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The professors in the campus are nice to all students and would provide help in necessary situations. The campus environment is also relaxing and quiet.
Beautiful spacious campus located next to multiple food stops and a 99cent store for any groceries, also a wells fargo nearby. They offer various programs and clubs to help facilitate the students' academic path.
The administration could use some improvements. What makes this school good are the teachers. They are smart, hard-working, and dedicated to helping students succeed in and outside of the classroom. The worst thing about this school is the amount of people that are enrolled - approximately 30,000. This leaves inadequate parking availability as well as inadequate class availability.
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The campus is pretty nice for a community college. My older brother's friend told me about the school. Im actually not a student there yet. Ive applied and got accepted and Ive gone to see the campus. It was on a quiet windy afternoon in November 2017 and it was quiet since it was a Friday and the friend showed me around the campus. It looked really nice. Just from the tour, I feel like its gonna be a great experience.
I went into pasadena city college with the desire to become an engineer although i hated math and had a poor background in the subject . Thanks amazing teachers, the math path program, and the "math success center" on campus I have now completed 7 math classes at PCC. I am now confident that I will be able to get the degree I of my dreams!
Pasadena City College is a great community college that looks and feels like a 4-year university. The outlook and structure of the college is really beautiful as the architecture makes it look very professional and prideful. The education at the college is what sets it apart from other community colleges. Professors there are teaching at a high level that can ensure students that they are getting what they deserve as they would at a 4-year university. Counseling is also very helpful at Pasadena City College as the offices there are very professional and helpful in any matter you have regarding either classes, financial aid, and transferring options. With that being said the education level and great help from the offices makes Pasadena City College one of the best community college transfer schools in California.
I've learned and grown so much in these past few years at PCC. I've gain a support system who've become family to me and gain new experiences I never thought would be possible.
I am an International student from Japan. I imaged my studying would be harder and more difficult. However, I was wrong. There is an International student coach, so we can ask them when we get trouble.
My major is Theater arts and Pasadena City College is the best community college that you can learn about Theater and stage. Pasadena City College is an ideal step for me to study acting from scratch. I have to learn techniques and increase knowledge to act roles. First of all, learn acting with high quality courses at the school. In addition, I learn how to construct the stage, because an excellent theatre is provided within the college campus. I also take courses such as for making stage costumes.
Pasadena City College is a great community college to attend if you're looking to attain your associates degree and transfer. They're ranked as the #1 community college for highest rate of student transfers. Although the counselors here don't provide much help with information on transferring, most students learn to reach out to others and ask for help when they need it.
The professors at this school also teach at USC and UCLA. We’re essentially getting the same level of high quality education for a fraction of the cost. I love the teachers here, I love the people I’ve met. PCC is a great place to figure out who you want to be in the world.
PCC has provided me with a sense of independence, and has an easy commute. I am part of the PCC Pathways program, which allows me the opportunity to get the classes I need in order to transfer after my two years. My PCC coach has been helpful, guiding me through my journey within PCC and planning for the future. It's been a great experience!
The admissions and records office is very supportive.
Professors are knowledgeable and helpful.
Comfortable and sufficient access to documents via Canvas.
Beautiful area and location.
Professors are great. Not academically challenging but a good way to save money. Resources are there, you just have to make an effort to put them to good use.
Pasadena City College is my home away from home. As a first-generation college student, I have been welcomed with nothing short of kindness, and true authentic warmth. Professors in the STEM courses are beyond amazing and create an open and accepting classroom culture. They are more than willing to go out of their way to ensure your own academic success and facilitate an easy transition of students to universities. Pasadena City College is also one of the most beautiful community colleges in Southern California, right int he epicenter of Pasadena, CA. The food culture in and around campus is amazing, surrounded by true authentic Asian cuisine to Southern comfort food during finals. So if your feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or just in need of some space, take a walk outside and you'll find yourself surrounded by beautiful trees, statues, and ponds.
I think that attending Pasadena City College was the best decision that I made after high school. I had just lost my grandmother, I didn't know what college I wanted to go to or what I wanted from my college experience. But I went to PCC, join the Ujima Program and got the help and support that I needed in order to gain to confidence I need to move on to a University.
The experience here at Pasadena City College is amazing, starting a new chapter as a freshman in college it's really great knowing you get to meet new people or professors in life that will help you succeed into for your career.
I really like it, it is a really good experience. I learn a lot here and it has given me an opputunity to further my college education.
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All the information about the college is very easy to find on their website. All the staff that has helped me so far have all been very well mannered and helpful.
It has got range of classes with a lot of professors available to support a lot of students. For UCs and CalStates, I believe all courses are provided. Moreover, the college facility is quite satisfying as it has got two cafeterias, a spacious library, very well equipped music and art centre, a swimming place, indoor gymnastic court. However, the overall campus hygiene is not up to standard of 'the best CC in America.' Although there are numerous great professors, I can see much room for improvement in terms of quality of teaching.
After 1 semester at Pasadena City College, I've learned a lot in and out of the classroom. PCC has an extremely diverse campus with excellent professors. The school is always crowded and its very hard to find parking but the school offers many programs to make a college education accessible to everyone. Programs spread across campus give the school a positive and safe atmosphere for anyone to learn in.
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