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Beautiful campus, brilliant staff, very helpful. Small university so driven to see students succeed. Very caring community.
Amazing campus although communication via email needs to be worked on. I have emailed professors, advisors and the finance department without a response. Very unprofessional.
I had an exciting experience at Parker. The professors are nice and teach the material very well. I would recommend Parker to anyone who is trying to get a degree.
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DO NOT, DO NOT become a Chiropractor. The economics is no longer there. You're sitting there thinking, "Im going to be a doctor and help my community and make a lot of money". Yes you will be a doctor who helps people, but you will NOT make a lot of money. You should ask 5-10 Chiros about the ECONOMICS of being a Chiropractor. Most will not tell you because they are embarassed at all the school work, over head, insurance BS and the lack of the public wanting better health, just to make 75K a year with no pention and no benefits. Im coming up on 20 years as a Chiropractor and have little to show for it. DO NOT DO IT. The only ones making money is the Chiropractic marketing gurus because Chiropractors are so desperate to try to make money that they get suckered into joining these groups for like 30K. DON"T do it.
I am currently a student at Parker University. I am pursuing an associates degree to become a Radiological Technician. So far I have completed two courses there. The classes I am currently enrolled in meet three times a week from 6:30pm-10:30pm personally I have really enjoyed this class schedule, it is easy for me to be able to continue working at my two jobs with out class interfering with that. The professors are very knowledgeable and willing to help you to be successful in any way.
I came to Parker fully aware of the challenges ahead of me. This university trains students to become professionals and doctors. The professors are passionate in their teachings which makes the experience extremely worthwhile. It is and will be the biggest challenge I have ever faced, but I am thrilled to be a part of this school.
Parker University has been a great place to get an education. The campus is beautiful, though it is located in an area that does not feel very safe. With that said, Parker is gated and has security on campus. The education that I have gotten has been great so far.
I love everything about Parker. My professorson are very helpful, my classmates all make a good team. This is surely a good experience.
Advisors are super helpful and guide you through the entire process! They answer any questions you have, give assistance when needed, and are available majority of the time.
There's countless options and opportunities to become involved in athletics and fitness. Parker takes extreme pride in being Champions of the Chiro Games for the last 7 out of 9 years.
I am an incoming Tri 1 student so I have not experienced that actual class experience of Parker University, but I have never been so excited for classes to start. The faculty at orientations and information weekends are passionate, approachable, and genuine.
Campus crime rate is low and I feel safe at all times when on campus
Parker's alumni network is very strong and helps students seek out opportunities to grow as a potential professional in the chiropractic field.
Great life is great for anyone wishing to get involved in such organizations, but non-Greek students are not negatively affected by their choice to pursue different campus-involvement.
The facilities are top of the line and their is a lot of passion behind participation and support of the athletic events.
This University provides the tools necessary for students to pursue their passions and be contributing members of the health and wellness industry. I would choose this school again because the experiences, knowledge and connections obtained through my time here helped strengthen me as an individual.
I've found it very helpful at Parker from the first day. The advisors are very nice and super helpful. The professors are extremely understating and do everything they can to help you succeed. So far I'm very pleased with everything and I'm can't wait to graduate and start my career.
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I love the way that Parker University teaches its schooling and the professors work with you in every way possible.
Parker will place you with employment when you graduate.
I've attended a community college back in Arizona years back and Parker University is a grade A school in my eyes. I have no complaints and their curriculum is awesome and created, ready to go for the student through their choice of degree. They do your class choice and have all of that prepared for you as to where one is able to put more focus on school and learning than trying to figure out which classes are going towards your degree.
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