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This is my second year in PCC. So far I'm doing great. I met many good people there. When I first entered the school, I was so timid and afraid to speak up. The professors are so supportive and my peers are so nice. I'm not afraid anymore because I'm comfortable during class. I can tell that the professors want us to success. Whenever I have any difficulties, they're willing to help and gave a lot of advice. They may not only give us advice on academics, but also advice on our emotions and careers. I have a great experience in this school and I would love to visit there even after I graduate.
The professors here are very helpful for the most part, and the campus itself isn't too confusing to walk around in.
I really have enjoyed attending PCC over the past year and a half. It has helped me so much by being able to get my GE classes out of the way without going into debt at all! The professors I have had at PCC have all been so great! They have all been very helpful and nice and motivated to help students get through the material and be ready to transfer. I have heard from many students that have transferred out that lots of the undergrad classes here at PCC are actually harder than the classes that one would take at another 4 year university. So you will definitely be learning the material that you need to know in order to transfer to another school and finish up your degree. If you have to the opportunity to save money by attending PCC I would highly recommend it!
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my experience so far has been great, i would like to see a change within the students. i would like to see more interaction with others on campus and keeping the campus safe has been an issue.
very close to home. easy to navigate throughout the campus. professors care about your career and grades.
One of the best campuses for being a Community College. Quiet, peaceful. Majority of its professor try to make the campus feel secure for their students. Also, one of the best transfer schools in LA.
I love the environment and staff will really help you as best as they can! Especially the professors who would really give their time for you like going to study and ask questions during their office hours. I love that they put a small Starbucks inside the school now but sometimes the employees were not there to serve their customers at all.
It’s my first year at this school and it is one of the best schools i have visited and been to because of all the resources and clubs and diverse people it contains.
The faculty here will always try to help students meet their end goal. Whether its to graduate, transfer or just learn a life skill, they'll always have the resources to give the students a wonderful learning experience.
I'm surprised by how much I like the campus. Relatively small but comfortable. Professors are always helpful and understanding.
I love my professors! They were very skilled and committed to help their students. I loved that I can take my child to school with me without any issue. I love that they offered a very great child development center, which came at a great convenience and worked with my school schedule . I love the campus the layout .
I have had an amazing experience at PCC. I have been on both ends at the school, my first year I just went to school and went to class and came straight home and it was okay. The following year I became more involved and decided to join the cross country since I had done cross country in high school I missed it so much and it was one of the best choices I have ever made. Since that day forward I have made lasting friendships with students at PCC and as well with Professors, my coach helped me with my leadership skills and he also helped me with school. The professors are very nice they are they help to you even though they make the material hard on tests but they do that to push to help you learn and prepare you sp when you transfer but if you have a question or need extra help they will go to the ends of the earth to try to work something out to help you.
I enjoy going to PCC and am glad I made this choice. I feel like I am receiving a quality education. All the teachers I have had so far have been super interactive and helpful.
Love the support that I get from the professors, the faculty staffs, and my friends. It is the environment where I feel that I can explore and improve my potentials!
PCC is really what you make of it. If you want to slack off, do the bare minimum, take mostly online courses, and don't utilize the resources then of course you will get bad grades and feel as if it was a waste of your time. However, if you take the time to understand the material from your classes, get to know people, and utilize the resources available to you, then you can reach your academic goal. I want to transfer to USC and I feel like PCC has put me in a great position to do so. The resources available to me such as counselors, my success coach (Hi Aimee!), professors, and just other students have been so helpful and knowledgeable. I feel like the people I have talked to were communicating with me as a person rather than simply a student. They want you to succeed and go on to do whatever you want to do (whether its gaining certification, an associates, or transferring).
It's a very safe and comfortable campus. I ended up liking the school a lot more than I expected when I first started.
Pasadena City College has a great learning environment and the campus is clean. Professors are good and teach well. The only issue I had was getting the classes that I wanted. Most of the time the good classes would be full even though I was in the Honors Program.
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The environment there is great and there are a lot of resources that are available for students to use!
It has been great, housing is very expensive, academic strong programs with great professors. The city has many social events, concent, fedtivals, parade, good food. The publiv transportion is limited
I like the abundance of resources that one as a student has and the professors are always happy to help.
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