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No one really helps with career opportunities.
The professors engage in racist behavior and homophobic/transphobic behavior. The curriculum is not diverse and when you bring it up the teachers get upset. They give busy work and are unclear with directions.
I love my student apartment
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The students and teachers aren't very diverse
It's a Seminary – I think i smelled marijuana once, but there is not a drug problem here.
Not only are they expensive, but the school is a consortium of schools and is right next to UC Berkeley, so on-campus housing is the way to go.
There are a few, but they do not meet the cost of tuition. If you go here, you will take out loans.
I live right down the street so I walk, but if I move my car to go to the store during any scheduled classes, I cannot find a spot outside my because there is no student parking. The street parking is time limited unless you have a sticker and so students have to leave class to move their cars. It is a nightmare.
The Pacific School of Religion is probably the most liberal "Christian" seminary in the country and has a wonderful cooperative arrangement to take classes between other schools and Cal Berkeley as part of the Graduate Theological Union consortium. Much transition is happening in order to meet the needs of the body, but the people who work here really do have a heart for their students.
Fairly Safe. During the school week, there is a security guard on campus. Other times, walk in pairs at night.
Money's Tight. Come to this school because you know it's where you belong.
You do not NEED a car on campus unless you need the mobility for off-campus jobs or activities that are not near transit lines.
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