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I've been attending PNCA for four semesters and arrived as a transfer student. With my prior college experience, I can truly affirm that PNCA has a faculty and staff that are dedicated and committed to helping their students toward becoming better makers, designers, and artists. The culture here is strong and encourages us all to become better individuals by helping our fellow students. I haven't experienced comradery like this from faculty, staff or students from any college I've attended before.
The workload is very challenging at times. But I don't think that I'd become a better creative without doing the work and being pushed.
There is plenty of resources and support available that I wouldn't normally have access to. Whether that be coding, alternative photographic development techniques, creating music, getting better at yoga or 3d printing, to name a few.
As a Freshman and a non-traditional student, I was extremely nervous. PNCA does an extremely wonderful job to ensure the safety and the well being of their students. There are so many people who are there willing to help you and wanting to see you succeed.
Pacific Northwest College of Art Painting and Drawing. it is a concept-driven school with little technical teaching. I gave it four stars because the teachers are amazing and are happy to set down with students to make sure they are getting what they need and want. I can't speak for the other departments. tuition goes up every year
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PNCA is a great community for artists to learn and explore their own practice with the variety of art departments, helpful faculty, and students. Not to mention you can bring your pet to class.
I really enjoy the school, great atmosphere everyone enjoys going to their classes and the teachers are just a great help to push us to do our own style.
One thing I would like to see there to be a change is to see a wide diverse community in PNCA, overall its an amazing school in my opinion.
There is no information about the academics on their page, it would be better if they put more information about it.
I love this college. As a non-traditional first year, I have felt very welcomed. The staff and faculty are friendly and inspirational. They encourage every student and work with each to allow them to thrive.
I just completed my first year at Pacific Northwest College of Art, so I don't know very much about the alumni network. But I do know that the school is very vocal when it comes to job and internship prospects. They have many workshops at the school that teach you how to put your name out there in the art world, and how to get a really great job from that. I've even learned how to become my own entrepreneur through those workshops, and I'm so grateful that my school has them. There's a dedicated classroom in the school that announces internships, job applications, and has an attendant that works around the clock to help you. The school emails you whenever there's an alumni coming back to discuss jobs, or a lecture from an employer, or a lecture for your own enjoyment. I've been to many throughout my school year, and all of them have been helpful!
Pacific Northwest College of Art has a great variety of classes. Depending on your major, you have a lot of classes to choose from and it's likely that you will have to take all of the classes that are provided for your major throughout your 4 years. The classes are very interesting too, and the professors know so much about their topics. They truly love what they teach, and that inspires me to learn so much more. All my classes that I've taken have been small. It's a small school, so there's only about 10 kids per class. I like the small classes because the students can really engage with each other better, and help one another out. The style of the classes is usually Socratic,where the students and the professors engages with one another and ask many questions and learn from one another. Most of my studio classes are mainly individual taught, and the professors help each student find their own unique style. It was very different from how I was taught in high school, but these teaching styles have really helped me succeed. I didn't do well in high school for the lack of teacher engagement, but now I feel so privledged to have professors that truly want to see you succeed.
The safety at my school is very important. PNCA rests in the heart of the city, so there are a lot of precautions when it comes to safety. There's security at the entrance of the school, and if it gets late at night the security will escort you back your place when needed. I definitely carry pepper spray with me everywhere when I go to school. The dorms are 5 blocks away from the school and it's situated on a park, so walking on the park at night alone is not the best idea. There's a lot of unpredictable homeless people around the area, so it's necessary to have help on speed dial. But the school takes safety as top priority.
The housing at Pacific Northwest College of Art is okay. The price is way too much though. It's understandable with the value of the environment and how much you get amenity-wise, but it's difficult to live there without having a job on the side to cover the extra cost. And being an art student, it's really difficult to keep that dorm paint free. I remember spilling ink a few times on the floor and having to pay for the damage. I love the amenities in the dorm, they have a working washer and dryer, bathtub, kitchen, and a large closet. Plus it's only 5 blocks from the school! I know I'll be spending my four years in the dorm because of the convenience. If I were to move out, the most affordable living would be at least 45 minutes out of the way. The process of getting a dorm was rather difficult because they had just updated their new website, so it was definitely difficult at first. Especially with the financial aid. But everything worked out fine! I love the dorms, I just wish they were a little bit more affordable for me.
The parties are all for someone 21+, which I am not.
Some programs are more lenient and easier to handle than others.
Portland is overwhelmingly white, but the school is a little more diverse.
Most students seem to be 21+ so while alcohol is abundant it's legally obtained.
We have several security guards on campus that work to keep the campus safe. We also have a psychiatrist and various staff members to go to for help.
The school and staff often advertise various internships and residencies for the students along with various side jobs for the students in their fields. Over all the professors do what they can to help students succeed.
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All the professors are very excited about their topics and are willing to do anything they can to help their students succeed.
The housing at PNCA is really great and spacious. We had our own kitchen and bathrooms and our own washers and dryers in each dorm room. Many dorm rooms were more like shared apartments. The only complaint I had was that the prices for the dorms are exceedingly high and impossible for one student to pay for. I shared a studio apartment with another roommate and still paid around $1,300 a month. I had to pull an extra loan to pay for it.
I feel that my school is unique because it allows it's students to explore and find themselves. I love how many classes I have been allowed to take and how much I have learned since attending. The only downside that I have encountered is that some times there isn't enough equipment available for our projects and it is difficult to find scholarships.
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