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It's a little world of it's own! It allows one to disconnect inorder integrate one's self to the programs. The staff is supportive, encouraging and very knowledgeable. Humility, gratitude, inovation and excellence makes up this magnificent school.
Professors bring great diversity of cultures and professional experiences, show passion, openness and commitment for candid intellectual dialogues.

The business office is a nightmare from back in the dark ages; do not protect your personal information, do not communicate or guide proactively; unnecessarily burdens students

no campus housing, limited restricted parking
With my first year of a new program at Pacifica almost complete, I am predominantly satisfied with the curriculum. I selected 4 stars only because there have been some glitches. Otherwise the professors are extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields and the administration attempts to resolve issues quickly. The setting is beautiful and my fellow students are awesome. The monthly residential weekends allow one to work full time and work on a PhD program.
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Pacifica Graduate Institute Jungian Studies program is for the highly motivated depth psychology student, who is capable of self study and large amounts of independent reading. There are no exams, except to graduate. All courses require term papers. The campus is lovely, very peaceful. The food is excellent and the dorm rooms are very sparse and simple, but clean, with a shared bathroom. There is one 4 day residency requirement per quarter. Overall, I would rate this program favorably, but it takes time to adjust to the online learning module format. I find the professors knowledgable and available to answer questions and provided feedback.
It may not be for everyone but it really works for me. I can work it at my own pace although there are weekly assignments both reading and writing that have to be done on time. The online lectures are great because they are pre-recorded so one can take notes and not miss anything. Working from the comfort of one's own home is very comfortable. The relationships with instructors is highly personal and availability of their assistance is better than anything I've experienced in my educational experience. I already had a Master's degree when I enrolled at Pacifica. It's a prerequisite for the PhD programs.
I don't think this is the high point of the school but I'm not certain as I haven't had a need to find out about this yet. There is an alumni network; not sure how that works for finding careers post-doctorally. I think it's a niche education and true to it's content, one is on one's own unique path.
The course work is rigorous and full for a 10 week quarter. Instructors / professors are extremely supportive. Timing of the courses is perfect. Each quarter's information builds for the successive quarters knowledge. Class size is amazingly small. The DP in Jungian studies is considered a Hybrid course with online work and once / quarter we have a residential in class for 4 days on campus. It works for me to do it this way but I do miss seeing my fellow students and only get to see the instructors face to face one time. However they are quite available by email and phone, and willing to connect very personally as needed.
Since the program is not a clinical psychology program the career prospects are both open-ended and also not circumscribed. One really have to find one's way or have it find you. Most of the people in my cohort have ideas of amplifying their current careers with this knowledge and experience gained. The PhD since it is accredited, will open many doors.
The Depth Psychology program with major in Jungian and Archetypal studies is unique. There is no other school in the country or world that has this caliber of a program. The instructors are all dedicated and fully engaged in teaching. The students are treated very respectfully and with all the assistance needed for academic as well as personal issues when they arise. I highly recommend this program without reservation to anyone serious about studying Carl Jung and post-Jungian analysts. The education is very authentic and applicable.
The instructors are tops in their field; lectures are fantastically academic and informative; the weekly writing assignments assist with incorporating the material; the cohort, fellow classmates' size is small so individual attention is a given and great opportunities for bonding, sharing at intensely deep levels. Most of the reading has been excellent and relevant. I feel really cared for personally and professionally as a serious scholar. I wanted to attend Pacifica's PhD program for 20 years. Now that I'm almost done with 1st year I have had a dream come true. My experiences, inwardly and outwardly have been beyond my expectations!
Fantastic Profs, Rigorous Classes, and all in a Peaceful Out of the Chaos Campus with access to the beauty of Nature in Southern California. Only three days a month of classes, and five days in the summer. For committed Grad Students able to work independently.
I had a great academic experience at Pacifica. This school has an approach to psychology through the unconscious. This has now a positive impact when working with my clients.
Financial aid is easy to obtain and the school's assistance was always available.
They strongly promote networking within students and alumni. It provided me with a great amount of help in navigating my current career field.
The price of this program is manageable according to what you receive from it. But there are scholarships available. Financial aid staff are very helpful and committed. They were available to help me in a very professional way.
Pacifica is a small school. Don't expect a huge campus. That's exactly what I like about this campus. Located at the top of a hill, with a peaceful atmosphere, you have everything you need in this great location.
Pacifica programs are ideal for any group age who want to learn the depth in psych studies. Hybrid programs are very convenient for working people like me.
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The workshops offered are extremely helpful. They also have great networking events, it was how I found my first job there.
Library staff is very helpfull, they are available to assist you anytime. There were a few books I wasn't able to check out but they made them available for me to use while in the library. This helped me a great deal financially.
I noticed from talking to others that we all have a vast array of intellectual interests. Pacifica is very stimulating to expand your thoughts and ideas.
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