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i liked palau community college because it was a good school. But the changes they need to make is notify the students more often to get either good grades or they need to bring up their grades. they barely do that here in Palau Community College but top of that it is a great school. They have great teachers that still goes after you telling you or asking you why didnt you come to class or did you do your homework can you submit it and all that. it is a great school and its fun having a school that you know alot of people and getting to know them and make friends when you have time
I am currently a freshman student here at Palau Community College. It was not what I had thought it would be, and I mean this in a positive way. I enjoy the school’s friendly atmosphere. The students are diverse and so are the staff. They are very welcoming when it comes to new student arrivals. I did not find it hard to transition into a different environment such as this college. The school has much higher standards than I had imagined. It is good that it is accredited by the WASC. One thing that I want to see improve is the facilities. They aren’t bad, but I believe that it could look more like a professional college if it shook up a little bit.
Worth the Money – Well in my college its pretty cheap due to the fact that the economy of where my school is, is great. Meaning that you pay less but gain more. Money well spent.
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I had trouble with online courses due to procrastination. So if i will take another online course then i will for sure manage my time more wisely.
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