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Paul Smith's College is both a rich place naturally and educationally. They have tremendous facilities and programs. And don't get me started on those wonderful meals they have.
The campus is beautiful. Paul Smith's also provide a unique learning environment with unique learning opportunities that you just cant get elsewhere. It also has an ample supply of opportunities for student activity or clubs. Safety and Title IX are stressed to be one of the most important rules for attending.
It is a great school and beautiful campus. All staff are helpful and supportive. The classes are small and you receive individualized attention. There are many things to do. Many classes are outdoors and they are many opportunities for outdoor recreational activities. It is located in the Northern Adirondack Mountains.
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Paul Smiths is a beautiful place to learn! There are hands on classes and excellent professors to assist.
My experience here so far has been great. It's a really hands on college, which is how I learn. I am going for an associates from here because I cannot afford the bachelors so I am hoping I get my associates degree from here. My grades weren't the best but the tutoring here has really helped and I am planning to go to more tutoring this upcoming semester. I have made my circle of friends and I am really glad to have them.
This school is a beautiful area, truly perfect for the outdoorsman. However, the school itself is a little dioranized and the chefs here come and go very quickly.
This school needs serious revamping. I transferred for many reasons. The food is terrible, you have no idea what your money gets put to, campus safety ignores the safety and confidentiality of students (as does all of student affairs), a local town is non-existant (Saranac lake is 15 minutes away but there’s really nothing to do) and the school clearly targets kids who would normally not get accepted into a traditional college. The school takes advantage of it’s students. It’s really sad to see all the wrong doings being done and you can’t do anything about it. If you try then the school isolates you and puts you in the campus public eye so that you feel alone to the point where you don’t want to return. Reform needs to happen at Paul Smith’s College. If it doesn’t happen soon then I have a feeling that it won’t be long before the school runs out of money and is shut down.
They don't have as many degrees as other schools but if you love the outdoors I'd highly recommend this school. The people are friendly and like family no matter who you are. Everyone is from a differqnt walk of life and if you ever need help everyone is there for you.
Paul Smith's is a wonderful place. As I continue to excel in academics; I find it as a result of the excellent support the professors provide. Hands on experience while learning helps students like me, learn more about the topics they study. In addition, the various types of people you meet in a small community like Paul Smith's become lifelong friends.
I like the small school feel. You really get to know everyone well and make lasting friendships. Most people going to Paul Smiths have similar desires and interests. This makes it easy to find a friend that you can connect with. Location is whar separates this college from most. It is beautiful. Yes, it does get cold, but you are likely the type of person who has been outside enough to cope with the cold if you are going to Paul Smiths. Academically you get to know each of your professors very well. With small class sizes and labs there is a unique hands-on learning experience that other colleges just can’t match. One thing I would change is the food selection. There just isn’t much to choose from and what is prepared isn’t in that great of quality. The library is a great environment to get homework and studying done.
I will be a new coming transfer student at Paul Smiths this Fall and I am beyond excited to finish up my degree at this beautiful campus!
I would like the PSC community to maintain the traditions and Adirondack feel of the campus. We need to keep forestry and natural science a priority. That is what Apollo would have wanted.
Paul Smith’s College is a dream for anyone who has a strong love for the outdoors. The school nurtures a hands one learning approach, and encourages you to learn outside the classroom. Professors are always available for extra help, or to talk about any concerns you may have. With access to academic success center any student can succeed here, and the school wants nothing more than to see you succeed in what you love doing.
Paul Smith's College is a Small Liberal Art's College found within the Adirondack State Park. The college is a hub of natural beauty since it sits right on Lower St. Regis Lake. As an institution of higher learning, the college is an overall great place for one to get their education. The college's various diverse programs from Culinary Arts to Biology the college attracts a wide range of diversely skilled students forming a strong student community.
I love going here. The quality of teachers can vary, but overall I feel that I've learned a lot. The campus is beautiful, most of the students are very friendly, and I feel it's worth it.
Although we are located in the middle of a state park, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else to get my degree. The professors know what they are talking about, and the work load is easy to carry if you plan your time out right.
The location of this school is not the only thing that makes this school what it is. The classes and professors are paced well and will keep you on your toes, but on the weekends there is no limit of things to do. Make sure you can find some enjoyment in the outdoors, otherwise you might find it hard to adjust.
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The registrar is always helping us to make our schedules perfect.
The online courses are great. They can be for any subject and any major. They are convenient and fit into your schedule no matter how busy.
The career center helps students everyday. They are always working hard to find us jobs and they never stop informing us of all the opportunities we have.
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