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Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - New York Reviews

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Great instructors course too short 10-15 weeks , classroom overcrowding, incompetent financial aid contact person who does not take responsibilities for his mistakes an asst. dean that covers for him because they are friends. Greedy owner of school in California only interested in putting students in debt to collect tuition money 3x a year and not turning out greaduates who finish course.
Good sales pitch that's about it.
No online classes, not enough instructors , weekend , evening or afternoon classes. Class cancellation last minute by school.
Review Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - New York
Its fine we support each other because the school does not.
LIbrary small very few computers and desk space. You have to find a empty classroom .
No sports, student center campus act ivies very few and when people are in classes or at lunch.
You will go into debt and financial person is incompetent and lazy any refunds you will get late and you have to ask.
Too small cramp not enough room to study, eat or use computers and classroom small and over crowded.
Frustration because classes are too short and too much covered in to short a time but instructors a great.

Not enough room for students very cramped.
They need more instructors, bigger classes , more classes offered for weekend and during day and evening.
Instructors are great, classes need to be longer. Financial and Admittance people need to replaced. And they need to get 2 year accreditation and not lie or admit about have not having it.
They do not have accreditation for 2 year programs. The financial aid person is lazy, rude, unprofessional , incompetent and can not even access NDSL database he has to call San Diego FA dept. He does not follow up so deadlines have passed and financial lost. The students are their own support system school only cares about profits from Clinic and less about how much of student body transfers, or leave the school let alone graduate. The instructors are awesome but classes should be longer or two parts. And now school is crowded on one floor and clinic the money generator got its own floor. I actually plan on transferring.
Since the school is so small, it's easier to interact with one another and come up with ideas and ways to interact as a whole. The age diversity calls for a sense of maturity amongst the students.
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