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What I really like about Pace University is the Pace Path that they require students to create. The Pace Path as they so graciously put it allows students to "have all of the pie instead of just a taste of it". Basically students make the most out of their experience at Pace University, and take advantage of all of their resources. The one thing I would change about Pace University so far is the tuition, it is ridiculously high and doesn't need to be that way.
Pace University is a very great college. The students are very involved and show amazing school spirit. Pace has a very friendly environment, everyone is always saying "hi" to each other, opening doors for one another, treating each other with respect. The students are always introducing each other, making new friends, and really being including of one another. Wonderful environment to be around, the staff is extremely helpful. The Tutoring Center in the library is very useful, a lot of great tutors, willing to help struggling students.
I enjoy my learning experience. I like that all my professors connect what we learn in class to the real world.
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The overall school is ok, the facilities are definitely outdated and are in need of improvements. The NYC campus does not have a traditional campus instead its just buildings scattered in the surrounding areas. The main building (1 Pace plaza) has an office building feel. The cafeteria tries to offer a variety but in reality the options are very limited (especially for vegetarians). The caf food is average somedays its good, other days its bad. Classes are good, some classes are small enough to get 1 on 1 interaction with the professors. Being in a huge city, the athletics are horrible. The limited athletic opportunities leads to the lack of spirit at the school.
First of all, Pace University has one of the best of the internship programs in the nation. You can easily interact with potential employers through the university and meet a network of people who will help you throughout your career.
The campus is beautiful and they have a strong nursing program. The dorms are a plus because each dorm room has two bathrooms for each student and they don't have communal bathrooms.
They're awesome at helping students assimilate to NYC life by organizing daily activities and fun events!
The school is absolutely outstanding! Amazing campus life, teachers, and amenities.nThe dorms could be renovated though,
Pace University has a beautiful campus with a wide variety of programs and activities to really get the students involved. The university offers several ways to help students get adjusted to college-life, especially during a first-year students "week-of-welcome". However, Pace University is definitely on the higher price range of most universities.
Its a great place to be and its in the perfect location if on the City campus. The placement of the campus is great, while in a dorm you can see the skyline and its amazing. The thing that I would change is that the food there isnt the best, sometimes its good and other times its actually pretty horrid.
I love the feel of Pace's campus and the way it really does feel like home. Since it's a fairly small school, you're always seeing friends and faculty around campus which is really nice. The dorms are also very nice in terms of college dorms. One thing I think the school could do better is to give more opportunities for student's (that struggle to afford to attend) to work on campus to go towards their tuition.
Pace University is an excellent school to attend. The school provide tons of internships to help you get the dream job you always wanted. The professors guide and help to you to succeed. My experience there been amazing but the only downfall it is every expensive. So I'm hoping I do receive the scholarship so I can put towards my tuition.
I love Pace University! It's so diverse and it has so many resources to insure students a successful college experience!
Pace University provides a great quality well rounded education and offers a wide array of areas of study. The University is quite diverse as it is located in the midst of one of the busiest cities in the world, New York City. I love that it's location provides both access to professionals in every area of study and unlimited mentoring, internship and job opportunities both while in school and upon graduation. Great school--no regrets!
I think Pace is turning into an amazing school but would love to see professors learn better skills on how to implement technology into the classroom. I definitely believe that another cafeteria should be built as well since enrollment has drastically increased.
The school has a great VA pragram to help returning students get back into school. They reply to my emails and instucted on what Ihave to do in promtly.
I am a Criminal Justice student here. In my experience, for this major, the university is amazing. It has incredible staff and professors in the field who all have extensive experience in the work force. It also offers incredible Masters opportunity. I've also heard good things about Nursing, Accounting, and Psychology programs at PACE UNIVERSITY PLEASANTVILLE.
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The school overall is a good school depending on what your majoring in. Students do have to take pointless classes as requirements which is a waste of time but you get these classes out of the way during Freshman and Junior year.
So far, I have been admitted to Pace and the whole process for me was very stressful. The overall communication between Pace and I during the admission and application process was not as strong as I would have imagined. The online portal to access crucial and important links is hard to navigate. Pace also has very inconvenient business hours to call for resolutions for inquiries and concerns but Pace has a great sense of being prideful of what it stands for and what Pace has to offer.
Definitely worth the money, they provide a bunch of school services that can greatly help you. You should highly consider going here
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