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Palmer College of Chiropractic - Davenport Reviews

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Love it! It’s a second home for me!! The teachers are so friendly and helpful. My peers are just as eager to learn as I am
I've been a graduate student here at Palmer for 2 years now and I must say I am happy I chose the trusted leader in chiropractic education. Our professors are very knowledgeable and have over 50 years experience combined.
Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA is where it all started. The college is the very first chiropractic college ever and the hallways are filled with the history of the profession. They hire the best teachers around the world and many of them are Chiropractors and still practice as well as teach.
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My admissions rep has been fantastic and works hard to find ways for me to afford school. The staff is friendly as well as the students. I believe if you have an interest in Chiropractic and medicine that breaks away from the North American model this school is a good place to explore.
QC is a big area.
Rugby team is great. Intramurals are a great way to get a break from the tough classload
Who wouldn't choose Palmer. Best decision I ever made. You will be challenged but you will come out on top.
This is the grad school level so most people don't use drugs, although many people drink socially. There's always the party groups or select few that do still do drugs but most of us are here for a higher purpose.
They are viewed like most Greeks are viewed as at most other universities. They do public service things and throw all the raging parties.
You need a car or someone who has a car. Davenport has public buses but they don't necessarily have stops near campus.
Palmer definitely isn't a Big Ten school, but both men's and women's rugby is a huge part of Palmer history and is very important to the school. They also have lots of intramural sports for everyone to be involved in, including volleyball basketball and golf.
Weather typically doesn't affect school. It is typical Midwest weather.
The college owns some housing options, but the majority of people end up living elsewhere. You can usually find people who lease just to Palmer students and/or are very accommodating to the students. You can typically find decent pricing for housing.
There are few computers on campus and they are relatively old. Palmer charges 5 cents per page, per side of page for printing. The wireless sucks and is usually unreliable at best.
There aren't any dorms on campus, although there are some apartments and houses for rent that the college owns. They are pretty relax about their policies with housing.
Guys are definitely in the majority.
Davenport is a smaller city, with only a few bars on the main strip in town. The Village is nice if you want to go to some decent bars off the main drag
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best instructor I have ever had. small classes therefore the instructors are required to help you
great workout area. big with everything you want.
I did not witness or experience any crime. the security of the campus was great.
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