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Paul Mitchell the School - Normal is a place for any and everyone wanting to become a professional in the beauty industry. All of the teachers welcome new comers with open arms, the students are always smiling, and the atmosphere is like on big family!
We have a small class, at least ten students.The teacher will explain a lot of things then will help us out one on one. I really love one on one because it helps us get better before we get on the floor.
The school will let us know which salons are hiring and give us a chance to apply. They also let salon owners come in the school and see our work
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At this moment, I am in the basic! My class is doing braiding. Which is most challenging,for everyone in my class. They have a wall board for everyone that is offering jobs.
I never had so many teachers that cared about you passing to the next level. This school even have students that love to help out with the new coming students. This school also team you up with a big brother and big sister. My experience here, makes me never want to leave.
There is only two options full time Tuesday through Saturday 9:30 to 5 or nights/part time 5-10 Monday through thursday
The teachers and the information are really good. Some of the policies are ridiculous though. And the financial aid leader seems to "mislead" people and then doesn't tell them otherwise till they figure it out for themselves. The school is all about making as Mich money for themselves as possible. The majority of students are white, but there are student of about every race.
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