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Indeed the school is a school in which it is capable of teaching the students the information that informs. The school has teachers who teach and students who study, but of course it goes much deeper. What next must be said about the thing is that the thing is probably the most deep that I will ever say once in this box on my computer which is before me at this very moment.
The campus life is pretty nice, there is a lot of food places around and things to do. The one thing that i disliked however is the fact that the WIFI lounge is full of loud obnoxious gamer people. You literally cannot hear yourself think half of the time because they constantly yell.
I feel like I'm at a university. Stepping on campus give a great vibe. Peaceful and everything is accessible. The cafeteria has hot food to order for an affordable price early in the morning. When ever I find myself getting lost I am always able to find a sign to guide my way. Staff are personable.
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The staff are really friendly and helpful and must of my teachers so far are great teachers. They are very helpful and give great feedback. There are also many food options around the area.
Professors are PCC are great. They are friendly, helpful, caring, and intelligent. Students are very approachable as well. Resources are great, though I believe we do need more counselors. The wait is always ridiculous! There are many programs that help with transferring or graduating. The environment is friendly, and there are great restaurants and stores near campus.
I think it was an ok school my experience was very different. I didn't enjoy seeing the professors not always I'm class. I didn't like how the students weren't always doing the work with the other students.
Pasadena City College is a wonderful college full of diversity and life. The programs offered here are amazing, the city it is located in is beautiful and safe and the professors are the best of the best. It is of no wonder that many students apply to this college every year. My experience here has been wonderful and I am so happy I made the decision to come here. It has changed my life forever.
Pasadena City College is a transfer community college so a very profound experience isn’t to be expected from there. That’s for university. However, it is still an excellent choice for a community college. It is located around many delicious and affordable restaurants. The campus is very green and pretty. There is plenty of space in the library. A variety of classes in relation to many majors are offered and teachers are so amazing. The student to teacher ratio can be about 20:1, very convenient for most classes, so you get to interact a lot with the professor instead of being in a huge lecture hall without the chance to even meet the teacher. It’s a great choice.
Pasadena City College is a fantastic school for those who want to peruse a higher education but are still undecided on their major and career. The staff here is so helpful and offer every opportunity possible if you search for it. They believe in working hard and helping you reach your goal whether you decide to get a certificate, graduate or transfer. They have an office for every question you may have and the staff is really friendly. The diversity here on campus is spread out and all the students are friendly and smart. The associated students on campus are upbeat and very helpful. They always have unique events to distract and entertain students during class break.
It is a small school so it is easy to get to places. Teachers are there to help you and many resources to transfer.
Pasadena City College is a great school ! I had a lot of help and resources! And i am still currently getting a lot of help. It hasn't been easy but with all the resources that are available it makes it easier.
PCC has some of the most passionate professors that are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It has a good facility, but the staff has poor customer service skills from the bookstore to the financial aid office.
Pasadena City College is an excellent place to acquire job training, certification for several fields of work, and completing prerequisites for a degree higher than an Associates, but not much else.
Overall, I liked the college especially if you are a science major, they have a lot of programs offered to help you succeed. I will say the food there isn't really good; you have better chances at going to the restaurants or fast food places located across the street from campus. It's also cheaper than eating at the Piazza. They have excellent professors, and you are going to enjoy your experience.
I liked the new CA building and the setup that they have for students. I like the library and though it is useful, it is not clean both the carpet and the tables but mostly the tables. Students seem to enjoy leaving lead pencils marks on the tables everywhere which is problematic since lead is poisonous. Parking is too expensive and the Bus passes are too pricey for students on DPSS that have a grant. If the length of time that the pass was valid was increased to a year, for the current price, that would ease problems. One of the employees at in the library may be a stalker of sorts. We saw her following a few students and eyeing a particular one. The information for student grants is limited or hard to find. The college should make an application that routes the students information to all the qualifying grant applications when they become available. Transferring to another higher school needs to be made more convenient for students.
I love PCC! The grounds are beautiful and the professors are top notch. I think it's amazing for the student who desires extended learning and knowledge for self improvement. I am not fully convinced, however, that we are being prepped for the challenges or a four year university and the ability to compete on a global scene.
Still, is education really about competition or collaboration? Time will tell and the mix of viewpoints encourages us to decide that for ourselves. All in all, golden.
This Fall semester was the first semester in college for me, and it was an amazing one. There are so many recourse that you can get to achieve your goals. Also everyone in the campus is very friendly.
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It overall was a great school for commuters. They had classes both days and nights, even online it is flexible for anyone's schedule. It was just hard getting class when I was a first year. They went by how many credits one had.
Pasadena City College is my first step in the U.S. and it was so awesome. I have no complaint about this school except the line is always long to modify registration which students are not able to do at home on their own.
As a current student at PCC, this community college seems alright. Most of the staff are hardworking individuals who wish to see the students grow and accomplish things in life.
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