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I am a freshman in High-school and I am very seriously considering Patrick Henry College as my #1 choice. I talked with some folks from the administrative office as well as a few people who have attended Patrick Henry and they all were very encouraging that PHC be my home college.
As a Distance Learning student, my experience is a bit different but all the contact I've had with anyone representing the school has been stellar. They are kind, caring, and God-fearing. Academics are rigorous but rewarding. Lots of classic books, reading, and writing. Be prepared to defend every belief you hold.
Patrick Henry College exceeds in academic excellence! It offers a unique core-curriculem which stems from a love for Jesus Christ, a committed fidelity to the spirit of Americanism, and a distinctive classical approach. Patrick Henry College is training the next generation of outstanding leaders to change the culture for Christ, reclaiming America's Christian heritage and proclaiming the Gospel through all forms of art and philosophy.
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I enjoyed campus life and the relationships I built with other students. However, I do not feel like I can be an individual at my school.
Patrick Henry has been a good place for me to grow. It is solid, and gives a premium classical education, with buy in large phenomenal professors, who go above and beyond the call of duty. I would recommend that they would be a little more open with regards to transferring credits.
I owe a lot to PHC! I came out of it feeling like I know my own mind and I know how to think for myself, and with some wonderful lifelong friends. However, they really need to ease up on the hardcore rightwing politics and strengthen their pipelines to grad school for the non-government and non-lawyer wannabes.
Amazing Christian College filled with caring administrators and professors. Beautiful campus, excellent facilities, and healthy/tasty dinning hall. The Classic Liberal Arts curriculum, apprenticeships, and internships is really the best way to educate. It's been an incredible experience for our son.
This school not only is excellent in its academics but also in helping students with their faith and understanding of what it means to be a virtuous human being. With a world full of confusion, fear, and hatred, we tend to forget the value of freedom, respect, and unity, and Patrick Henry College has taught me these things. I am eternally grateful for this school and happy that I chose this school out of all other options. I know this school is unique both in its education and its mission.
A liberal arts-focused college, and offering only seven majors with five possible concentrations there within, PHC nonetheless is a rigorous academic institution that places intellectual achievement and the spiritual growth of its students first. It is ranked as the number one team in America for Moot Court and is also the headquarters of HSLDA, Generation Joshua, and
I love this school quirks and all. Yes, we are all mostly nerds, but it is a great environment to learn. The campus is very safe and has a ban on alcohol and fraternities. So, not a place to come if you like to party. It is he perfect school for someone interested in a strong liberal arts education.
Christ is on the throne at PHC. This fact sets up the worldview of the school which incorporated into academics and daily life at the school.
The professors want you to learn about each subject, not just so you can pass the exams, but so you may have an educated view of the world around you!
Although I am not a student here yet, I stayed here overnight for a visit. The campus was absolutely amazing. The professors truly wanted to engage students and there was a perceived care for all students. The food was pretty good but the campus was gorgeous. In Purceville Virginia, you really feel as if you are in a small town. However, a short drive away is Washington DC. The key characteristic of this college is the commitment to Faith above all.
Don't be deceived by PHC's size. The beautiful campus only introduces how amazing the college really is! The professors genuinely care about and engage with the students, and the academics are challenging and extremely rewarding. The small student body is like a 300-member family; everyone loves each other as siblings in Christ. Faith here is palpable, and community and classes revolve around God. This is not, however, a party school or a school for aspiring athletes, but I personally prefer that. Safety is excellent, partly due to the size of the campus, and the local area is accessible and wonderful! Would definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants to be challenged academically and spiritually, form deep friendships and grow in relationships, and join a family of believers (in the form of professors, advisers, and students) who will help you achieve your dreams!
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