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I would not advise anyone to spend their monkey with this school I have seen several students drop while I have attended . They do NOT accommodate pregnancy in any way but to leave & they do NOT accommodate the disabled. Teachers are more concerned with harassing students over small things like not wearing the right pants or being 5 minutes late as oppose to "teaching an actual curriculum" . Unorganized & totally unprofessional. They find any reason to terminate . Anyone is a target at this school. Although some may appear friendly they are on the schools side NOT the students, even though the students should be fully accommodated since they are paying for their education. This is a HORRIBLE school ! Save your time & your money. It's like being back in high school. They don't treat students like adults. Big thumbs DOWN.
I was a first time student so I hade no credits to transfer in , class flexibility is a set schedule so is no flexibility I had no curriculum hassles
there is no online course at this campus
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post grad you can go on to take a business cores that is 12 weeks and learn how to set up you're own business or either start in the beauty industry or go on to become an instructor
well the classes are small so you get one on one attention and we go over a chapter a week so that you have to keep your attendance up so that you will not fall behind the course load is not heavy at all
this school has a 90% job placement rate so I can confondeltly say that if you know your stuff you will deftly be employed
well I am studying to become a Skin Care spectlisist and we learn all aspects of the skin as well as how to a apply make up lashes as well as facials and go a fare as to learn massages for lymthic draining
I know this school is the best Paul Mitchell School In Atlanta simply because, they have and skin care education as well as great hands on training that you get with opiating an education from Paul Mitchell this school is simply the best because they give back to the community as well as put on fashion shows and they go in to depth with there education while making sure that you become employed after the program as well as pass state boards
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