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10 Patrick Henry Circle
Purcellville, VA 20132

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Don't be deceived by PHC's size. The beautiful campus only introduces how amazing the college really is! The professors genuinely care about and engage with the students, and the academics are challenging and extremely rewarding. The small student body is like a 300-member family; everyone loves each other as siblings in Christ. Faith here is palpable, and community and classes revolve around God. This is not, however, a party school or a school for aspiring athletes, but I personally prefer that. Safety is excellent, partly due to the size of the campus, and the local area is accessible and wonderful! Would definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants to be challenged academically and spiritually, form deep friendships and grow in relationships, and join a family of believers (in the form of professors, advisers, and students) who will help you achieve your dreams!
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A liberal arts-focused college, and offering only seven majors with five possible concentrations there within, PHC nonetheless is a rigorous academic institution that places intellectual achievement and the spiritual growth of its students first. It is ranked as the number one team in America for Moot Court and is also the headquarters of HSLDA, Generation Joshua, and
Although I am not a student here yet, I stayed here overnight for a visit. The campus was absolutely amazing. The professors truly wanted to engage students and there was a perceived care for all students. The food was pretty good but the campus was gorgeous. In Purceville Virginia, you really feel as if you are in a small town. However, a short drive away is Washington DC. The key characteristic of this college is the commitment to Faith above all.