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Parsons Paris - The New School Reviews

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Love the location. an amazing learning experience! teachers are all really good and you get to know them very well because of the small number of students
It is required that students have their own personal laptop at Parsons. Since it is a design school there are many online programs like photoshop and illustrator that students need access too. They have amazing printers here. There are giant ones that can fit huge pieces of paper. It's great for art projects.
We have classes revolving around the specific degree you are planning to pursue. I am a BFA major, so my classes consist of 2D and 3D design, Integrative Studio and Seminar classes, and a Sustainable Systems class. The registration process was pretty stressful actually. I would recommend getting an early start on it before all of the good class times are closed!!
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I'm a fashion design major, and so far I am loving it. The workload is pretty intense but I feel it is really preparing me for my chosen profession. All of my teachers are very passionate about their subjects, so I feel I can really be engaged in the lessons and take a lot out of each class.
I think that the academics offered are excellent. The fact that the professors in my program are interior design/architecture professionals is an added bonus because it offers insight to the professional world. The curriculum is rigorous, which pushes students to learn as much as possible although sometimes the workload seems a little outrageous.
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