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My school has three schedules you can pick from. Full time - school from 9-5 with mandatory Saturdays.

Five day part time 9:30-2:30 with mandatory Saturdays

And 3 day part time Tuesday -Friday from 9-5 With substitution saturdays.

Substitution Saturdays are if you are a three day part time you can substitute with someone who is full time or five day part time so they don't get a write up. I think schedules are flexible and you can pretty much choose from depending on your life style
My school offers job placement. They also make us your salons and hand out resumes to salons as part of our final phase. We get help with professional development on how to dress nice and be respectful . We have help building our social networking skills and with creating business cards for ourselves.
Class sizes depend on what stage your in in the program. We all start at core it's a six week program were we learn the fundamentals . Protege stage is where we shadow other people and learn from watching them.

We have an adaptive stage and a creative stage where we learn to take what we've learned and we get the chance to make it ourselves. There is final phase. Where we get prepared for the real world until we graduate. Our classes are small to medium sized. Our professors make sure that our classes aren't too big. Most of our schedules are rotating to ensure all students get proper training.
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I'm my school we have many student ran programs and clubs that we can participate in.

There is student council

Take home club

Pet club

Quitters club

Green team

Be nice or else club

Design team

These clubs and programs help students take a part in fun raising events. Also help maintaining the shool running and teach us helpful stuff about working and managing the salon.
My school is amazing. We get thought according to our m.i. , I belong in the musical/spatial category. When I don't understand something my learning leader will ask for my m.i and teach me in a way I can comprehend and visualize.

My classes are set up like this :

I have theory in the morning ( this class helps me pass the written portion of my test to get licensed )

Then I will have a specialty class ( this class changes every week and it refines the skills I already have. It includes color,cutting, texture, make up , and professional development )

Once a week I have final phase for 6 hours ( this class prepares me for the practical part of my exam to get my license )

I am also a part of student council and take home teams.

I am aspiring color , cutting , and texture honors as well as Deans list .
My favorite thing about my shool is the great love and appreciation that we get from our staff members. One of our learning leaders will stay late to tutor me even if I'm the only student there. Every morning during pow wow we celebrate each other and our accomplishments. I've had a rough year this year , trying to pay for my tuition . I've had to work two jobs to accomplish this. When I'm tired or burnt out my learning leaders notice and ask if they can do anything to help, they truly give me that extra push to get through the my day. The director of my school is understanding and caring. I discuss issues with her and she can relate to most of my issues. Financial aid counsellors have always told me not to stress too much over my payments , that it's okay if I can't pay the full amount. I have found myself a little family at Paul Mitchell the school of menpmhis. There are not a lot of people that can say they have found this while trying to get an education.
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