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I went to visit my brothers at school, (PBA), I was lucky enough to experience the dorm living by staying over night in one of their friends dorm rooms. The experience was so much fun that the curfew wasn't a problem. Not like most schools the cafe/food was amazing, a bunch of varieties never a disappointment.
This score receives a poor rating based on the perspective of a current student. This school throws a student in numerous loops, that inevitably result in the student owing more money. I would recommend exploring other schools. As for, I have been here 6 years with absolutely nothing to show for , aside from maybe a few good working relationships with a few professors. Save your money, and your time.
Palm Beach Atlantic University is a great school for every student! Students who desire academic prowess will find it in the classroom and among the student body. There are several fun activities and events hosted at the college as well as in the surrounding city of West Palm Beach. The campus is friendly and inviting, and there is a strong sense of community at this campus.
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I love most aspects of PBA. It is a relatively conservative school, but it is a great place to grow in your faith with professors who are experts in their fields. You go here for the beautiful location and amazing academics and you stay here for the community.
I am currently attending Palm Beach Atlantic university. The college is located in the center of downtown west palm beach. This is a Christian college. This is not a party school. So far my experience has been amazing. The professor are great. The staff members are very helpful.

Although it’s the beginning of my college education, I have no complaints . I was a bit scared about living on campus. However, I feel great.

I believe I made a wonderful choice for my college education.
This place holds such a special place in my heart. The education is great and the professors really care about the students. They know you by name and get to know you more than just who you are according to your grades. Athletically, the school is doing great and is continuing to grow. The coaches love their athletes and speak up for them when necessary. You aren't just a game winning asset, but also a person. The school and location are also just beautiful so that's just another benefit.
I will be attending Palm Beach Atlantic University this fall and I am super excited because all of the professors I have met so far were all helpful and kind and every time I have visited the campus, it was beautiful and clean! Plus the students are friendly as well!
I think that PBA is a good school if you want to be closer to god and if you want to focus on your academics. The people are very nice. Also the professors are amazing. I would suggest that anybody should go here. The school might be. tiny. but everyone at PBA has a big heart and soul.
The professors I have interacted with truly want the best for you and your future. That paired with a huge support system of friends who are always uplifting makes for an amazing experience. Also, everything is in walking distance and there is a lot to do in the city.
It’s awful here. It’s boring unless you have a lot of money. The school is very expensive. 🥴🙄🙄🙄🙄
A great school to earn your full four-year degree and amazing location. It is just minutes away from the beach. They especially make you feel like you are at home.
Palm Beach Atlantic is located in West Palm Beach, which can be a risky area; however, campus security helps to make sure one another is safe. Their athletics is top notch and a great part of the program and the professors do an excellent job to make sure that you understand the material learning as they offer night classes, as well talking to them one on one. It truly is a great experience if anyone gets the chance to go here. Partying isn't something I have experienced but yeah I've heard its good. Diversity is surprisingly kinda good because we have the opportunity to connect with people from all over the nation as well as the globe and that's a really cool thing to experience. Palm Beach Atlantic University is really really nice.
PBA is perfect for my major! though it is really expensive, the experience is really great. I love the loose feel of the experience. I love the scheduling in the school, and how you have 50 minute classes. i feel like i have the time to recuperate after each class, get even some homework done between classes for the others that day. Its such a breath of fresh air compared to high school. I dont like the political and social focuses of the school however. i think we should be concerned with education here especially because of the price tag. im tired of the debates and panels and influencing mic nights at this private christian college that costs $30,000 to study at and live at per semester.
I personally feel as if this college is not like no other. The teachers and staff are very welcoming and positive role models.
Although PBAU is a great school for many degrees, it does have its flaws. The food on campus is decent most times, but the hours are unreasonable for college students with busy schedules. Also, there are hardly any parties, which is great for education, but less appealing for the full college experience. Overall, this school is pretty good for education, but not much else.
I really enjoy that PBA is not a huge university. It's easy to get to know people and be involved in school activities.
Palm Beach Atlantic is a smaller university with a family feel. From having your name on a parking spot when you go for your campus tour to the personal follow-up after your visit, you really feel welcomed. Although the campus is in downtown West Palm Beach, it doesn't feel city-ish.
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I'm 60 years old and a junior in the Psychology program. I am a Christian, and love the way PBA incorporates Christianity in their program. The classes are small and the teachers are kind and understanding.
Kind and caring teachers depends on your major and minor. I loved the faculty of the psychology dept, the honors program, and the English department. But the administration is completely negligent when it comes to public health. If you have asthma or any conditions related to your lungs, you will get worse living on campus because of mold infestations. And they don’t let you move off until you’re a junior.

Be prepared to pay for the meal plan and buy separate groceries as well because the caf is unsanitary and makes people sick.
I have loved being a student at PBA. The community here is the best part; the professors are amazing and the students are so welcoming. As a part of the honors program, I have learned so much and been challenged to grow in my faith. I wholeheartedly recommend Palm Beach Atlantic University!