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Paul Mitchell the School - East Bay Reviews

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Paul Mitchell’s culture is amazing! I’ve attended “beauty school” before PM East Bay and did not enjoy my time spent there at all. The instructors at PM love what they do and are eager to teach their students. You will be more than ready to take & pass your state board tests after completing the PM program. I finished the cosmetology course in less than a year.
I liked the environment that they had going and I enjoyed the structure they had set up for the students.
It's great. They understand that sometimes "life happens" and as long as you do your equal part of communication, they try thirst best to support you.
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We do not have an online school.
It is great, you still have access to find jobs and get career planning tips even after you graduate.
I love all of my learning leaders. They all have a different perspective from reaching which allows me to experience different ways of learning.
The name alone will get you in any door of the salon of your dreams, the license is just an added bonus.
I enjoy it ! They cater to your unique learning technique through a testing systems which figure out if you learn best with music, hand on, independently, or in a group setting then they txt each student individual to their needs.
I love my school. So happy I decided to go to this school over all of the others, the Paul Mitchell culture represents my life.
I feel that you need more one on one time with the learning leaders. I don't think we get enough time toreally learn and apply what we learn in the classroom before being put on to the floor
It is a great school, you have to really want it though. If you are unsure than this isn't the school for you. They areas all about had work and dedication.
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