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Paul Mitchell the School - Austin Reviews

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you're making the commitment to the course, 90% attendance is mandatory but you go into it knowing that. you shuffle your stuff before you start.
the have a "library" to check out ipads for certain training courses so you dont have to pay out of pocket if you dont have one.
they will actively look for work opportunities for you so you can achieve your dreams.
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professors are passionate and tough, but in a way that makes you want to work harder, not for them, but for your self.
Fast paced but so in depth. they want you to do your best and they want you to succeed.
creativity thrives here, community and giving back is key. I've never seen a better, more compassionate and passionate school anywhere.
It is the perfects school to go to for this career.
Paul Mitchell school has computers that are always available for students which is super handy! I've never experienced ANY problems with slow network or anything of the sort. They also have printers and a scanner we can use!
The school is going to cost me almost 18,000. Fortunately I am qualifying for some federal loans - I just have yet to recieve them. The financial aid office staff at Paul Mitchell have been extremely helpful though!
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