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Guaranteed classes and only 2 years to graduate with a Bachelor's degree. Would like for some of the professors to be more organized though.
Palo Alto University's Masters Degree in Counseling program is outstanding. I am in my second year and am very satisfied with the quality of the professors the curriculum, and the administration at Palo Alto University.
Professors were amazing. Although one of the classes was a 4 hour class, it was engaging, thrilling and a great learning opportunity that flew by each week. It was amazing.
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We dont have this at our school
PAU has been the most incredible experience of my life.
I enjoy this school because of the environment and the people I interact with. They have so much spirit and creativity that there is never a dull moment during our class sessions. This school is all about engaging with the subjects and teachers to maintain our academic record. It should be smooth sailing because the teachers are very interested in our academic life. I would choose my school again because of the aura of good feelings that come with the people and the subjects that we learn.
I was not rewarded a scholarship when I applied last year. It was a very disappointing moment.
My experience at Palo Alto University has gone well so far. It is easy to get a hold of the program director for any of my concerns. The program director also visits us monthly for lunch to talk about our classes and professor performance. She calls the lunch "Dine and Dish".
My program is set up in a cohort style. I have class with the same 20 people everyday. Many students are international students and some student live an hour away from campus.
The academics offered at Palo Alto University is given in a scholarly way. For the registration process, the student just has to write his or her personal information and give a brief paragraph of future goals are. The work that has to be done through the quarter is somewhat hard and easy at the same time. Psychology is not an easy major.
My major is psychology and Palo Alto University is the best way to learn and receive a psychology and BA/BS certificate
The usefulness of campus computers are not very helpful, it's easier to bring your own laptop to class.
Off-campus dining has a lot of healthy and different options for any taste.
The size of each parking spot says compact, but they are extremely small, that causes many accidents that could have been avoided if there were bigger spots for cars.
Most of the time, the weather is nice and warm but it does have some rainy days. It does not effect me too much.
They have good information, but the process is very slow.
There are plenty of off campus places to eat and shop outside of school. Our school doesn't provide on campus housing, but when we want to grab frozen yogurt or Indian food, we have the access to it.
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The dining options are great! We have a huge menu from ethnic food (chinese, mexican, italian) to American sandwiches and pizza. There is plenty of space to sit in the campus cafeteria and there is even outdoor tables to enjoy the beautiful weather. The prices are reasonable for college students.
it's lacking a lot. I think it needs more maps, and more things to do.
I don't think there is a greek anything in this school.
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