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It was a really nice exsperience . I recamend anyone to visit and attend this college. What I really liked most was the great Mississippi hospitality.
I loved my time there, the teachers and the students. The professors there actually care about the students and take the time to talk, they convey their lessons very well and have a good schedule if you need to catch them in office. The gym offers special classes you can join or leave as you will. There isn't a party scene much, but it lends itself well to small groups of friends or study groups.
I just finished my first week at prcc and I absolutely love it! I live on campus in the dorms and this is definitely my home away from home.
Review Pearl River Community College
I love it! It a really good school and you get to meet know people everyday and the teachers are real good and helpful.
My experience at Pearl River Community College was overall wonderful. I attended PRCC and obtained my Licensed Practical Nurse degree and then furthered my education with starting some classes for my Registered Nurse degree. I attended the Hattiesburg campus and was satisfied with my professors, classes and atmosphere. I would recommend this college to other students and I am thankful for all I learned there as I further my education at an university.
I had an amazing first year at Pearl River Community College, there were so many different opportunities and people to meet. It's a small town college so you meet or at least see everyone once. If I had to change anything I would change the dinner menu.
I am currently a student of Pearl River Community College and my experience has been great. I am in the LPN program and the only thing that I would like to see changed is for the Forrest County LPN and Poplarville LPN classes/campuses to be more involved with one another.
It's a great start for your first two years. They have amazing teachers and really nice dorms. It's easy to make friends. Also be active on campus and try out for different groups.
Pearl River Community College is a great academic stepping stone, but I would like to further my education at a four year university.
Prcc is a good college to begin your degree. However, I would not recommend finishing it their as well. I found it was a good place to readjust to the academic world. It just is not a stopping point but a stepping stool onto the path to your degree.
My overall experience here is pretty satisfying. The school campus itself is not that huge, but at the same time it is big enough. The cafeteria workers and food is like no other. The environment is also very friendly, and there are always activities going on all around campus. #RRR
PRCC professors and students are all around great. I am in the ADN program and I have to say it is the hardest, yet most rewarding program on the campus. They truly want you to succeed, though as a student, it gets very tough. But all around, the school is a wonderful place.
All things come to those who wait.
I have been laid off but I am continuing to get ahead in life again.
Most of my classes were online. When I did attend the campus everyone was very nice and helpful.
Experience is a great teacher
The assignments are not overwhelming and the instructors care.
Review Pearl River Community College
I am really enjoying my experience at Pearl River Community College and living on campus.
The academic flexibility is definitely there.
I didn't take any online courses
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