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Pacific University has a very friendly college town vibe. All the staff there is extremely friendly and are there to help you with every step towards your degree.
The people are friendly and professors are good. A small university can only offer so much though. The course catalog is a real disappointment. There isn't enough variety to really decide what you want to do and expose yourself to new things.
Good Professors but Administration needs to have more influence on certain major areas outside of there target majors. Campus Food is decent more options would have been nice. Dorms are older and updates should happen sooner rather than later. Athletics are ok but could be improved through more outreach and stronger coaching.
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I came to Pacific University my freshman year to escape the cold midwest. That part of my hopes came true but for a high price. The tuition here is too high for just a pretty campus. You could get an equal education at half the price with way less of the weird people at a lot of other colleges.
Pacific gave me a huge scholarship so I decided it was worth a try at least for 2 years. I’m not sure the classes are much better than community college. The dorms and food need a major overhaul. Pretty gross.
If you move here from somewhere sunny be prepared. I knew it was a wet climate but what most don't understand is that most days are gray and dark from November-April. The days are very short in the winter, sunset is 4:00 in the afternoon. When you're in a small town like FG this really exasperates your feeling of being a shut in.
Pacific University was a really nice fit for me as an out of state student coming from California. I loved how everyone seemed to care about who you are. We don't value sports over academics. The teachers are great and the engineering program is awesome.
While visiting, the staff was exceptionally helpful and kind. The campus is small yet beautiful, and the class sizes are small as well. Every staff member that I have contacted through email has been eager to answer my questions.
I liked the small classes and the requirements for science courses. The small classes allow you to build close, but professional, relationships with your professors, if you want. This can help you in the future when you need letters of recommendation, advice about school and life, and just someone to talk to.
I would like to see an improvement of the cafeteria food. Eating the same food every day gets tiring and makes you sick of it after awhile. Sometimes, my friends and I don't eat there, because of that, or there's no good food that we like. And trust me, at least two of us will eat a variety of foods and aren't that picky.
There’s not a lot to like at Pacific. I think the professors are the best thing. But that doesn’t save the fact that the curriculum is soft. I compare my assignments to friends at state schools and I’m way more impressed with what they’re doing and all the opportunities they have. So why are we paying SO much more in tuition? A smaller class size doesn’t mean much if the content is weak. The food is only good if you like chicken strips, pizza and salad every day. And it tastes highly processed. Forest Grove is small without the charm.
Overall, my impression of Pacific University is that they are dedicated to their students and provide an affordable opportunity for a quality educational investment.
Pacific is where jocks go so they can forever say they played college sports. D3 is a joke. The 2/3 of the students pay exorbitantly to allow the athletic 1/3 to afford it here. Admissions will tell you Pacific is close to Portland but with traffic it's well over an hour. There's no way you're going back & forth on a Friday night. There is absolutely nothing going on in Forest Grove either. The food on campus is horrible, there are some better restaurants close to campus which gets expensive.
It is a very small university, so getting to know the other students is very easy. Almost a quarter of the students are athletes, so playing sports automatically plugs you into a special community on campus. However, for the private school prices, you receive an average level education, with an average experience in terms of housing and overall college atmosphere. Unfortunately, for a small school, they have a hard time dealing with student issues in an efficient manner, leading to some discomfort on campus. If you are looking for mediocre schooling for a very expensive price in a decent small town with relatively easy access to Portland, than Pacific is the place for you.
Pacific University has had good and bad things. Some of the good things have been the opportunity I get to play football. Also I have made some of the best friends of my life, and academically it is a good school. They also have an awesome connection to Hawaii and have a large population of people from Hawaii. The bad things are that some of the dorms are not very nice, the food is kind of a hit and miss so it's either really good or really bad, and it is kind of an expensive university.
Great Instructors and great staff. Pacific is an excellent school and the MFA in Creative Writing is an excellent program.
The faculty and staff here are dedicated to student success. They work within the community to provide unique opportunities from students to both grow and serve.
The class sizes are smaller on average allowing closer relationships with professors and even a better learning environment who do better in small groups of people.
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This is one of the best schools, offering some of the most diverse communities and classes. The school is small yet very comforting. The support group and councilors respond almost immediately with the most up to date information.
I have loved my time at Pacific University. I was able to succeed in academics and athletics. I have been very busy, but the professors are amazing in the way they work with their students and get to know them. If I could change anything it would be school spirit. We need more students participating in events! Other than that I love it and would highly recommend.
The professors are all really great and super willing to work with you! The class sizes are a lot smaller than public universities so that's also a huge upside. My biggest thing is the requirements to graduate. They're kinda difficult to meet if you are a science or math major.
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