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its ok, didnt offer all the classes i needed
some of the teachers really care about the student
So far i have loved all my online courses
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My experience here has been great
It is one of the high tech online course I have seen an its so simple to understand
They don't offer any by I would prefer to work by myself
Unfamiliar areas is always nerve racking
Everybody belongs to a group and their main goal is education and learning
Overall experience is great and i will recommend this school to everyone.
No complaints here it has been amazing the staff are simply amazing!!
In this day an age jobs come by the truck loads but getting hired is something else. Thankfully we have a business center dedicated to helping displace homemakers its called the one-stop. They helped with jobs and transportable
Since we are located on the tri-state of California Arizona Nevada its a mix of many beliefs, cultures and economic. Sociology was my favorite subject learning about the mississppi cultures and how the racist card was evident in today's day and age. Psychology was my next favorite subject learning how the mind is a powerful thing.
There is a main computer mall even though most of them don't work half of the time. There's also computers in the library but there's not many of them.
There is hardly anything to do. There is a gym that recently opened but there is not much activities to engage in.
People here sometimes nice and there many races and religious people.
All I'm doing is the basic classes that everyone has to take like English and Math. Nothing about my major.
Havent really met anbody yet. The few I seen didnt look very friendly
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I dont know much about this school and they dont really take time to explain stuff to you
When I went to their website I didnt see anything advertising on line classes. Their website is also very hard to navigate.
Math and Science classes here at this school are LAME AF! The teachers in these departments SUCK! They have a horrible way of teaching and grading. I've tried to pass College algebra for a total of 3 semesters with different teachers, and it was a waste of time. I even went to tutoring. (still didn't help) The Chemistry is online, and it is an ABSOLUTE PAIN!! You will more than likely fail..sad to say.. However, with math and science classes, pushed aside, the rest of the classes at this college are manageable and aren't THAT bad. You can still take care of your basic classes then transfer, but BEWARE when it comes to taking math and science classes! Take it from someone who is determined to get ahead in life! Good luck!
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