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I love studying here. I plan to get my Associate's degree here, and then transfer to a four-year college to continue my studies.
Enrolling in PJC was so simple and straightforward. Their staff are incredibly helpful and easy to understand. They give clear guidance and answer any questions with obviously thorough knowledge.
Great jr college. Have only taken online classes so far and have had good instructors. Small college, so easy to ask questions and talk to professors.
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I have only taken a few classes online, but it is a great college for those just starting out. It is inexpensive and is very flexible to all schedules. It is not very well known, though, so if you want a super fancy college that will look awesome on resumes, you might want to look somewhere else.
Overall, it was a good start to college, but it could have been better. Some of the core classes, particularly the computer class, was very lacking. Not all of the professors were easy to understand. I would not recommend taking a online class unless you are confident in that subject, or have an understanding of how the online system works. You really have to push the professors to communicate with you and mistakes are common. However, if you find something that is incorrect they will fix it.
All my techers have treated very professionally and I see how others are treated as well awesome is the one word I would describe the Teacher's at PJC. PIC is always providing extra learning possibilities and also a very productive enviroment to learn and study in. The library is awesome as well.... great opportunities to be involved with the sports teams.
This school really focuses on its students and wants them to succeed! Small classes allow you to get to know the professors and they will recognize you off campus.
It's a very good college. Lots of friendly staff, and has a well-functioning website for the college. Online classes are easy to access, and in-person classes have educated professors ready to teach you what you want to know. Tuition is also light on the wallet. Would recommend attending to anyone.
Its my home town college...its been a great year. Teachers really care about their students and I am very excited for this upcoming semester!
It is a good school. The area is quiet and small. Most class sizes are small; teachers and staff are all very friendly and helpful.
I would like more diversity, and more opportunities to work around campus and help others. It would be great if they would add better dorms, as two of them are old and decrepid and the new one is very nice.
My first semester was definitely a rough start listening to an advisor who told me not to start reading before the semester began. Some teachers in the online courses having weird due dates but all in all next semester will be a great one.
Paris Junior College allowed me to have a great first college experience. It's very diverse, everyone's really friendly, and the work study is very flexible with classes. One thing that I would like to see change are the food options in the cafeteria, I've been told that the food is better than it was last year but I feel like we should be open to more options.
There needs to be more options in fields other than nursing to pursue in areas of study. I have found also that availability for classes especially at their larger Greenville campus is not enough.
Paris Junior College is located in northeast Texas in a small town named Paris. PJC has campuses in Greenville and Sulphur Springs. The three biggest programs are nursing, jewelery and welding. This is a 2 year college and is well worth your money.
I loved this college. Baucom, LaRue, Norris, Oxley and Larkin are all wonderful teachers. I always felt that I had the help I needed to be successful in my classes.
Great 2-year college to get your basics done. They also have a wide range of certification classes that students can take. A good place to start off your college career.
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Paris junior college had some very good professors and very good course material. However the atmosphere with other students there is very poor. If you are not a student athlete then you are what seems to be like expected to be in a bad mood and ready to leave. The students present are just not very friendly.
Paris Junior College was a very small, but comforting college to attend. All the faculty and staff were very welcoming, friendly, and helpful. There was always security on campus so you were able to feel safe. There were many activities always going on for the students and it made it easier to adapt and meet new people. The classes were easy, yet challenging at the same time, all the professor were helpful and taught very well. This school became my mom for a year and they made it feel like it too.
Paris Junior College is a great place to take some classes while still in high school to get those basics out of the way. Ms. Anderson at the Greenville campus makes Biology more enjoyable.
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