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Panola offers a great adn program for students inspiring to become a registered nurse. Tutors available and library is opened extended hours for finals.
I had a great experience as a full-time student living out of campus. My teachers were very helpful from day 1, and the campus is quite safe too. It was not expensive for the good education I received.
My experience at Panola College has been amazing! I am from El Paso Texas so going from far west Texas to far east was a big culture shock but I love the people, small towns, my amazing teammates, and peers. I wish the campus was bigger with more students but being a junior college that is understandable, there is not much i would change.
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I enjoyed getting all of my basic courses done at a JR college I was able to drive back and forth to school and able to live at home.
A small school with a big heart. The science department is my life s the teachers help me learn, with experiments and comprehensive demonstrations.
Great school, Great Facility, Comfortable environment to learn in! Everyone is very welcoming and available to you if you need help with something
Great junior college, been going there for awhile and they're a great help with helping with your degree plan. The professors are great, and sometimes play favorites but everything else is pretty good.
Panola College is a great school to attend. There are people from all over that come to be a part of this school. The teachers are very knowledgeable and thorough when teaching. There are many programs that are offered with high passing rates. There are also excellent academic clubs that you can be a member of if your grades are great! Overall this school is AWESOME!!! 😊
I love how the campus isn't large and everything is easy to find. The teachers here are very nice and willing to help. The only thing I don't like about Panola is there's no parking spots and the books are very expensive.
Panola college is a small two year college that maintains small class sizes and personal relationships.
Great school with perfect class size and adequate teachers. I attend their emt program and love the course and have a very well educated professor.
Panola College was a great school when I attend back in 2007. I like that they have braches in different other areas it makes it very convenient for the people who would like to attend but stay in another area..
I love going to panola it's a great school and you meet so many different people. The teachers are very understanding and will help you if you ask.
I am a nursing student at Panola College. Overall, my experience has been good. While the nursing program is very difficult, I know it will be worth it when I graduate next May. For a smaller college, Panola has adequate extra curricular activities to offer like theater, choir and a variety of sports including rodeo. This seems to keep the students busy and out of trouble. I lived on campus my first semester but have lived off campus since.
Its okay and great for me
It's the best i have ever seen
I would like to improve my education profile
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My school is the best
It's the best so far
I have been able to schedule classes around my family which has been the reason I have been able to finish school this year.
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