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Passaic County Community College Reviews

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Terrible school, one day karma will catch up to them. They use methods purposely to make life harder on students by (1)manipulating information for courses by not showing professors teaching the course until week of semester, (2) charges you late fees before the semester even begins, (3) Professors are good but watch out for the old timers that been in the school for a long time. These professors do anything to keep their job at the school even students without cause. Avoid this school and it’s bad practices!
Attending to Passaic County Community College has been a magnificent experience. What I enjoyed the most and that help me complete all my courses, is they provide an academic plan. You meet up with an advisor to plan the next two years in college. This helps you to be more organize and not feel lost. Since entering college can be frightening. Just like a my college, it also has its flaws, Passaic County Community College needs to improve more in their propaganda. The academic plan, is really helpful but unfortunately not a lot of students are aware. They need to work more on making sure every student is aware of all the opportunities this college provides.
Attending the college has been great, they've offered tons of programs to us. The parking arrangements for the passaic campus is absolutely terrible. If they can acquire a larger lot or work with the city to legalize parking on the bridge to be permit parking that would be great. the class rooms are well furnished and using current generation technology.
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Pretty good overall, Not too much movement but the learning experience is good. Professors are always helpful and cooperating. The infrastructure is on point, not too big but space is enough for the number of students. The cafeteria is the only thing I would say needs quite the upgrade. We share the cafeteria with a high school from the area.
What I would change about Passaic county community college is to offer more tutoring hours for stem students. I would also, recommend more academic guidance to students because many students do not know what classes to take .
Passaic Community College is an excellent college. The professors there are phenomenal. If one has a problem that problem can be fixed fast. But overall is a very good place.
More online classes for students with children as well as busy schedules. In addition a lot more flexibility of options to pay for the students with not so great credit and low incomes.
I honestly enjoyed some of the class and professor but overall the school as a facility is utterly horrible and unorganized and unprofessional. No one has a direct answer to your issues.
PCCC has been everything that I didn't expect. The staff are very helpful and the professors really care about your work; they are the ones who push you and cheer you on. I was hesitant about attending here but you really get what you put into it and pccc has more than what I expected it to be. The location isn't the best but its in the heart of the city and you honestly cannot escape it.
The campus is average a best considering its location in Paterson, however it does have a strong academic courses and the professors I've come across are all wonderful.
Overall the school is good and the professors are dedicated to educating their students. Not all the classes are as updated, but still has that warm environment.
I completed my general ed classes right after high school, but I wish I would've simply gone to a regular college. I was miserable, and the professors (most)weren't helpful and just contributed to my misery. I was a commuter, and unfortunately the area that the school is located is very bad; I was followed many times and there are many druggies outside the campus. Inside it is not as bad, but anyone can basically come in. The school overall doesn't care about the students, nor academics but the money they receive. Also another saddening thing is that most staff here are racist - I am a hispanic and I was look down upon by many. I would never recommend this place. It is a hell on Earth.
not at all bad for a community college. you have to figure out class schedules on your own and parking is annoying but it's definitely a good school
Right now, I am about to graduate from PCCC and my major is Early Childhood Education. I have good experiences at PCCC for someone who is still thinking if enrollment to a college is worthed. PCCC offers my different programs and these programs are in different hours which means that anyone who is willing to go to college can find something suitable for their interests and schedules. Besides that all educators are willing to help their students to master their subjects. I believe that I was one of the lucky students who decided to go to college because PCCC changed my life entirely - I started to work in a school as a teacher assistance.
I have really great professors and I'm learning so much. When a friend and I compare our class (she is at a university) my class is more advanced then her class.
I would wish the neighborhood to be cleaner and more desirable so that others from suburbia would not degrade starting out at PCCC as a terrible idea,
Classes are small and teachers are helpful
I knew what I wanted before enrolling
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I'm just getting into the swing of things but it's great
Attending PCCC has been great so far. Every one is helpful. Parking is easy. The book store is down stairs. Getting lunch is convenient. I'm in love ! I should've attended college 15 years ago, better later than never. I'll graduate PCCC before my daughter graduates high school. Team Leading by example- Practice what you preach!
They have a justice program that is just for criminal justice students such as me. It helps you expand your knowledge on your major.
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