined since I was a freshman, although I personally believe its one of the best ways to enjoy your college experience.
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It is a wonderful school with many great teachers, a few bad, but mainly great. campus is a bit hilly and parking is horrible because everyone drives to school and no one uses the shuttles.
Penn state Abington is a very diversity campus. Students are from different parts of universes. We often have lots of opprotunities that opens up to students such as internships, jobs, etc. The environment is mostly green and fresh that creates benefits to the health.
The school isn't the best for those looking for broad areas of study. They only offer the basics here. Not for those looking for "college life".
This is my first year at Penn State Abington, I completed my first two years at Penn State Schuylkill. And the atmosphere of the two campuses are completely different. However, I enjoy the Abington campus better. There are many more resources and actvites on campus since, the student body is large. One of the few changes I would make to the school, is some of the staff that works there. At times they can be rude.
i like penn state abington because of the selections of majors for a small school. they have many support systems and many activities to relieve stress outside of the classroom.
Penn State Abington is very Laidback . It is kinda diverse depending on what diverse is to you. The education is great , good school for the Pen State title but not into all the extra stuff. Parking could be better. Party Scene horrible, the Area is really nothing.
Great experience, campus life is amazing. Professors are understanding and helpful. Students are kind, and always willing to assist.
Penn State Abington is a great place for education. In my case, it's close to home, I get the experience of one on one with teachers and a very hostile and friendly environment. Im playing a soccer on the schools team and it's teaching me a lot and keeping me in shape. A lot of help and support is provided from stuff and all around campus. We Are Penn State.
The campus is very small, something most people that go there enjoy. If you're like me, however, I suggest going straight up to main.
I have a great experience at this college. The professors are always there if you need their help. There are various of clubs that you can join and the students there are really helpful and attentive.
Well, this is my third semester at Penn State Abington and so far it has been a great journey. It is a small campus filled with diversity.
As a current student attending Penn State Abington, I can say that this school is extremely welcoming. Staff, faculty and the students here are kind and helpful. I couldn't have chosen a better university to attend. The campus is stunning and finding the location to the different buildings is easy with signs and directions to the building. The shuttle buses are so useful for students, I know from personal experience. There's so much more at Abington that I still have yet to discover.
The people there are really nice. The types of groups and classes in this school are great. The sport teams are good.
Penn State Abington is located in a very high neighborhood, beautiful environment, surrounded by trees and hills. It is the perfect place to relax, think and just breathe fresh air. As they say "you can never be unfit in Abington as walking to classes alone is all the exercise you need". Penn State Abington has the nicest students, the most diverse group with students from all seven continents and more than 21 different countries. Penn State Abington offers the courses I need with down to earth and easy enough to talk to professors. WE ARE PENN STATE (ROAR)
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The school is not for everyone, but if you're looking for a home away from home and a quiet space, you've found the right place. Abington offers many opportunities, even though sometimes they're hard to make note or notice of. Not everything is said on the announcement sheet of every bathroom stall.
The majority of teachers here are so dedicated to being here and teaching you. They actually care about you and what grade you get. If you don't, it's usually all down to how you studied, did you put effort, did you care at all, and did you ask them for help? I've had many teachers stay after class just to tutor me in subjects I only had to take once but needed to pass. Occasionally, you'll find a minority of teachers that aren't helpful. If that's the case, drop them, and take the class with someone else. Don't waste your time or your money when you could be learning from the best
I am only a freshman at Penn State Abington but i am truly looking forward to spending my next 4 years here. I have been connected to Penn state since my eldest brother attended, and I've loved it every since. This school has so much passion and dedication. We Are..... PENN STATE.
The area it is in is quiet. It's a smaller community that isn't that diverse, but that doesn't hinder your studies. You want to stay focus as much as possible, and since there isn't much to do around there, you don't have extra distractions. There are things you can find to do to pass the time, but usually I went back into the city to find the most success with that. Other than that, you still have a school community that is willing to help you succeed in everything that you do and are willing to help you when needed.