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1,849 reviews
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I have a lot of fun at Pace but at the same time I am able to be involved on campus as well as better my career
Pace is really a school that allows you to to branch off beyond your limits. New York city turns into your campus and you are constantly being exposed to new ideas and people. The academics are great and the teachers are super friendly. Pace is also very great with its financial awards making the school more affordable.
Pace University is the first and only college I have even attended so I am bias but it is the best experience of my life. This school is the best place if you plan to work in Manhattan as a business person or an actor. Everyone in the school is helpful and will try anything to make your experience in college the best possible one. Most teachers are very engaging and want to make teacher a fun and involving experience so your not bored and are focus in the class.
Pace Pleasantville lets me be a big fish in a small(ish) pond. Here, I don't feel like a number and I am reminded of that from the minute I wake up in the morning and pass the janitor in my residence hall with a friendly "hello" to the end of the day when I'm doing homework in a study lounge and can email my professor with the dumbest of questions and receive a response before the night ends. The social scene can get boring at times, but I prefer it not be a party school so I can focus more on my studies.
Pace University is a great, diverse college. Academics are good and the student body is friendly and the staff is welcoming.
I am currently a first-year student at Pace and so far it has been one of the greatest years of my life and education. Class sizes are no bigger than 25 students per course, which is great considering it's such a big school. The professors at this school are some of the best teachers I've ever had the privilege to learn from. So far, every teacher I had has been so wonderful and unique just like this school and this city. The only thing that I would change about Pace is the tuition rates. Although this is my first year here, I may have to transfer to a school back home because the expenses to attend this school is just too much. Other than that, Pace is such a wonderful learning community and I hope that I get to spend the rest of my college years here at Pace.
Living so close to Pace University I was scared it wouldn't work out but as a second semester freshman I can say Pace University is my new home.
Pace is overall an OK school, are extremely generous with scholarships, they have great opportunities for internships and jobs after college, it is also in a great location ( Near Wall St. and the Brooklyn Bridge). Classes are mostly small to medium sized, while having 12-40 students at a time in the classes ( dependent on what major/minor you have)
The professors are hit or miss, but the career services center is great. The people (students) are great company, it is so diverse, and there are plenty of cool areas to hang out (beside the entire city of New York being your campus as well). But the dorms could be better, and I wish I knew where all $60k+ of our tuition went because I really can't tell.
I went to Pace University's New York City Campus for all 4 years of college. It was a whirlwind of a ride, but I had a really good time here. It's like any other school: there are great professors and not so great professors, the food is pretty good for what you pay, and there is always a cool event going on. OSA isn't much of a help but there are a few people who work there that are willing to help you out. If Pace was less expensive, I would definitely give it 5 stars. It truly was an experience and probably the best/most interesting 4 years of my life.
What I like about Pace is that is is very diverse. The professors, based off of who I have had, and who I have heard about, are helpful and want their students to succeed. Pace is a community that offers a variety of different activities for everyone and makes it very easy to get involved.
pace university offer a great opportunity for me to obtain my dream becoming an accountant, provide excellent professor which will teach me to increase my knowledge , offer great internship to expose me to the outside world to put in practice what i will learn at the school this will
increase my objective which is to secure a challenging entry level
position as an accountant that will utilize my education and experience and increase my knowledge of this field.
The Benefits that I have had attending Pace University so far is the location of where the NYC campus is located which is great for Business and Performing Arts majors especially inside the financial district near Wall Street and Times Square. Some of the improvements that can be made to the university is it's infrastructure and making it more modern and appealing by improving technology such as wifi and computers and also the exterior of the campus which is about to go under way with renovations that are going to take a couple of years to finish on the New York Campus.
Very convenient to access to the professionals who work in finance/accounting industries. Many workshops, clubs, platforms, and resources! Campus food is delicious because i am not picky on food. Dorm is awful: it is extremely expensive, so you would be better live off campus in the area around pace university; the laundry room is gross and messy; your guests have to have a national ID card to stay over; you have so many mandatory, meaningless floor meetings!
The education is decent and the teachers know a lot about their subjects. The price for this school is a joke, though. Not one person could afford this tuition.
Pace University is an excellent school for my major nursing. Even though I just started and finish my first semester at Pace, I could say they provide you with all the resources you need to succeed academically and professionally.
Pace University helped me do very well academically. The teachers were helpful and the work was relevant to my major and minors. However, I did not have as much of a social life in college as I wish I could have. Going to school in the city is tricky, and not having a real campus makes it difficult for one to make friends sometimes. I wish we had on-campus shorts teams, or more involved greek life (I hear it has become more active, but was not when I first went to Pace).
Pace is a smaller school which I love! But it isn't too small where you see the same few people all the time. The class sizes aren't huge either so you really get to know your professor and vice versa. It's great because they can really help you on a one to one basis if you need it or maybe they can write you a great letter of recommendation. There are events going on everyday and it is also super easy to become involved on campus with clubs, jobs, and friends!!
Very good school with a great promise on return of investment. Living in NYC provides a ton of opportunity for any student looking to land a career somewhere and the career services help a lot with resume building and internships.
The school is very diverse, but there is a large dorming population and unfortunately the commuter population gets left out.

I love Pace's newspaper, availability of TONS of resources (disability services, counseling support, quiet areas in library, laptop rentals, essay writing center, etc.)

There is a "Reading Room" which is a quiet studying space is really helpful because there are outlets almost everywhere in the room.

Unfortunately for the first semester, freshmen do not get to choose their schedules, but only can complete a survey stating which subjects they like -- for a commuter student like myself, this was frustrating because I had a 6 hour break for a Introduction to University class which was at 4:30.
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