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Penn Foster College Reviews

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Very good school easy access. Lots of good information. On-line course, convenient to work at your own pace.
I am an online associates program for vet tech. It is great and at your own pace so it is flexible with my work schedule.
I really enjoyed taking classes to gain my certificate in child psychology. It was great to work at my own pace and to stay focused.
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This program allows you to have fun and stay determine to finish your program. It goes by your own pace and they're study groups and teachers eager to help you!
I am currently attending Penn Foster College and I love every bit of it! Penn Foster does a great job of ensuring that their students stay informed and that they are able to stay in contact with instructors and their peers through the community website. The one thing I wish I could change about Penn Foster is the quality of some of the recorded lectures. Some of the materials are a little older and they look and sound kind of fuzzy.
I love this college, it is all online and I am so happy that I have the experience to go through this college.
Penn Foster College is an excellent school!! It is very flexible so you work with your own schedule! It is an online school but you have the option to have your books mailed to you which is a great option if you’re like me and need to highlight in a book to study! The staff at Penn foster is amazing! Always willing to work with you and the administration is superb!
Over all Penn Foster college has been great. I am currently in the fist semester, working on my computer skills. I am learning supper fast and I am finishing my courses and taking my class way ahead of the time I have been given to complete. I love the fact that Penn foster is online. It gives me time to do my school work, have a job and take care of my family( my husband, four dogs and two cats). I am going to Penn Foster to become a vet Tech . I have wanted to work with animals ever since I can remember, which was about two or thee years old. Penn Foster is giving me a chance to love my life while still attend college =, so I can work with animals.
I think it’s great for people on a budget, wanting to pursue career advancement. You can study and complete the courses at your own pace.
I loved attending this school. I worked full time while pregnant during my time here and the communication and coursework were exactly what I was looking for.
I really enjoy the self paced classes. The instructors are attentive and helpful. I would like to see changes in the administrative department. In general, they are hard to get ahold of and not overly helpful.
This college is great, anytime I have any questions I can call and talk to someone. Being able to get an advisor on the phone is great because you know that they are really there to help you succeed.
I love that everything is at my own paste, I love that I am constantly being sent positive reminders that I’m full of potential and to never give up. Couple changes would be, have more clinics avalible for people who live out in the city with no large animals. I would also like to see a financial tab in my portal, that way id know how much I owe for the semester, and so on.
I am currently working on pharmacy tech program online. I am loving these classes working at my own pace. This school has some great information. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the pharmacy tech program.
I love the online experience. I have 4 classes down out of 12. They actually work with you. I love having the idea of choosing my time. The only bad thing is they need FASFA.
It sucks they don't have much clubs or anything. But they do the best they can to make their students feel comfortable and excited to be apart of Penn foster. You get to do everything on your own time and it is extremely affordable!
classes weren't too bad over all good program, didn't finish out just because i wanted to switch my major but other wise cheap and books were sent right in the mail.
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My experience with Penn Foster Career School (not the College nor the High School), my experience at the high school was average, and I completed that program and got accepted into a college in my State. But anyways, the career school, I had a bad experience, the professors aren't helpful and the school harrases you when you don't pay them on time even when you contact them and tell them you are going to be late, the school doesn't need to have those late fees because it's hard for someone to pay if you charge them 10.00$ for being late.

I attend this other online college for Event Planning, not once have they harassed me or contact me over and over for being late when I contacted them they understood not Penn Foster. They harassed you expected you to pay, even when you are not going to complete the program, which I have not because certain areas of the Paralegal program was hard, and I only had 5 or 6 assignments left.
It has flexible hours to do your courses and the tuition is a good amount to pay for. What they should change is on telling people in what states is penn foster college acceptable for in order to apply for a specific job position.Also for a local school to do externship to be more experienced on what you're doing.
Classes are fine, and study schedule flexibility is great. Student services is unreliable, and contacting an instructor is hit or miss.
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