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Nothing to do. The surrounding area is unsafe and has nothing to do unless you have a car, the food is pretty much awful, the parties suuuuuck. The scholarships are good which is why most of the kids are here, but I am going to transfer soon because of the lack of a real "college experience". Good place to start off and I can see why people love it, but they're just different. It's incredibly small, so if you like that then good for you but seeing the same people every day feels like high school.
I love PLU. Its my perfect fit because the small campus allows for a tight community! My classes are challenging but completable.
I love the reputation and the campus. Professors are amazing and great to work with. Tuition is too high, especially since the professors' compensation does not reflect it and the building is super old.
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I went to PLU thinking it was going to be the best time of my life. I was an English major, but I was lost in my personal life, and the school didn’t have resources to help me. It is hard to have a flexible course schedule. You’re allowed no more than 17 credits, and if each class is 4 credits, you can’t take more than 4 per semester. When you start as a freshman, they only let you take 3 unless you get special permission. It will put you off track for graduation unless you take an accelerated J-term course—costs extra. Also, I was there the night Trump got elected. It was chaos. Any alleged Trump supporters were ostracized and almost beaten for opening up. Nobody I knew from then on was open to discussion and alternative perspectives. The school is great if you want an absolutely traditional college experience, and if you’re willing to pay for it.
Attending Pacific Lutheran University has opened my eyes to my future and has given me amazing opportunities to build the skills needed for myself and for working with the public. The professors that I have had a pleasure in meeting have cared about my success and accomplishments. I am very proud to be graduating this year from PLU.
I love how it is nestled in a small community and that the peace atmosphere helps calm anxiety and how diversity contributed to all kinds of kindness given.
I love the welcoming environment, as if they want you to succeed and they want to help you in every way as possible.
Great school that offers many different programs. The college campus is easy to navigate. The teachers are great and knowledgable and they truly care and want you to succeed.
After having taken a gap year between my senior years of high school and freshman year of college, I felt extremely nervous about transitioning to college. I had a great concern over whether or not I would fit in with the other students and also whether the professors would be deeply invested to my education. Quickly, I learned Pacific Lutheran University is the most welcoming of schools. Never in my life have I felt so involved and dedicated to my education.
The campus is beautiful and I love the small class sizes; it helps me to learn and stay engaged the best. The professors are dedicated to students's education and are decent with availability outside of class. Overall, I love it at PLU and reccomend this university to everyone.
I have truly felt 100% welcome at PLU. The school made the transition easy after completing my first year and everyone on campus is so nice and helpful.
I have lived in the parkland area, where PLU is located, most of my life. Seeing PLU from an outside/in perspective as a middle and highschooler is very different from how I see it now as a student there. It is a conpletely different society that lives within PLU’s borders when compared to the outside community. Many PLU students feel entitled and have had many things given to them without having to do much work because of how rich their families are. The society directly outside of PLU encourages the opposite. PLU is a decent school, but a lot of people there are snobby and not down to earth.
I like the small campus style, and I like how available my professors are when I have questions about course material. I enjoy the ability to participate in athletics at the DIII level and how it doesn't get in the way of my academics
The faculty is amazing and super nice and with the small campus, there is a growth of a community. The professors are great but they can tough and there is a big push to strive on campus.
I loved feeling welcomed and all my classes broadened my perspective. Really helpful staff and friendly atmosphere.
There are a lot of useful resources to use when you need help in classes. However, the mission statement of diversity should be more motivated!
Love the small class sizes, students are very helping, live on campus if you can, professors are very helpful, and a beautiful campus.
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I love it here at PLU! I'm so happy, and it is definitely my home away from home. It was hard adjusting to the weather, but I have grown to love it at PLU. The diversity and sense of community is what makes PLU stand out from any other college.
I love the small classroom sizes, I have the chance to communicate easily with professors and ask questions whenever I need. Access to help is very easy.
PLU is well known for its commitment to social justice issues, as well as care for the environment through sustainability. There is a very strong study away program, and all students are encouraged to study away at some point in their time at PLY. The arts program is very strong as well as the nursing program.
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