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The college is just a great experience i recommend others to check out the college. The campus is amazing, the teachers are great.
Paine college for me so far has been a pretty good experience. in school juggling school with athletics can be pretty hard for someone alone but lucky for me Paine college has a phenomenal support cast and strives to push you and keep you going while assuring that all the work that you put in now will pay off in the future.
Being a transfer student at Paine, was the best option for me! I don't live on campus, but the school works hard to make sure all students are able to get the campus life experience!
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My experience would very little. It’s different from other HBCU colleges. I would like to change the cafeteria food, the sports coaches, and the teachers.
The amount of support we have from the teachers and staff is exceptional! Also, the student life never leaves the campus with a dull moment.
Paine College is a small campus. Due to the small campus there is you feel as though you are with family. The Professors truly care about you and are always willing to help. You are giving all types of resources to endure you pass and graduate.
I like that the people are friendly and it's not to big so you have a better opportunity to bond with your peers.
The building and housing is not the best .
Our geeks are always showing off. No only do they do parties sometime but they host amazing helpful events on campus. So do to help vote or get involved around campus . Bake sales and many more . It's so much they do that they was great.
Every basketball game everyone put there school colors on and come out to the game . Crowds are cheering and singing our songs. It's like something you see in movies . It's amazing how everyone come together to support the team as well as the school.
Paine is a great college . I have learned so much from going to this school. Everyone is great and friend with great school spirt. Only thing is I wish I knew about the financial status they are in before I came . Everyone is always trying to brighten the school by doing some kind of bonding or helping school out .
The professors care about you and want you to succeed
The alumni are proud of there degrees
No one has been sexual assaulted since I have been here and the campus police do a good job
The cost of meals and housing do not fit
they make sure you have the right qualifications such as GPA
Small college so the best atheletes go to bigger a school
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It is a small college but everyone care about each other just don't have resources are

money that large colleges has.
The greek life is the best on campus.
The sport team is awesome.
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