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The campus is beautiful and I love the small class sizes; it helps me to learn and stay engaged the best. The professors are dedicated to students's education and are decent with availability outside of class. Overall, I love it at PLU and reccomend this university to everyone.
I have truly felt 100% welcome at PLU. The school made the transition easy after completing my first year and everyone on campus is so nice and helpful.
I have lived in the parkland area, where PLU is located, most of my life. Seeing PLU from an outside/in perspective as a middle and highschooler is very different from how I see it now as a student there. It is a conpletely different society that lives within PLU’s borders when compared to the outside community. Many PLU students feel entitled and have had many things given to them without having to do much work because of how rich their families are. The society directly outside of PLU encourages the opposite. PLU is a decent school, but a lot of people there are snobby and not down to earth.
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I like the small campus style, and I like how available my professors are when I have questions about course material. I enjoy the ability to participate in athletics at the DIII level and how it doesn't get in the way of my academics
The faculty is amazing and super nice and with the small campus, there is a growth of a community. The professors are great but they can tough and there is a big push to strive on campus.
I loved feeling welcomed and all my classes broadened my perspective. Really helpful staff and friendly atmosphere.
There are a lot of useful resources to use when you need help in classes. However, the mission statement of diversity should be more motivated!
Love the small class sizes, students are very helping, live on campus if you can, professors are very helpful, and a beautiful campus.
I love it here at PLU! I'm so happy, and it is definitely my home away from home. It was hard adjusting to the weather, but I have grown to love it at PLU. The diversity and sense of community is what makes PLU stand out from any other college.
I love the small classroom sizes, I have the chance to communicate easily with professors and ask questions whenever I need. Access to help is very easy.
PLU is well known for its commitment to social justice issues, as well as care for the environment through sustainability. There is a very strong study away program, and all students are encouraged to study away at some point in their time at PLY. The arts program is very strong as well as the nursing program.
I love it here in PLU, I have met and been supported by so many people, it made the transition from highschool to College easier. The staff in the student financial service and anywhere are amazing at answering questions and making sure to help you out as much as they can. As a first generation student, it made the process of applying and paying for PLU tuition less complicated because they helped me every step of the way!
This is an very good private liberal arts college. Class size on average is small and the community is very progressive and friendly. Residential life on this campus is exceptional. This department works hard to plan events on campus and is dedicated to social justice learning for everyone on and off campus.
I love the fact that the average class size is only about 15 people, and their biggest class is about 47. It would definitely help students that need one on one help with professors, and don't do good in big lecture halls. The school is very big on education, so if you're looking for that to be your career path, then this would be good place. It's A very unique school, and you wouldn't find one like it. The dorm rooms are also very cute, and some are split off into language majors.
The university provides a very inclusive community of students and faculty aimed at helping you to succeed! With a lovely campus and campus life, I would recommend Pacific Lutheran University to all students! Although I myself am not of a particular religion, I was initially concerned about the faith aspect of the college however came to find that the campus is extremely open when it comes to differing views and as an LGBTQ student, was even invited by the school's pastor to attend any sort of event that would be held regarding the spiritual elements of the school. Overall, a wonderful experience thus far.
Professors actually want you to succeed! They’re always happy to help and there’s plenty of outside options for help. The staff and fellow students are also very welcoming.
I find PLU to be a great school. Everyone comments on the location but on campus, safety is never an issue. Take precautions and learn to love the community in which your campus is engulfed in. PLU is great for introverts and extroverts, athletes and non athletes, liberal arts majors or stem majors. It is a very accepting community and if you are considering attending PLU, I would recommend!
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I enjoy taking classes at this school. The small class sizes makes it easier to create a relationship with your professor and forces you to be engaged during lectures. It is easy to meet with professors out of class time and get back on track if you have missed a class or did not understand something. I have not enjoyed some of the other aspects of the university. There are very limited food options on campus and it is unsafe to go off campus at times. Parkland is a dangerous city and there have been several incidents off campus in my first semester. It costs $2.50 to do a cycle of laundry and the washers are so small it usually requires two separate loads of laundry to get your clothes clean. The amounts to usually $10 extra dollars a month on top of the tuition I already pay. I do not see why this extra cost in necessary when us students are already paying the school so much money.
This is a pretty small school which lets you maintain close relationships with fellow students while still meeting new people everyday. The school is mostly Caucasian, with a lot more females than males on campus. There is at least one party every weekend but they can be a bit hard to find, but when they are big they are fun. There is all you can eat dinners every week night and the food in general is pretty well prepared, with a lot of options. Everything on campus is a pretty close walk from the residence halls, which aren't very well updated but they suffice.
Pacific Lutheran is a great school. Everyone is very nice and including. Since the school is rather small you get to know so many people on a more personal level then you would at a state school. I can walk around campus and say hello to at least two people. however, sometimes the weather and location of the school is not the most amazing but you can work with it.
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