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Great school ! Nice class sizes and grwat teachers who are willing to go above and beyond to help you grow.
Career center does not exist. "alumni network" is Facebook
Some educators are considered experts other educators have had maybe only 1 to 2 years of experience. The Monday classes do not properly prepare you to take state board written tests. The class styles and sizes changed multiple times while being there. Inconsistent
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As a "cosmetology major" we get it a lot easier than esthetics and nail techs. We have more "qualified" educators and more of an emphasis on our services. First month is mainly bookwork then the second month you work on mannequins and models. By the third month you're out on the floor. They will tend to overlook you to train you to get your times down and become quicker. Once you are on the floor you get Monday as your only classroom day. The classroom time outside of basics is very very unorganized and inconsistent. The curriculum is mostly made up as they go along aside from a few specialized services such as facials, perms, and artificial nails which you don't learn in basics.

The school is a summit school so they base everyone on a level system which rates your ability to sell yourself, your services and products. It's a useful program but it's much too pushed upon the student's and the incentives for leveling are mediocre at best. The level system also creates an elitist environment with how much the higher level girls are put above the rest.

There are generally enough stations for cosmetology students to work at however there never seems to be enough supplies. Clips and brushes go missing, there's never enough product or shampoo, and you will almost always have to customize or improvise on your color because they almost never have the exact thing you wanted in stock.

The school claims to offer job placement. They host "salon fairs" where local salons who are in need of stylists will come solicit the student's. There is also a bulletin board in the educator office that has business cards of salons along with a similar board in the break room.
It's a small cosmetology school. Nothing special. Can't seem to keep educators or any staff for that matter.
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