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great with redirecting students that have problems with understanding information given in the lesson.
Parkland was really good. Some professors were alright, but most are good especially if you have recommendations from friends. I liked it a lot. I started a few clubs an joined many. Lots of activities and friends.
Parkland has some very good professors and classes and the campus is really nice. They could improve by having some cheaper housing option rather than Parkland Point and their academic advising could has some very good advisors but also some very bad ones.
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I liked how it was close to home in terms of schools and very local and inviting. The community college is the biggest in central Illinois but they make everyone feel accounted for. Most of the professors understand the material fully to present it to students and are almost never hesitating to help out. Even outside of class they're more than happy to help us excel in the major we are devoted to. The connection between the staff and students creates a friendly environment that bring the community closer together as a whole.
I have enjoyed my time at Parkland college. I have loved all of my teachers they have been there if I have had a question both if I have needed to go into their office during office hours or being able to answer a simple question over email. They generally try to respond as quickly as possible. I generally end up with a response within the day during the week.
So far I have enjoyed the program I have set myself up for. Although the transitions could have been smoother between semesters, with the given financial fees, I find myself still maintaining 2 jobs and balancing the 14-17 credits fairly well.
I love Parkland College environment, the town, and the loyalty to the students. The professors are great, the safety is great, and it's very diverse. I'm only a freshman but, so far my experience at this college has been peaceful, and full of outstanding people.
The parkland campus is amazing it is so close to home for me and is a very easy access. The staff and teachers at parkland are amazing and have always been so nice
They like to play games and made me jump through a lot of hoops to get my nursing degree. It was kinda a big deal and they made it even harder, i went to this college for nearly 9 years before I graduated with my RN. all the teachers are very nice and help you understand what you need to know. They also are respectful and make time for you. they care about your success at parkland but they also care about taking your money. They will have you take 6 classes that have nothing to do with why you are going there but you do it because they say that you might get into the program that you are wanting. I am so glad that i stuck with nursing and did not give up I literally love my job and feel like I am living the dream. It's an ok school to go to and its fairly cheap if you have to pay out of pocket or pull out loans.
I've never met such a welcoming environment as I experience at Parkland College. They are devoted in making sure you get all the resources to excel in completing a education no matter what it is. I feel so comfortable walking in today and I'd got excited because I feel they will not give up on you. In the different programs they have at parkland makes it accessible and they will try to work around your work schedule if your determined to do both work and go to school. The advisors are wonderful they would meet and email you information for scholarships and classes.
I love Parkland! It is very affordable, lots of one on one help from all the staff, close to lots of different food places, and activities. It is a great choice for starting off your college career and is an awesome way to get connected and form relationships that will help you with your future!
Parkland is a great school . If you are looking for something in aviation it is the perfect place if you live in Illinois. The faculty at parkland are very helpful at any time that you need it. I would recommend parkland college to anyone thinking about going baxk to school. One of the only downfalls with parkland is that if you live outside of there district they will charge you an out of district rate which can be costly. But there financial aid office does there best to help get you on the right track to getting all of your financial aid requirements met.
I love how helpful they are with non-traditional students like myself! Adults enrolling later in life and openly welcomed and guided appropriately. If I could change anything, it would be to offer more evening classes.
The staff are very friendly and they seem to have a ton of different resources to help the students. They have plenty of disability help and the students are very willing to help teach each other from what I've seen.
I like Parkland College because of how small the classes are. The teachers are able to take the time for each student and are easily accessible for help or questions.
So far so good I am finishing my 2nd semester and have enjoyed my experience so far best part is the low tuition.
Small campus. Small classes. Offers the dental hygiene degree I am interested in earning. Plenty of parking so it’s easy to get to class. Seems to be a great place to get a two year degree. It offers many options to get the degree a person is looking for.
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Parkland is a good college. The nightlife and social scene and diversity are all good as a major university is also very nearby. The campus is easily accessible. I've only had good professors and no complaints about them. Housing is not offered through parkland, however there are alot of student housing nearby that accomodates.
I like the that the teachers are friendly and help me with my studies whenever I ask for help. I like my classmates also.
I love Parkland College. It is a great building with lots of beneficial resources for the students. However, what I probably like most are the class sizes and the teachers that are always so welcoming and willing to provide a helping hand. I have also had to talk with financing and academic advising a lot and they have really helped me get the most out of my college experience for the money.
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