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Starting in this college was a great first stepping stone into the career world. The Engineering Science program was great. There were other resources to help out with your academics, like the library and the STEM lab. The SGA had a wholesome list of clubs available to all students. I joined the Modern Visual Culture Club in first semester and continued to run it throughout my time at Passaic County Community College.
Very diverse community. Large offering of classes at such a low rate. In my particular program, they work with you closely to partner with Ramapo to get a bachelor's degree. There are many opportunities for job placement after graduation. The only real downside is the location - Paterson is pretty dangerous so I try not to take classes at night.
The Wanaque campus is my favorite of the three. It has a few different places to study, the computers and printers work great, there's a gym, a cafeteria, and the staff is always so helpful and kind. The other two campuses are okay but they could use some TLC. The Passaic campus needs an overhaul on their computers and printers.
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I have been attending PCCC for two years and I will be graduating in May 2020. The time and effort the professor put into teaching the students is amazing. The tutoring services are outstanding they help you until you understand the material. I would change the food court by adding more affordable foods for students and staff.
I like the classroom settings and the professors. There's isnt really anything i would change about the school.
This college has the best staff and most best professors. The community feels like home and welcoming. They have the best STEM tutors. This college must improve in equipments such as providing more space for students to study.
This is a great school to attend if you are still undecided about your major. In-county tuition is not expensive at all, and they also offer financial aid assistance. It is located in the heart of Paterson, NJ, so noise levels can become intolerable sometimes. However, if you enjoy the city life and the chaos that come with it sometimes, this is a great place to study.
I was worried about going to college and ever since I started at PCCC I have considered it a second home. My experience with them has been amazing from start to finish. The resources that are available for students are amazing!
Overall, Passaic County Community College is a great outstanding path for students who just graduated from their local highschool. It offers so many opportunities and really gets the student thinking into what major they really wanna pursue. You can test the waters here and if you later decide to change your major, it will come to a more reasonable price than a 4 year college/university where it'll cost you dramastically. You learn so much here and it's even better with study groups. It truly is the best place to be at.
Passaic County community College has a very helpful and comfortable atmosphere. Due to the size of the school it isn't overwhelming and with a week walking around the school I knew how to get to every destination. Even in times of struggle it always seemed like someone was there when I needed it.
Passaic County Community College is an excellent school. This school offers excellent summer programs. Not only that, Passaic County Community College is one of the top schools that is in partnership with Nasa. Every year they send some incoming freshmans for a 10 week internship in Nasa. The teachers and students in PCCC all like to lend a helping hand whether it is for financial problems, schedules for semesters
I like all the resources that the campus has to offer. My professors so far have been extremely helpful. Also since I'm involved in the STEM majors, there's a lot of additional help. Students are readily available to help most of the time. The transition from high school to college has been great help due to the wonderful counselors. You can also make a plan in order for you to continue with your studies.
Passiac County Community College is a 2 year college. It has three locations Paterson (main campus), Passaic, and Wanaque.
Excellent College, excellent Professors.
It's my first year in college, and I'm thrilled with my teachers and professors, my skills have grown and expanded my knowledge.
I think it is a very good school to apply to when you need to go to school locally and simply. The staff is very helpful when you need to solve issues.
Throughout the six semesters I spent at Passaic County Community College, I had a great experience and would definitely go back to take classes if I ever needed to. Students and professors alike were both very understanding and always willing to lend a helping hand. I did have quite a few issues with the registrar's office and financial aid department, but the positive experience I had greatly outweighs the negative. I am thankful for all of the friends I made there and would definitely recommend that any student to go there!
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This college has helped me focus more on my courses and help me out tremendously to pay for the courses. Not only did I graduate here at the college but they also provided me with a job.
This college is in a bad area, but the college overall is amazing. A lot of people complain about this college but I haven't had a problem yet.
Very efficient administration, students very helpful.
I am a transfer student and staff was very helpful with my process of transitioning to a smaller school. I look forward to continuing my education on a smaller scale.
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