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The professors I had were very good and taught me a lot, not only about the courses they taught but on life as well. The campus is not the best campus I ave seen but it is pretty clean and well put together.
I enjoy college. The professors are very passionate and it makes it easy for me to come to class knowing I will learn.
Amazing school, I loved going here. After getting almost 50 credits at PBSC, I will certainly recommend this school with all my heart! I had such a life changing experience attending this college.

With PBSC's affordable price, you simply can't beat it. It's 100$ per credit hour. No one is going to find that any where in the state! The nearest university, FAU is quadruple the price!
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I love palm beach state college. My campus experience was beyond amazing, we are all like family. I have only attended two campuses but they were both amazing. That inlcludes the Belle Glade and Lake Worth campus. The professors are on time and very helpful. The staff goes above and beyond for anything you ask. Its not really a party school but the est part about it is PBCC host many events on campus and have many different varieties of clubs to join so you are never left out. I love my school! Lets Go Panthers.
I loved going here! It was stress-free and the faculty wants its students to succeed. I did great here, graduating with a 3.69 GPA. The only downside was that many students did not take the community college seriously. There was a lot of "high school behavior" observed on campus. Such students were only there because their parents were forcing them to.
At Palm Beach State College the teachers really care. They have the best staff and the cleanest campus. I truly do love it here!
In the two semesters that i attended Palm Beach State College i appreciated the personalized friendly environment. I also like all my professors, they were all thorough and professional in there delivery. Overall its been an enlightening experience.
This school was able to offer me the classes I needed at a better price than starting right off at University, which helped save money. The only bad thing about school was the parking, inless you arrived at 8 in Lake Worth, you'd have to go to overflow. In Gardens parking was pretty good.
My experience has been fantastic. The counselors are absolutely fabulous and suggest many scholarship opportunities to the students. In my humble opinion, I do not think that any thing has to change because I've attended other colleges and have seen a lot worse.
Palm beach state is a good school. I got there not knowing what to do with my life or how to even pick my classes but the teachers and the rest of the staff were really helpful. I figured out what my career is going to be and I love the experience as a freshman in college. From going to clubs to going to other social events around campus. Every week there was something new. It’s a very affordable school and you get your money’s worth. The only bad thing about it was trying to find parking. It’s very hard finding parking and then rushing to your class to get there on time. Other than parking everything else was great.
Palm Beach State College surprisingly is a great school. It’s not as bad as people portray it to be.
When I first started at Palm Beach State I was afraid and nervous because of what my high school teachers said but then several days later I started feeling more confident about college. Even though it can be rough but still make the best of it. There are teachers who are willing to help out like pass the class. I think there should be more opportunities for sports at the gardens campus.
Palm Beach State College is an amazing place to start your college experience. I originally thought going to a community college would not the same as going to a university. But I was wrong, the environment is really something I prefer on campus. I would like to complete all four years here at the campus, but sadly I have to transfer elsewhere.
PBSC is a decent school. It's not a place that I would like to spend the rest of my life. However, if there is anything good about this school it's that the teachers are great. I'm in the Graphic design program and every art teacher I've ever had at this school has been nothing but supportive and helpful. You will definitely learn a lot from them and they're always willing to help you find opportunities in the area.
the campus is built nice hard to get lost in friendly faces crazy parking lot school is always packed which is wonderful knowing that its a place to learn and succeed .staff is friendly the whole school is environmentally friendly where recycling is easy to do. nothing should be changed the school is well placed and regulations are kept in place to keep the school a learning environment.
my experience at palm beach state college has been good so far. that being said its only my first semester so i dont have much to go off of. the only down side to this campus is the parking! i have to com e the school about 30 mins early to even find a decent parking spot.
I just started going here this summer and I love it. I'm friends with some of the staff and with my teachers outside of class. The teachers here are wonder they really go out of there way to help you.
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I like how the classes are smaller than big school colleges. Teachers are able to help each student individually. Palm beach State is also close to home because its not in my budget to pay for dorms. And I also love the fitness centers, it's very convenient with my schedule.
The thing I like about palm beach state college is the education you receive for the amount you have to pay. But I would like to see more devoted professors and a nicer staff in some locations.
Palm Beach state is an excellent college to start your college track. They offer the same classes as a four year university would but for a better price and smaller classes. PBSC offers many services for free that any registered student can benefit from. I believe this is a great school to get your associates degree and transfer to a major university, but Palm Beach State does offer many bachelors programs that can do. I would like to see more scholarships offered by the school and more student involvement. Other than that Palm Beach State is an awesome college to attend.
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