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PHSC has many options for class schedules, with ones that will accommodate your bus,life and has great professors, I have loved all of mine so far. If I could change one thing, I would expand the different types of degrees you can get there.
As a whole, PHSC is a pretty nice school. For the most part, the students and faculty are pretty easy going. Since I'm only a freshman I still have a lot to learn. So far my professors are nice and already very helpful. The food is not bad the the parking area could be alot better. The classrooms are a nice size but some of them are overcrowded. My very 1st class this semester was overcrowded and I had no where to sit. My professor was good about it and made it work. Overall, I love PHSC.
Pasco-Hernando State College is a great place to start your college journey. The teachers are great, if you ever need help they are always there to assist. Everyone from administration to the janitors want the best experience for the students. There’s so much to do on campus as well, there’s a club for everyone. Every student is able to experience the “college life”.
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I went to the Porter campus and it was very nice, with plenty of parking, a safe campus, great professors and courses. The only drawback was the admissions office was always too busy and hard to get help and advisement from. I spent over two years there as I worked many hours but I am glad to say I have transferred my credits to university. Thank you PHSC!
"Leonardo, hold mommy's hand!"
I announced to my 2 yr old as I walked through the substantially alluring campus. As i proceeded my eyes laid on a middle-aged woman in her cap & gown. This encouraged me to move forward. The view was so magnificent, yet intimidating. The greenest of green trees and grass swaying to & fro with the wind, dancing in a welcoming manor. The suns gentle rays beaming down on the easy description signs of directional of the campus Of course my son instantly started to act his age. The Receptionist immediate attention went to my toddler; she was swift, delightful & was exceptionally accommodating. As I got ready to return to the Salvation Army Domestic Violence Shelter my eyes grazed over the lavish campus & motivation as well as encouragement glittered of me.
My first experience to this college could not have been anymore brilliant!
the college is amazing! I was hesitant at first about going to a community college but this school changed my mind as soon as I stepped onto the campus! the teachers are amazing and there are always activities going on.
PHSC is a good community college yet, it displays just your average classes and campus is very clean and staff are friendly.
Going to this college was a life changing experience. I started at that school not caring or knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I would just keep my head down, go to class, and go home. One day however, I was approached by the student life coordinator to participate in events. Soon after, I get elected into the student government and become an advocate for 28 schools in the Florida College System, talking with our senators about College affordability and better options for our students. I became a liaison for the students at my campus to get strengthen the connection between administrators and students.
I have loved my last two year at PHSC. I love how the class sizes are small and how much effort professors put into their students. They truly care about us and our careers!
If you are looking for a cheap way to get through college, this is a good school to go to. It has an inviting environment and intimate classes. There are a lot of campus activities to get involved in the community. The college offers several different kinds of clubs, including honors clubs. The professors are welcoming and supportive, they want you to succeed. Most of the teachers I've had either have practical experience in their fields or previous experience teaching at a university level.
I love it here I attend the Porter campus and its kind of isolated but its quiet small campus and its close to many places, its beautiful and the view is amazing. The advisers are really good with helping you find the right curriculum for you. the teachers that i have taken so far have all been amazing and really good at what they teach. Overall the school is a great place I love the campus and the staff has helped me a lot with planning my future. I wish that they offered more classes at the porter campus but the other offer class.
I have had a good experience with PHSC as a dual enrollment student. The teachers are helpful and kind. The campus is clean and welcoming.
The campus is very nice but it lacks the enjoyable events with student life. The professors are nice and will help you out a lot. Tuition is cheap with five classes only costing you $1,500! Which is a perfect stepping stone for students who want to work hard in college to make up for lack of care in high school.
My college experience was enjoyable due to the fact that people on campus are extremely helpful. However, when it came to needing help, I often received different information from different people. Staff made mistakes quite often to the point where it was getting annoying. Other than that, the students were friendly and focused on wanting to engage in course materials.
PHSC is a very good school with great staff that offers a variety of courses. I've enjoyed my time here immensely and I'd honestly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable college experience.
It is a great college for your two-year degree. The five campuses offer different strengths. The Porter campus has a phenomenal nursing program. Other campuses have sports teams and athletic dormitories.
Currently enrolled in the radiographic technology program and almost done with my first year. It is a fantastic program and the professors are amazing and full of knowledge to help me prosper in my educational career.
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It has been great. I have taken all of my classes with PHSC directly online. Everything is simple. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family to also take classes with them. They have made receiving my degree simple and easy. Their classes aren't expensive either. They have several campuses for convenience.
The quality of instruction is a joke. This school takes advantage of the poor population in Hernando-Pasco counties by selling them the idea of a better future, but in reality only takes your money and give you a sad excuse for an education.
i recently had college day at my school nature coast tech in brooksville fl and the 2 ladies there were very helpful. they gave me and my mom lots of info and answered all of our concerning questions.
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