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P B Cosmetology Education Center Reviews

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By hiring professors with advanced degrees in fields other than law, Emory University School of Law offers students a top-notch legal education with a strong cross-disciplinary backdrop. Students are also heavily exposed to public service opportunities, giving Emory a reputation for excellence in public interest.
With a focus on litigation, Emory produces graduates with highly regarded trial skills. The international law program is also particularly strong, boasting many professors and lecturers from various overseas locations. Although these are some of Emory Law's best-known programs, students with interests in other areas of law should not be discouraged from applying, as the law school enjoys a solid reputation in all fields of legal studies.
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, colleges and universities were experiencing some difficulties with filling their classrooms because the Baby Boomer generation had long since left school. More recently, there has been an "echo boom" that has increased college attendance somewhat, but the number has not been enough to replace the record highs of the 1960s and 1970s.
Parent Neede – A parent needs to look beyond the numbers to evaluate a school's approach to diversity. To create a positive environment where students and teachers are respectful of different backgrounds, schools have to be proactive. "Above all, schools shouldn't just do nothing," says Rosemary Henze, associate professor of linguistics and language development at San Jose State University in California and author of Leading for Diversity: How School Leaders Promote Positive Interethnic Relations
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its seems good for me .but students need more hardworking,lack of guidness
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