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If my work schedule becomes an issue I can switch to night classes, which would be 4 days a week instead of 5 and 5 hours instead of 7
We don't really have online 'courses' but we have online/in-app work we can do, videos we can watch, and diagrams we can look at or make.

They are all very easy to use and very accessible because we all got iPads in our kits, and have the apps on our iPads!
The staff informs you of the variety of career paths available, and will do everything they can to help you get to that place!
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Although everything is touched on in core, you're not going to remember every single thing you were taught once you're out on the clinic floor, the teachers know that. That makes them willing and eager to refresh your mind or redemonstrate something for you. All of the things I have been taught so far I have been able to apply to what I've been doing, and continue perfecting those skills. Teachers will offer 'mini-classes' on all sorts of different topics, depending what is students are wanting to learn, or what's in season right now.
The staff does their best to ensure that you are aware of all of the different careers you could jump into after receiving your cosmetology license, and help figure out what best suits you and what you're looking for. Paul Mitchell the School Normal does a very good job at helping you look into where you want to be after you graduate and what you want to do by bringing in different guest speakers every week!
Never a teacher who will stop explaining something to you after a couple times of you not getting it. All of the teachers are awesome and understand that not everyone learns the same way!!
I love my school! I feel like all of the learning leaders/all staff genuinely care about how I am doing (inside and outside of school) and want nothing but the best for my future! Always making sure I understand everything before moving on, and making sure I am comfortable with what I am doing before walking away/moving on
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