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The professors in general care about students and resources for students are easily available. This school makes the transfer process a lot less troublesome.
When you first start there's a lot of diversity around campus and even the classroom. Very friendly environment and helpful staff. The campus is very clean and it looks pretty nice too. The mirror pools are where some students like to hang out but there's also the unique look in the pizza that have people hang and eat there too. The little grass area in the center of the school next to the memorial is a great place to hang out too. Don't like campus food? There's plenty of food and restaurants close by for a snack,breakfast lunch or dinner even. Popular place include: chick-fil-a, Starbucks, wingstop, subway, Au79, pizza press, and Teaspots. There's other fast food close by too. Soon there'll be a fatburger too if your into that. Clubs are very active on campus. But if you don't look or ask or just avoid any activities you won't get to enjoy the school as much as you would. Good luck.
I've had a great first year at PCC due to the wonderful professors and all the clubs it has to offer. My professors helped me out a lot when I'd go to their office hours, as well as giving extra credit. I like their cafeteria and the school is surrounded by food places so you'll always have options!
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Pasadena City College is one of the best community colleges not just in the state of California but in the nation. The bigger than most campus allows for a great number of student interactions. In addition, with so many classes being offered in each discipline it is easier than most community colleges to get classes. For incoming freshmen, I advise on joining the Pathways program which can help them deal with the initial anxiety of college and give them priority registration to get ahead.
Many professors seem to be passionate about the topic they are teaching, and most know what they are doing. Spirited college, many club activities, and even the location is great!
The advisers are very nice and they really know their information. The school itself is so calm and peaceful and I love that. The campus is beautiful and the professors are willing to help their students succeed. All of the campus resources offered to students are helpful and I really would not have been able to transfer without the use of those resources. The school hosts a giant book sale and it is one of my favorite things that they have there.
Great community atmosphere with excellent teachers. They really care about the subjects being taught and many of my past professors have been patient and eager to really help us learn.
The campus is very safe and there are plenty of classes available which is convenient. The transfer rate is extremely high so PCC is a great school to prepare for your transfer program.
It is one of the best colleges in California. Yet, it needs better professor and nicer buildings. The classes look old and it is not very pleasurable to sit there for hours. In many classes, the AC made a terrible sound which distracted everyone, even the professors. Some of the professors were not suitable for the job since they treated college students as a graduate program students. But in overall, it is a wonderful college which helped me in achieving my goals. There are many departments here that are always ready to help you. A very friendly staff member will always assist you. Also, I never had a problem to get my classes or talk to a counselor.
Faculty and the services have been great, I don't know what would I do without this school, because it has offered alot and gave alot to me in terms of education and the experience has been surreal. Other than that, I give this school a high rating because that all staff and students were great to me and I would recommend this school to others!
So far, I am enjoying attending Pasadena City College. It was never my initial plan to go to a community college, however I'm glad I made the decision to attend. My favorite things about Pasadena City College include the amazing professors, the opportunities for students planning to transfer, and the helpful programs and resources provided for students. I do believe that certain things should change to make the PCC experience much better. I think that PCC should give students more scholarship opportunities, more internship opportunities for all majors, and expansion of the different study resources around campus.
I have only been here for a little bit and I really enjoy it here! The class size is always comfortable and the professors are very intellectual. There are many programs that allow assistance and many school activities. However, this school is not so diverse.
Its a community college, cheap, and a chance to redeem yourself if you did not do so well in high school. Even if you did well, it is a cheap place to go and properly prepare for the next college step when transferring. There is many faculty and staff that are willing to help. Just take the opportunity and don't screw up the two years and everything will fall in place.
There's very little school spirit on this campus. Students aren't connected to one another and detached from the school's environment. It's hard to schedule appointment with counselors.
My experience at Pasadena City College is quite comforting and awesome. Most of the professors and counselors are friendly and helpful, they motivate you and eager to help even when you don't ask them for it. The environment is above average as well as the settings of the classrooms and programs. I highly recommended anyone to come here, but i hope Pasadena City College could add Korean language class.
Indeed the school is a school in which it is capable of teaching the students the information that informs. The school has teachers who teach and students who study, but of course it goes much deeper. What next must be said about the thing is that the thing is probably the most deep that I will ever say once in this box on my computer which is before me at this very moment.
The campus life is pretty nice, there is a lot of food places around and things to do. The one thing that i disliked however is the fact that the WIFI lounge is full of loud obnoxious gamer people. You literally cannot hear yourself think half of the time because they constantly yell.
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I feel like I'm at a university. Stepping on campus give a great vibe. Peaceful and everything is accessible. The cafeteria has hot food to order for an affordable price early in the morning. When ever I find myself getting lost I am always able to find a sign to guide my way. Staff are personable.
The staff are really friendly and helpful and must of my teachers so far are great teachers. They are very helpful and give great feedback. There are also many food options around the area.
Professors are PCC are great. They are friendly, helpful, caring, and intelligent. Students are very approachable as well. Resources are great, though I believe we do need more counselors. The wait is always ridiculous! There are many programs that help with transferring or graduating. The environment is friendly, and there are great restaurants and stores near campus.
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