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Plan and work with your advisor and don't fool around and you'll be on track to graduate! Professors are always willing to help.
Great Experience here. I took one year as a full-time student. my major, pre-professional dental hygiene. Counselors and teachers where more than that and really good bonds could be made. As a soccer player, I enjoyed the time and sacrifices.
I've never really given much thought to the safety of the campus. My main concern would probably be the lack of lighting at night. It is generally too dark to see any possible attackers or even wild animals.
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As far as the career aspect, I'm still figuring out which path to take. Although I have not taken advantage of all the available career resources, so far the school hasn't been very helpful in truly helping me figure out my career prospects.
  • 7 months ago
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Living on campus is okay.The campus itself is fairly small so there everything isn't too far apart. The housing process is not much of a hassle. I don't care for the social atmosphere.
It's obvious that the school is not focused on sports at all. They don't typically win games either.
The school is just okay. The campus is beautiful, however the interaction with some of the people who are supposedly there to help you can be pretty awful. Though unfortunately that is the case with many schools.
It's been very safe, I feel safe and secure.
I've had a wonderful experience thus far.
  • 8 months ago
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It's pretty decent, but the rooms could be much better.
Sports teams are building but thus far its been great to watch the progression.
So far the academics have been challenging, and professor have created a friendly learning environment.
Public safety makes their rounds 24/7.
Campus is great. My dorm is close by my classes.
Teamwork is emphasized in every aspect.
Nursing program is great, challenged academically.
There are many students that have been able to start their internships early because of positive recommendations from their professors.
  • 10 months ago
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The class sizes are just as you expect them to be. All the professors I've had so far are always willing to help guide students that may need extra help. The professors have a great relationship with the students, faculty and staff treat the students as oversized children, when not in a classroom setting.
There is a police station not that far from here. And all the students are very respectful to each other, in at least that way.
I actually don't live in the dorms, but I do room in some of the other college housing. The rooms in the apartment I am in is a bit smaller than a single room in the dorms, but I really enjoy the bit more privacy I get.
  • 10 months ago
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