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The faculty are very nice and helpful when I need help they always help. The teachers are amazing specially my SLS teacher I like Palm Beach state College there's resources available to help you pass your classes.
I like that the class size is small so it is easy to focus. The teachers can be no help at times, but there are some good teachers.
Wonderful staff and administration always there to ensure the success of every student that walks through the door.
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It's a very nice environment with nice and friendly staffs and people. I go to the south location located within Florida Atlantic University campus in Boca Raton, Florida. They have allowed us access to a few of their programs and buildings, such as the library. I've had a lot more good professor than I did bad ones.
I love people at palm beach state college and it is a great atmosphere for students.I currently have four core class at palm beach state college and they fixed my classes to were i can go to school and got to work in the afternoon. This helps me a lot because all college students need the extra time to work and still have free time
What I liked the most about Palm Beach State College was the tuition costs along with the honors courses. The honors courses are packed with highly motivated students and higher level professors. Though, I would like to see the college increase the quality of some of the professors and and betterstudent resources.
My experience at Palm Beach State College was definitely one to remember. I experience my first few years of college there, though the Professors aren't the best, they were helpful when needed.
Palm Beach State College is a great place to continue your education. The professors care about each and every student. The environment is very peaceful and their are a lot of activities to participate in.
The variety of campuses offers a diverse student body. The teachers are a mix of truly interesting and invested professors, and people who truly couldn't care less about what they're talking about. Rate my professor really helped me going through this college, and the professors I chose really helped my academic career. Activities are abounded this college, the hardest part is getting the students involved, but if you go it's fun. The people running the activities really try and make a difference in the students lives. The faculty truly seems to care, especially at the Belle Glade campus.
Classroom sizes are small at palm beach state. It's a great school to start off with when adjusting from high school. Students are nice and help. Professors and staff are push you to do your best.
I like how intimate the classes are here. The professors (for the most part) know who you are as a person rather than just another number on their roster.
My experience was wonderful. The professors are great, the administration staff is very helpful and wonderful. the students are outgoing, nice, friendly and helpful.
This school is amazing. They have all the entities and resources to help and guide you to success. The campuses are small and everyone is so knowledgeable with your needs. I will be a proud graduate in December 2018
I personally feel that Palm Beach State College is a good college to go to for 2 years, and then transfer because it's easy to get into and the classes are at a decent price, but I think that they need to offer better activities on campus that students would like to be a part of.
Love the school. All the professors have been knowledgeable and very helpful. Classmates are nice. The College is great, nice and clean.
I had a overall great experience with Palm Beach State College. They helped me achieve my education in which I want to further myself to Florida Atlantic University to become a medical doctor. I would change the way how some professors are over there. Even though they contribute to each student's education, sometimes, they make it impossible to achieve our goals, since it is a state college. I would prefer them to be more closer and hands on with the students to help out just a little more.
Overall I feel that Palm Beach State is a great school, especially because its affordable. Yes, like any other college you do have professors or administrators you may not like, but for the most part, it seems that the professors do want to see you succeed. The school is clean and has a pretty decent cafeteria and activities department.
Review Palm Beach State College
Absolutely love my campus and glad i made the decision to come her after high school. Helped save me tons of money by getting my associates degree first instead of going directly to a university. The campus is great. Love all my professors.
Great school , great teachers that actually care about your education. I enjoyed my time there and even got involved in their honors program which is really awesome way to boost up your transcript and add to your life experiences.
Campus is clean and the teachers are excellent. I usually receive run around responses from the admissions team.
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