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Student life isn’t what it should be at. Professors and staff are very inclusive and friendly. The food there is amazing and workers preparing food are great conversationalists. All colleges have their share of bad professors, but PUC doesn’t have a lot thankfully. Dorms are old but sturdy. No dorm life or party scene is present. Much of student life is limited here.
It was definitely an experience going here, but I did not get to live the college experience while attending this school. The location is beautiful, but very far from affordable food. Attending this school is very expensive and many of the courses don't meet requirements for other universities or colleges.
Pacific Union College holds a strong academic reputation that advantages other larger universities. The benefits of having a small community with a diverse student body Pacific Union College has a Christian environment. Although Pacific Union College may need renovations in their facilities, the college does not exclude the purpose of what it means to live with heart and to love and understand life.
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I've just enrolled. But everything I hear is amazing. The advisors from the college I'm in contact with, are amazing.
PUC has provided me with the best college experience possible. The college is rather small but this allowed to me establish meaningful relationships with the professors, staff, and fellow students. It is definitely not a party school but there are many activities like community service and worships available to the students.
The school is super cliquey if you didn't come from an academy well good luck to you. The cafeteria food is horrible, everything is fried, and eating healthy is so difficult because even the salad is like frozen ice blocks.
I really enjoyed my first quarter at PUC. It is really easy to connect to the professors and the students. Because of PUC's smaller size and secluded location, there is a strong sense of community which helps develop a healthy atmosphere. Some of the students on campus complain about the cafeteria food but I like it. There is a wide variety of dishes in every meal time so you are bound to like something. I just wish that the dorms were air-conditioned because it can get really hot during the spring quarter. If you are planning on attending PUC, don't forget to pack a fan!
Enjoyed my time at PUC. Academics are rigorous, if not the most timely (i.e. older textbooks used for several courses). Not much variety in teaching style, AKA lecture-heavy.
As far as return on investment is concerned, it depends on your major.
Diversity is a big part of PUC. Very ethnically diverse. Embracing of LGBT+ students.
The campus is gorgeous and the weather is nice. But no A/C in most buildings because of this. Lots of bugs and cobwebs.
ADA isn't a thing at PUC.
Party scene - there isn't one. BUT we are just above Napa Valley!
Staff professors are great. Caring, intelligent, concerned with student success. Adjuncts, not so much.
Local area - there's nothing to do in Angwin besides enjoy the outdoors.
Dorms are clean, if not in the best repair. Fit-and-finish is no bueno. No A/C in all but 2 dorms, lots of bugs.
Food is okay, but below average for Napa Valley. Coffee shop on campus.
Student life - there's just not much to do here. But I like it that way.
It is an amazing school that I hope to attend. Whenever I visit I am just amazed by how helpful everyone is and the community is tightknit.
So far my experience is really great, the people are amazing. I would recommend anyone to go. The food is really really nasty. I would recommend you to make your own food. The location is beautiful, there is a lot of nature, but it rains a lot, so bring rain boots and jackets.
The professors care about the students and due to smaller class sizes have more time to answer questions or meet out of class time. The campus is isolated in the mountains above Napa Valley but it is a very beautiful campus. The tuition is very expensive but the quality of the education and reputation of the school precedes you once try and apply for jobs especially if you are in the medical field.
This college is amazing with their safety and academics. It can be boring if you are really into partying, greek life, and having nearby food and stores. The class sizes are small, which helps you learn better and helps more one-on-one teacher help and time. The campus is beautiful of the Napa scenery. You are close to San Francisco.
I love how they have a teaching and learning center because you can get tutored for free on subjects that are difficult for you.
Pacific union college is a really nice school. One of the reasons I chose it was because it was small and tight-knit. Everyone on campus will smile at you and is always willing to lend of helping hand. The nursing program there is AMAZING and they truly prepare you for the NCLEX
PUC offers an excellent quality education, particularly if you are interested in nursing or education degrees. The campus is wonderful, the people are nice, and the location is unbeatable.
It is an overall great experience. There is a strong feeling of community and is a second home to me. I love that the campus have many activities to participate in such as movie and game nights, as well as, hiking trails and intramural sports.
My experience at PUC was decent. In a small town away from the city it was good situation to be in and easy to focus. People here are very friendly and helpful. The campus life is boring as there isn't much to do outside of class and working out. I like the teachers as they are easy to communicate with and are willing to help you. I would like to see change is the cost of tuition and living on campus as it is very expensive.
During my visit at Pacific Union College, the staff and faculty were so kind and helpful. I fell in love with the school because of the welcoming environment and I felt like I belonged there.
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It was and still is a great experience. But need more masters program and gpa changes to be made in some department or acceptions to programs depending on student situations.
There is a good spiritual environment on campus. The college is close to home so it makes it easier to visit family more often. There are many opportunities for success at PUC.
Pacific Union College is a small conservative school that is very community oriented. The classes are small and provide the materials needed to learn
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