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I have taken all online classes with Park U. I think the format of them has been incredible. I do think that more variety in assignments could really benefit students like myself who bore easily.
I have had a love-hate relationship with Park U. I think that there are a lot of ways they could improve the overall student experience, including offering more classes on a more consistent basis. I also think the fact that courses don't typically transfer from Park to other schools puts students at a huge disadvantage.
I am currently enrolled in online courses, and have found it is very easy to stay in contact with not only professors but the school staff as well. It is an interactive online community that makes it flexible and easy to get classes done.
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All of my classes so far have been online and i have had only good experiences. I enjoy that it is easy to contact your professor and other students for help. Most instructors have been very understanding through COVID and with the fast paced schedule.
I had a great experience with my online course. My professor was quick to respond to questions and gave great feedback.
Beautiful campus. Unfortunately, I had several disorganized professors - constant changes to the schedules and due dates which made it difficult to stay ahead of my coursework, despite being a very driven and organized student. The program is very simple, I wish it felt more challenging and that the professors expected more from the students on projects.
Trash school because Luis Camacho goes there. He’s such a loser...first of all he’s a Bills fan, THEN he told me he had a crush on Josh Allen (the starting QB).
It's pretty cool the professor really care about you doing good because they picture you as the future. And you mean something, they want to make sure you are okay and making sure you understand the questions. But Park University technology side is pretty slow the internet can be slow and that can be a pain especially if you need to dropbox something or you are at your work-study job and somebody needs help and your internet is running slow. But other than that everything is good. And another thing can be bad is the financial aid because you might get somebody that doesn't understand that you have a scholarship, and they might ask a lot of question like how are you going to school here but if they just look at the computer or the documents they can see that you are on a scholarship but that could be the technology is not reporting for everybody computer, so that can make things worse for other people and can make there job more difficult because they have to do phone class understand.
Things can be a pain sometimes like you might get a professor that doesn't know how technology. Because this has happened to me and it was so confusing to know what the professor wants or doesn't want. And also you might get a professor that doesn't explain the assessments well so you have to keep emailing him or her to please explain what is required on this assessment so you don't fail. But there is some outstanding professor that explains everything to you and know how to use technology and teachers us how to use zoom and other online apps, so there some good and bad for an online learning experience with Park University.
Love my University! GO PIRATES!! Every time I call into our main campus which is in Parkville Missouri I always get the upmost attention and assistance with all my issues or questions. The staff is amazing so is the faculty.
Most of my classes are taken online. At first he was a struggle to learn CANVASS which we use for our online courses but now it is really easy and I enjoy taking classes online as a post to face-to-face. I also enjoy the involvement that each student takes part in during class.
Park University was very convenient while I was in the military and was always there to serve my needs
Easy registration, Pricy but very good technology and flexible online schedule. I took courses while in the military and was able to finish on time
I like the way that they have alot of resources to help you achieve in your college years. For me that I have not been in college for years is very helpful.
I did take online classes. I was worried of how I was going to do it but my professors were very helpful in everything. If I had a problem they would explain how I can do to fix that problem.
Park University is a college with high standards. Excellent academic advisors that will help you throughout your semester's with all your academic needs.
Taking classes online were excellent and professor's were really good with the curriculum. Enjoyed my online experience.
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Teachers will always engage with students and encourage everyone to participate. Learning phase is good and if assistance is needed it’s easy to reach for help.
My experience has been amazing. Military friendly and affordable. The staff is amazing and always willing to assist.
Park is a great school for those who are really focused on their academics. From my experience (I've been here for 3 years), professors are almost always willing to help and work with their students in order for us to reach our full potential. The activities on campus range from big movie nights to something simpler like a special dinner out on the Chapel Lawn, and going to games with friends is always exciting. However, one major critique I happen to have is the communication aspect. Even before COVID, the school seems to lack a solid foundation for getting important messages/notices out to their students in a timely manner. This also isn't singled out to one department either, as multiple departments have had this same issue before. Other than that, though, Park has been a great fit for me and I'm excited to see what else this university has in store for its students!
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