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Absolutely love my campus and glad i made the decision to come her after high school. Helped save me tons of money by getting my associates degree first instead of going directly to a university. The campus is great. Love all my professors.
Great school , great teachers that actually care about your education. I enjoyed my time there and even got involved in their honors program which is really awesome way to boost up your transcript and add to your life experiences.
Campus is clean and the teachers are excellent. I usually receive run around responses from the admissions team.
Review Palm Beach State College
Overall PBSC is a good school. The Gardens campus can seem aged at times but overall it is great. All of the professors are very helpful and having the small class sizes is nice because it gives more of the one on one feeling.
I really liked that I could take dual enrollment classes while in high school and obtain college credits. It was a definite plus to be able to also take online classes as I was able to go to high school full time, work a part time job, and also get college credits!
I go to the gardens campus. I like that it is smaller in size compared to other campuses. The only bad part is the parking. There are never enough spots and you get ticketed for parking in reserved spots or the grass when you really have no other option.
Great place to get an education while saving the most money possible. Friendly hardworking students!
So they have a lot of fun student activities but education wise it is terrible. I mean it's cheaper so I guess you get what you pay for. I think high school was harder
I went here for my associate's degree and then transferred to another college. I didn't realize how good I had it with the easy class sign up and friendly faculty. There isn't much of a campus life since no one lives on campus, but it is relatively easy to make friends and hang out since the campuses are well maintained.
I am currently in my first year at Palm Beach State College and so far it has been pretty great. The classes are affordable and the campus is small and has many events. Its great for getting your college education on a budget.
my overall experience have been good. I have some good professor and some not so good. I wish we would have more tutor for the math and physics. I would like the professor in the lake worth campus to be more considerate toward the students and not be to judgmental. A lot of students preferred to take classes an other campus because they fear of the professors will be to insensitive, and lack of ability to connect with them.
Very nice local school. Prices are very affordable compared to bigger universities. Most professors I've had had been really good. If you take classes in the evening parking can be horrendous. If you are a little hesitant to going to a really big school I definitely recommend Palm Beach State.
I have only taken a few classes here so far at the Pga campus; and I truly love this college. I was able to connect with people who are going through the same life challenges I am. My professors have been phenomenal. Really looking forward to accomplishing my associates degree here.
Palm beach state is a great college to attend.So many great professors and even better kids attend this school I have really enjoyed my time being here. You'll love it
I truly love the experience I was giving to attend this college. The Professors I've had have been truly amazing.
It was pretty good easy to navigate through, campus is nice, the food is fantastic, the professors are pretty laid back, I got along with everybody
I liked the atmosphere of the campus always having activities for everyone , but feel when it come to helping me academically there's lacking.
Review Palm Beach State College
I am truly enjoying my college experience at Palm Beach State College. I find the Professors to be very helpful and accessible. I benefit from the resources available, such as, the Math Lab and the Computer Lab. I have recently utilized the Career Center and found my appointment with Susan Sims to be very informative. Ms. Sims was positive and encouraging. She was able to give me a couple of contacts to follow up on, as well. The only issue I have found with Palm Beach State College is the parking situation. There does not seem to be enough spaces for the students enrolled. It is a daily struggle to find parking. Overall I rate Palm Beach State College five stars. I am so impressed with Palm Beach State College that I plan to complete my BAS with Palm Beach States Bachelor Program. I am an older student changing careers after thirty years in the workforce.
I love this Palm Beach State College. In fact I have written a letter to the president of the school,thanking her for providing such a great learning environment. So far I have loved all my professors and feel enriched by each and every course I took. The administrative stuff and the advisors are all very helpful and attentive. The learning center has been a great help with excellent math tutors. There is always ample parking too. The grounds are shaded with big trees and have plenty of benches and tables. The buildings are all close to each other so there is easy access to classes. The cafeteria is decent and it also has computers and printers in it. The school also offers a wellness center and a career center,which are very helpful.
It's a basic community college! Good to get the basic gen ed. Classes out of the way and transfer. The school is about 20min from my house and is located in the middle of palm beach gardens! Most of the teachers I have had here are good!
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