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Paul Mitchell the School - Spokane Reviews

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I got my school tour and as soon as i walked in the door i fell in love with everyone being so happy and always doing something. I wasn't sure when i first went online to request a tour but everything has changed. This is my dream school but schoalrships are something i will need to even be able to attend. It was great seeing how each class was bonding. I love how they separate everything and make it so everyone can learn at different levels with their class. They do hands on training and start with in class learning. I can only pray i get money to make this the start of something ive always dreamed of doing.
Great experience and professional. Very very satisfied with beautiful outcomes on highlights and services provided during visit.
It's difficult to work around the mandatory class day of Saturday, while still finishing school within a reasonable amount of time.
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There are no online courses available, but if there were, I'm sure they wouldn't be terrible
The ulumni network helps students who have graduated to begin their new careers.
Our professors are all knowledgable in their feilds, and we have several specialists who are known nationwide for their skills.
Having the Paul Mitchell name behind me is definately a jumpstart to my career. Having the name of a trusted brand ad my education background will help in creating a good career platform for my career to build off of.
Cosmetology is the main major here, and the main focus of almost all of the instructors
I am thankful for the education I have, but it is very narrow in that it follows only the Paul Mitchell Systems and doesn't allow for education in other ways of doing hair. I feel that my education could be benefited by an educator outside of JPMS.
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