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Pace Univeristy is a difficult school for nursing student. The program can, at times, seem unfair but the outcome will be worth it. Campus involvement is super easy to get connected with and the campus is so diverse.
I've had a great experience here at Pace University! The faculty and staff are very accommodating and welcoming. They make you feel comfortable in the classroom, coming into their offices and just seeing them around campus. There are so many opportunities that are offered here at Pace and all you have to do is take them! I've done so many things in my first year alone that have set me up for success for the next three years.
I have had some of the best experiences of my life at Pace University. I have learned in the classroom, In my field, and have been able to decide where I want to be when I graduate. This school has set me up with job offers, set me up with graduate programs, and has allowed me to have a great college experience while staying on track with my courses and jobs. This school is amazing!
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Great school, even better atmosphere. I enjoy this school so much, it is my dream to live in NYC and that dream has come true. The brand new science labs are beautiful and serve most helpful for hands on experience in my field.
The international student department is super friendly and their is a ton of school spirit.Lovely campus location.A for value for money only time will tell.The tuition is very expensice
Pace is like having the best of both worlds with having a city and suburban campus but it is pretty small
It is a great school is you want to experience the city. The school is very diverse and everyone is different. The teachers are great and you learn something new everyday. Pace has many clubs and activities for you to join.
Pace is such a wonderful place in one of the most wonderful city's in the world. Pace focuses on diversity, equality, and academics of course and it just makes it such a welcoming environment for everyone. Pace is the best school in New York.
I really enjoyed my time here at pace. The faculty and staff are really here to support you when and if you are struggling. I only gave it 4 stars because it is an amazing place, I love it here but there is no place like home.
I have had so far a very good experience with my studies at Pace University online. The professors have been so understanding as that I am an adult student with a family and also a job outside of being a student there.
I have a lot of fun at Pace but at the same time I am able to be involved on campus as well as better my career
Pace is really a school that allows you to to branch off beyond your limits. New York city turns into your campus and you are constantly being exposed to new ideas and people. The academics are great and the teachers are super friendly. Pace is also very great with its financial awards making the school more affordable.
Pace University is the first and only college I have even attended so I am bias but it is the best experience of my life. This school is the best place if you plan to work in Manhattan as a business person or an actor. Everyone in the school is helpful and will try anything to make your experience in college the best possible one. Most teachers are very engaging and want to make teacher a fun and involving experience so your not bored and are focus in the class.
Pace Pleasantville lets me be a big fish in a small(ish) pond. Here, I don't feel like a number and I am reminded of that from the minute I wake up in the morning and pass the janitor in my residence hall with a friendly "hello" to the end of the day when I'm doing homework in a study lounge and can email my professor with the dumbest of questions and receive a response before the night ends. The social scene can get boring at times, but I prefer it not be a party school so I can focus more on my studies.
Pace University is a great, diverse college. Academics are good and the student body is friendly and the staff is welcoming.
I am currently a first-year student at Pace and so far it has been one of the greatest years of my life and education. Class sizes are no bigger than 25 students per course, which is great considering it's such a big school. The professors at this school are some of the best teachers I've ever had the privilege to learn from. So far, every teacher I had has been so wonderful and unique just like this school and this city. The only thing that I would change about Pace is the tuition rates. Although this is my first year here, I may have to transfer to a school back home because the expenses to attend this school is just too much. Other than that, Pace is such a wonderful learning community and I hope that I get to spend the rest of my college years here at Pace.
Living so close to Pace University I was scared it wouldn't work out but as a second semester freshman I can say Pace University is my new home.
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Pace is overall an OK school, are extremely generous with scholarships, they have great opportunities for internships and jobs after college, it is also in a great location ( Near Wall St. and the Brooklyn Bridge). Classes are mostly small to medium sized, while having 12-40 students at a time in the classes ( dependent on what major/minor you have)
The professors are hit or miss, but the career services center is great. The people (students) are great company, it is so diverse, and there are plenty of cool areas to hang out (beside the entire city of New York being your campus as well). But the dorms could be better, and I wish I knew where all $60k+ of our tuition went because I really can't tell.
I went to Pace University's New York City Campus for all 4 years of college. It was a whirlwind of a ride, but I had a really good time here. It's like any other school: there are great professors and not so great professors, the food is pretty good for what you pay, and there is always a cool event going on. OSA isn't much of a help but there are a few people who work there that are willing to help you out. If Pace was less expensive, I would definitely give it 5 stars. It truly was an experience and probably the best/most interesting 4 years of my life.
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