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Great Instructors and great staff. Pacific is an excellent school and the MFA in Creative Writing is an excellent program.
The faculty and staff here are dedicated to student success. They work within the community to provide unique opportunities from students to both grow and serve.
The class sizes are smaller on average allowing closer relationships with professors and even a better learning environment who do better in small groups of people.
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This is one of the best schools, offering some of the most diverse communities and classes. The school is small yet very comforting. The support group and councilors respond almost immediately with the most up to date information.
I have loved my time at Pacific University. I was able to succeed in academics and athletics. I have been very busy, but the professors are amazing in the way they work with their students and get to know them. If I could change anything it would be school spirit. We need more students participating in events! Other than that I love it and would highly recommend.
The professors are all really great and super willing to work with you! The class sizes are a lot smaller than public universities so that's also a huge upside. My biggest thing is the requirements to graduate. They're kinda difficult to meet if you are a science or math major.
I love Pacific University. The small campus really inspires a friendly and supportive community. There is something for practically anyone here. Plus the campus is absolutely beautiful! I have met some of my best friends here and I wouldn't trade that for the world. I feel that I am learning a lot here and my mind is constantly expanding. It's marvelous!
I really like the atmosphere at Pacific. Professors want to help you succeed and everyone there is there to learn and work hard.
I love how invested the professors are in the success of their students. We all know how crazy their schedules are, yet they never hesitate to reach out to us or help us.
There are many majors and minors offered as well as outside activities to get students involved in what interests them. The campus is small and it's easy to recognize the majority of faces.
Pacific University has a very diverse student population and a lot of students from Hawaii. I loved being apart of NHOH and enjoyed luau every year. The small campus helped me be close with my classmates and my professors.
I love the experience I have had so far at Pacific. The academics are excellent, the people are friendly, and the environment is immersive. I participated in new activities, and became a brighter version of myself.
I think Pacific is a great school and it has such a diverse student body. The professors love their jobs and they make it really easy to get study help whenever needed. Pacific University creates an amazing study environment and friends can be made by doing almost anything on campus!
I loved the size of the school, it was very small so you knew everyone and they all were very welcoming.
Pacific is a fantastic college with a desire to inspire their students and make a difference in the world.
I love the size of Pacific because you really get to know everyone around you. The class sizes are fairly small which allows for great learning opportunities.
I am a freshman here at Pacific and so far I love it here. The start was a little rocky, our freshman welcome involved a long meet and greet on a very hot football turf in the direct sun but after that it has been really good. My teachers are all very nice and friendly the only problems I have had have been with my chemistry class because of the multiple sites and types of homework we are required to do.
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Overall Pacific has definitely helped me through my journey towards my degree. The professors do a great job in making sure you understand all the material that is given.
I love Pacific. I came here as a first gen having no idea what to do or what I was getting myself into. From the moment I got to campus, I haven't regretted my decision. The passion of the students and faculty really connected me to the campus culture, and opened my eyes to social, political, and civic engagement arenas that I hadn't been aware of before. The professors really care about getting to know their students, and I feel close to all of the professors I have chosen to engage with. While some things aren't perfect (Aramark and Forest Grove as a whole come to mind) I wouldn't trade my experience at Pacific for anything.
I had a hiccup my first semester here, but the support I got was very helpful.
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