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Patrick Henry Community College is located in Martinsville, VA and if you're interested in a two year college and a fan of small, non-crowded areas like me then this is the place for you. The people are the best part at this school; everyone is friendly. The best part of the school is the gym; you can find almost everybody in the gym after classes. The professors are great and always willing to help you with anything. The school also offers various types of tutoring. If you're an athlete there are sports such as golf, cross country, volleyball, basketball, etc. They just added a track team; there's basically every typical sport excluding swimming and football. Coming to this school was probably the best decision I've made as I have made long term friendships and memories that will last forever.
Its an okay school. I wouldn't really change anything. The teachers and staff are pretty cool, and the people that goes to ph is cool too.
When I first attended college, many classes were available for my degrees. Now, when one looks at the class schedules, not a lot of programming classes are available anymore. I would like to see more students and teachers in the classrooms, more online classes for programming students, and programming tutors.
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I think Patrick Henry Community College is a great school. The advisors are very knowledgeable and the instructors are amazing. If you are not sure of what you want to do or be they still can help guide you in the right direction for the future. Everyone there is dedicated to helping in any way possible.
I think they should offer more online opportunities for adult learners as well as have the staff more involved with students so that students know what services are offered and where to seek help when they need it.
PHCC is an okay college. You have to fight sometimes to get what you need with classes. Teachers and students can be friendly if you are lucky. They give a warning if you don't have financial aid a few days before classes start, leaving no time to apply for scholarships.
My experience at Patrick Henry was a good one very small town very little distractions. The athletics are the best around especially the baseball team.
Patrick Henry Community College is a great place for many students to begin their college careers. Tuition is very affordable compared to other colleges and even the universities. It gives students a variety of classes and degrees they want to go for and it also helps students from when they wish to transfer from here to a four-year school to go for more education. The faculty and staff that work there are very friendly and are more than willing to help students achieve their goals.
Wow, I wish I had a job where customers call me and ask for help and I NEVER call them back. Seriously? I've called five different people in one department, which shall remain unnamed (cough... nursing) and NONE of them called me back. Crazy.
Patrick Henry Community College is a great college to attend if you are fresh out of high school and still uncertain about what you want to become or where you would like to go. I am working on my second year there and everything I did, and doing now is on my pathway for pharmacy school. there are many opportunities there such as nursing and as of now they are working on a PTA program for the fall of 2018. PHCC gives you lots of options that will help you get on track to where you want to end up.
I really have had a great experience at PHCC and I can't wait to finish it out.
I cannot say it simpler than this: it is the best.
I can not say it simpler than this: it is the best.
I can not say it simpler than this: it is the best.
I can not say it simpler than this: it is the best.
I can not say it simpler than this: it is the best.
It can't be said simpler than this: it's the best.
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The school was first started specifically for this kind of major.
Patrick Henry College is hands down the best institution for any government related degree.
My first year of college was great because I had great professors who really cared about how we did in their classes.
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